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  1. There are two instances where "stick with your studs" is bad advice. After the opening weeks of the fantasy season when it's clear your perceived studs are no longer studs any more. And during the fantasy playoffs.
  2. I'm in a bit of a different bind without the luxury of waiting as my RBs are Ekeler (whom I can't bench in a PPR format), Montgomery going Thursday (whom I don't trust against the Cowboys and would rather leave on my bench for his more favorable matchups in the next two weeks), Mattison and Snell... with scraps left on the wire due to it being a 16-team, shallow bench format. With Cook talking himself up at every opportunity while the rest of the Viking camp stays silent and Conner already practicing in a limited fashion on Wednesday (continuing his forward progress from the past two weeks), I don't believe I'll be able to wait out the Cook-Mattison sweepstakes... despite how plum that matchup would be if Mattison was afforded the opportunity to be Dalvin Cook for a week against the threadbare Lions' rush D while Dalvin heals up. If I knew Snell was going to get another 17-22 touches with Conner out... or at least knew Mattison would be guaranteed 10-12 in a timeshare, I would entertain waiting. But without clarity on either front, I'm probably going to be stuck trotting out Montgomery tomorrow night for 50-60 yards and no TDs and feel downright sick about it.
  3. I think Ross is a fine depth add for teams that are on byes this week and have plenty of bench space and depth to go around. But you're probably not using him this week. And you're probably not using him next week against the Patriots. So this is purely about holstering a magic bullet for that Week 16 championship game against Miami if you feel confident you can get there without much in the way of lineup tweaking.
  4. I suspect we won't be hearing anything about Cook's status except from Cook himself until Sunday.
  5. Funny you should mention this. I just dumped Kirk to the wire for Pascal overnight. I actually trust Kirk but I don't trust Murray given his hammy flaring up post-bye. I would still say Kirk easily has the higher floor (as Pascal will vanish into the ether should Hilton play again) but I'll take a likely boom game from Pascal against the Bucs over another 3-or-4 catch game on 9 targets with no scores from Kirk... especially with no gimme matchups in his upcoming schedule. If I was in a full PPR scoring format, I think I may have stuck with Kirk. It's hard to say. Having no TDs outside of that monster Bucs game has taken some of the shine off the Kirk rose.
  6. Mahomes has been putting up downright pedestrian numbers outside of the Titans game since Week 3. That said, elite fantasy QBs like Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson have demonstrated a capability to light up the Pats defense over the past month and I suspect their perceived strength is largely due to their easy schedule moreso than their capability to shut down opposing QBs. And I say that as someone who made an active effort to deal Mahomes prior to the trade deadline to bolster my roster with some depth. (I wound up getting Josh Allen... whom I am electing to bench this week against the Ravens.) I don't own Mahomes any more but I'd be hard-pressed not to run him out there this weekend unless I had someone truly elite with a dream matchup as an alternative.
  7. Perhaps the Bears will one day have a quarterback of the elite calibre that is David Blough. (Although I'm sure Nagy's play-calling could even make Lamar Jackson look like ###.)
  8. Time for Nagy to dial up 50-60 pass plays. Detroit will never see it coming. Benching Montgomery against the rushing sieve that is the Lions for Snell. Hope I'm wrong so I'll at least be able to muster some confidence in starting Monty in Weeks 15/16 against the Packers/Chiefs.
  9. I picked up Foles 30 minutes before kickoff thinking... "I really ought to start him over Allen. I know what happens to Bills QBs when they face Belichick. I'm a Bills fan. I know he'll self-destruct. I know he won't be able to run. This is clearly the correct play. Houston's D has been easy pickings of late. So what if Foles hasn't had a good fantasy game all year. He would have had one last week had he not given the RBs all the scores." Couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. This is why I never draft Bills in fantasy.
  10. I tried to pull the trigger on him over Allen. Couldn't bring myself to do it.
  11. Ginn is active. May be on a snap count.
  12. Even keeping a few dollars aside for emergency is worthwhile. Don't want to face an opponent that has $3 left over while you have $0 and they get their first 3 picks of the free agent litter and you're otherwise helpless to do anything about it.
  13. LenDale White could probably come in and rush for 100 yards on this defense... in 2018. At least that's the perception. So I get the logic behind CJ. "Anyone can run on the Cards but Kelly has lapses in pass pro so let's bring in someone that did the job capably for Manning and maybe Goff can get his game right for the first time in a month." We'll see whether that logic pans out in a few hours.
  14. Pretty much. You could have answered "Blake Bortles" to the question posed by kittenmittens and been correct.
  15. Man, Gates gets older and fatter every time people hurl an insult at him. Dude's going to be a mile-long pile of dust before this thread is closed.