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  1. Neither of us are,sho.
  2. Meh. Fox leans heavily to the right, but will present both sides. The others are complete liberal spin. If the truth is funny, so be it.
  3. They will usually have a libtarded panel member, or guest, to present the left's spin on the news. Rarely, does the right get any representation on MSDNC, ABC, or the other large news outlets.
  4. Added to my last post. We are moving past the idiot Costas question I suppose?
  5. Not surprising. Fox is the only major news outlet that will present spin from both the left and the right. They do lean to the heavily to the right, but usually, the other side will be presented. Honestly, when I first noticed your Costas pic a few weeks or so ago, I though it was as a joke; because the guy is an idiot. Please tell me I was right.
  6. That's the liberal media's twist, but sure, you keep believing that. The fact that Muslims commit the vast majority of mass murders in the world today is surely a coincidence, right?
  7. Lol. "Fixed" refers to my corrections in regards to Allen Robinson's nickname.
  8. [Obama]Clearly, this is the fault of white, racist, Christian, NRA member, police officers.[/Obama]
  9. Did he have messages on his phone referring to the "deflator", and try to destroy the evidence?
  10. ...but that is exactly the terms that the NFLPA and the league agreed to. Zero chance the SCOTUS wastes their time with this case, and even less of a chance(if that were even possible) they rule in Brady's favor. It's now official, Brady will serve his suspension.
  11. Tom Brady is a cheater, and he deserves this suspension. ...in case those facts hadn't already been mentioned in this thread.
  12. Are we posting our top WR's in the kicker thread?
  13. I'm certainly holding tight to him for at least another half season. i paid a premium price for him, and I have nothing to gain by selling him dirt cheap.
  14. Same 5 as Bia, but I'd rank them... 1) Gurley 2) Bell 3) AP 4) Johnson 5) Zeke