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  1. Just came here to post a preemptive told ya so.
  2. FTFY
  3. When can we expect to be able to view the dynasty rankings with our players, opponents' players, and/or free agents highlighted? This feature was helpful for redraft purposes as well.
  4. Coleman. Especially since his original owner has to wait 2 years to get anything for him.
  5. Stop looking at a bunch of numbers, and watch the guy run. Then, you'll either want to draft him, or imho, you're not very good at this hobby.
  6. I'll never get back that 10 seconds of my life.
  7. If the wheels come off AP this year, the Vikings will draft one of next year's stud rookie RB's. Heck, they might do it anyway. McKinnon is not a #1.
  8. Christine Michael.
  9. Ugh. My point was that, (using your comparison) imo with today's passing friendly rules, Irvin's fantasy football ceiling would be higher than Antonio's. So yes, it has everything to do with the question at hand.
  10. Just depends on how you look at it, right?
  11. You don't let Bell's talent walk unless he fails 19 tests between now and next season. Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey will also be drafted before Hurd.
  12. Maybe, but you realize RG3 actually DID play with the Browns' other WR at Baylor, right? ...and I'd take Michael Irvin over Antonio Brown every day, and twice on Sundays. Lol. I'd love to see Michael Irvin, while in his prime, play with today's rules where the corners are flagged for even thinking about touching the receiver.
  13. AR15, not A-Rob. Carry on.