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  1. Amazing what a joke the Rams' O-line is.
  2. You misspelled "underrated". Chicago school system.
  3. ...and too stubborn to admit you are wrong.
  4. Oh, stop it. That reach is way worse than just admitting you're full of it. The fact that Gronk had 67% more TD's in 2010, and he had 120% more TD's AND 64% more yards in 2012, most definitely means that Hernandez was never "similar to better" than Gronk. They both played on a football field. I suppose, in that sense, you could say Hernandez was "similar to better". Just admit you were making stuff up, Bri.
  5. Wtf would you make #### up and then accuse me of being the one who has not looked at the stats?!?! 2010 Gronk 42-546-10, Hernandez 45-563-6 2011 Gronk 90-1,327-10, Hernandez 79-910-7 2012 Gronk 55-790-11, Hernandez 51-483-5 Your opinion is, in fact, wrong.
  6. English please, Dismattle.
  7. Don't take anything Xue posts seriously, Tex.
  8. "Emergency situation" is a big peeve of mine. Lol.
  9. Thanks, Drax!
  10. I have not watched Dixon or Pumphrey, yet. I will make sure I record their games this weekend, if televised, and try to watch them early in the week. Thanks for the suggestions! Upon closer examination, Pumphrey is super small. He may become a good 3rd down back in the NFL, but since I do not play ppr, he has no value in my league.
  11. Aaron Hernandez will play before Josh Gordon.
  12. The Chargers' run blocking is abysmal. Like Gurley, he is getting hit behind the line of scrimmage on nearly every snap.
  13. ...and now we have the obligatory "you're more likely to be struck by lightning" scenario. I knew this thread was missing something.
  14. Yes, Le'Veon Bell could get struck by lightning tomorrow. Yes, I may win Powerball. Yes, it is possible a giant black hole opens and destroys space/time as we know it.
  15. Bell isn't leaving Pittsburgh. What is this exercise? If the moon was made outa' cheese, would ya eat it?