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  1. Sorry, but Sammy and Cooper are not even close to a wash. Sammy may never be effective again, if they can't figure out what is wrong with his foot.
  2. Block me then, or stop quoting me, and crying about it when i respond. I do not care which. I swear, you're like the "I'm not touching you!" baby brother who runs to his mommy when the older brother finally gets tired of it, and smacks him.
  3. You just quoted me 13 minutes ago. If your feelings are too fragile for your opinion to be challenged, don't quote me. Otherwise, pull up your skinny jeans, and take the disagreement like a man.
  4. It's ok, strong. Your safe space was only violated for a moment. I apologize for the microaggression.
  5. Unreason disagrees with me. I cannot imagine greater proof that I'm right!!!
  6. Better yet, take away his runs of 1, 3, -3, 0, 1, -3, 14 and 0. Then, he averaged 38 ypc!!!!
  7. If you take away all of Barry Sanders' big runs, how many big runs does he have? Heck, I'd bet good money that if you took away all of Jerry Rice's receptions, he wouldn't be the league's all-time leading receiver!
  8. Wow! You're really butthurt by it. I think I'll keep it.
  9. Diggs was a healthy scratch the first 3 games last season, and he only played in week 4 due to injuries to two of their other WR's. Now, strong will tell you that that's different because Diggs was not a first round pick, but the Vikings are apparently weird when it comes to rookie WR's. Maybe others did not, but I always thought Treadwell might have a "red-shirt" season. As a dynasty owner, I am not the least bit worried about his long-term potential. ...but I ignored the Melvin Gordon chicken litttles last year, too.
  10. lol. At least you're not afraid to double down on this pseudoscience garbage.
  11. Are you stuck with Langford on your fantasy roster? Is there no one on the wire you can pick up?
  12. We know Langford sucks. Maybe Howard doesn't.
  13. Fool's gold.