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  1. Agreed. Plus I have a soft spot for Del Rio because I liked his old man, Dos Caras. The guy did some submission moves and pinning combinations that I've never seen duplicated.
  2. 9 out of 10 women would rather ride Kaepernick.
  3. Nick Vujicic inspires you to not give up...
  4. Teena Marie, Ooh Baby Baby (Smokey Robinson)
  5. Apologies if these poll results have already been posted.
  6. If you haven't seen them already, I highly recommend the RVD vs. Jerry Lynn series of matches.
  7. That FAQ, like you mentioned above, stresses that you get access to the WWF/WCW/ECW library and "classic matches". The WWE library is way more voluminous than that, though. WWE holds the rights to all of the following:American Wrestling Association (1957-1991)[3] Georgia Championship Wrestling (1944-1985) Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)[5] (1994-2001) and its predecessor Eastern Championship Wrestling (1992-1994) Memphis Championship Wrestling (2000-2001) * Ohio Valley Wrestling (1998-2008)* Deep South Wrestling (2005-2007) * Florida Championship Wrestling (2007-2012)* NXT Wrestling (2012Present) **** Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1992-1995)[3] Stampede Wrestling (1948-1989)[3] Ultimate Pro Wrestling (1998-2007) Global Wrestling Federation (1991-1994) World Championship Wrestling (WCW)[4] (1988-2001) Jim Crockett Promotions (1931-1988) which by the end included Eastern States Championship Wrestling (1945-1973) Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (1973-1988) Central States Wrestling (c. early 1950s-1986) Championship Wrestling from Florida (1961-1987)*** Championship Wrestling from Georgia (1984-1985) NWA Tri-State/Mid-South Wrestling/UWF (1950s-1987)*** World Class Championship Wrestling (1966-1988**)[6] Maple Leaf Wrestling (1930-1995) I wonder if all of the above would fall under the umbrella of "classic matches", and they're just saying WWF/WCW/ECW because those are the biggest name organizations to their current audience. It's a fantastic deal even if you can only currently access WWF/WCW/ECW matches, but it's an absurd deal if you can access the entire library.
  8. The most recent ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Cormac McCarthy was arrested for domestic violence Saturday after she pulled a silver handgun from her genitals to threaten her boyfriend during an argument about space aliens. LINK
  9. From: Steve Smith on Ric Flair: That 'bridge has been burned' "As a guy who actually has a Ric Flair robe I'm real disappointed in seeing that. Real disappointed," Smith said.
  10. LeBatard likes to make a joke of sports. Watch his show or listen to his radio broadcast and it's evident that he prefers to take a comedic view of sport because he thinks that most people take sports way too seriously. He's right, IMO. So, yeah, I do think that Dan is, in part, intentionally making a joke of the process. Dan also openly mocks the fact that sport writers, who often know less than about sports than fans, get to be the judge of which athletes win awards. Dan's Exhibit A -- His father, Gonzalo, has a Heisman vote.
  11. That's a pretty embarassingly juvenile and intellectually lazy article from an editor of the National Review.Goldberg's opinion contradicts that of other editors at The National Review...
  12. That is crazy.Stafford needs Calvin to win. Luck makes guys around him better. He doesn't need the best WR in the game to win. I agree with you, and if I was a GM I would take Luck instead of Calvin and Stafford, too.The best quarterbacks in the league (Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees) always have their teams in playoff contention because QB matters more than ever in today's NFL. Luck will enter that class of the uppercrust QBs who always have their team in contention. Stafford, however, I have no faith in that he'll ever enter that class. Stafford looks too undisciplined and lacks the composure of those other QBs. Having the best receiver in the league doesn't make up for the gap between Luck and Stafford at the game's most important position.
  13. To go along with his superb passing and underrated running, Luck clearly has incredible confidence and competitiveness and his teammates feed off of that. He certainly seems like he'll be a perennial Brady-type guy who will be able to will his teams to victory even if they don't necessarily look like they have the parts to win. When all is said and done, Manning-to-Luck will be right there with Montana-to-Young and Favre-to-Rodgers as the greatest successive franchise QBs in NFL history.