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  1. Rice was already washed up. You're comparing apples and orangutans.
  2. After the top 3, did you just pull names out of a hat?
  3. No chance Mixon goes undrafted. ...unless he kills someone or punches another woman.
  4. Good luck with that!
  5. I play fantasy football to have fun. Fantasy football with algebra does not sound fun.
  6. I'd kinda like to see one work out before I subscribe to that theory.
  7. Well, random internet poster thinks it's not close. I guess that settles it, guys! lol
  8. The officer that chased him down... https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a2/4e/4e/a24e4e128bc0710e901fcf6759e24ec5.jpg
  9. This is worse than the 2016 Democratic Party primary.
  10. I cannot change my vote, but Gronk is only 27 years old, and better than all of the current choices.
  11. Gronk should be on this list.
  12. Pick me, too! I'm old, fat, slow, and never played organized football, but I feel like 2 months in a gym and I could really help your fantasy team.
  13. I didn't say NE would actually be the best landing spot, only that everyone would reply with NE. ...just like every, single "where will/should this free agent go?" thread. lol