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  1. Bttt for more replies before kickoff.
  2. Reed isn’t healthy and I’m not sure Hyde is right now either. Yes, he had 2 TD’s yesterday bit his yards per carry were horrible. Engram looks like a star in the making, and if Thomas’ leg(ankle?) is ok, they’re both their team’s #1 option this season.
  3. I only need 9 points. 6 points per passing/rishing TD, 1 point per 20 yards passing, 1 point per 10 yards rushing.
  4. I picked up Brissett as insurance for Mariota tomorrow night. Both are expected to start but Mariota’s hamstring won’t be 100%. Who would you start and why?
  5. How is this Issue still not fixed?!?!?! Why would players with lower projected season totals AND averages be listed as better “values”???? @David Dodds @Joe Bryant
  6. Top 200 sorting is still screwed up. Anyone working on this? @Joe Bryant @Bob Henry
  7. Owner voting on trades. I make trades that are in my best interests, and for some reason, other owners are allowed to run my team by vetoing a trade because that’s what is in their best interests.
  8. Amazing how many people that voted for Obama twice became klansmen overnight, ain't it?
  9. I considered it, but both of my fantasy teams are 3-0, and I'm trying to make money. lol
  10. I have Gronk who dominates and mostly lines up as a WR, just lie every other pass catching "TE". In reality, they are WR's, not TE's.
  11. I don't like either, but this statement is true.
  12. Do they line up at WR the vast majority of the time like the top "TE's" do?
  13. Exactly. Most of the top "TE's" really play WR. WR's and fantasy relevant TE's are the same so my league treats them as such.