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  1. Is the new site gonna allow for tiering and comments on the rankings? Otherwise I fear so much of the richness is lost compared to something like this thread. I know the ranks do have the comments but those seem to be hardly used and the tiering is not currently available...
  2. Great thread by the way!I would argue that the thing that separates Rodgers from Brees and Brady is specifically the 300-400 ys + rushing TDs he gets that those guys don't. So yes he is a great FF QB because of his arm but he is the #1 QB because of his legs added in...So the highest upside FF guys are the passer + runner combos possibilities
  3. Kolb and the Cards are certainly fighting history... Check out the stats here 2nd round QBs. Still I like his chances at least as much as most of the 2010 1st round QBs that they could have had instead...