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  1. This may have already been asked, but would you mind starting this over, so that we can see how people’s opinions on guys have changed since the draft?
  2. Still mandatory though reassignment. Thanks for letting me know. 👍
  3. Are we allowed to question the guy’s intelligence now, or are sunshine and roses still required?
  4. Completely serious. Not joking at all. Josh Gordon is a moron.
  5. So if I I state that he is an idiot in absolute seriousness, is that allowed or will that also be censored?
  6. I’m sorry, man. This is your site, but we should be allowed to point out what an idiot this guy is. If you believe it’s somehow a disease, great, but please do not censor those that know that some people are just stupid.
  7. Can’t believe he got this much attention and hype from one great season. I swear, some of y’all will still be “believing” 10 years from now. ?
  8. It’s more likely that he loses thousands after he is ordered to pay the NFL’s legal fees.
  9. I wouldn’t take him if I had an extra roster spot, and another owner offered him for free.
  10. This is the year Andy Dalton takes the next step and is a top 25 QB.
  11. 3,200 receiving yards and 31 TD’s in 3 years as a starter. I knew the average college receiver was talented, but if most are better than that, wow!
  12. I’d keep Brees and Hill. Mahomes loves to throw the ball deep, and I think that could lead to a really big season for Hill.