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  1. I picked up Foles 30 minutes before kickoff thinking... "I really ought to start him over Allen. I know what happens to Bills QBs when they face Belichick. I'm a Bills fan. I know he'll self-destruct. I know he won't be able to run. This is clearly the correct play. Houston's D has been easy pickings of late. So what if Foles hasn't had a good fantasy game all year. He would have had one last week had he not given the RBs all the scores." Couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. This is why I never draft Bills in fantasy.
  2. I tried to pull the trigger on him over Allen. Couldn't bring myself to do it.
  3. Ginn is active. May be on a snap count.
  4. Even keeping a few dollars aside for emergency is worthwhile. Don't want to face an opponent that has $3 left over while you have $0 and they get their first 3 picks of the free agent litter and you're otherwise helpless to do anything about it.
  5. LenDale White could probably come in and rush for 100 yards on this defense... in 2018. At least that's the perception. So I get the logic behind CJ. "Anyone can run on the Cards but Kelly has lapses in pass pro so let's bring in someone that did the job capably for Manning and maybe Goff can get his game right for the first time in a month." We'll see whether that logic pans out in a few hours.
  6. Pretty much. You could have answered "Blake Bortles" to the question posed by kittenmittens and been correct.
  7. Man, Gates gets older and fatter every time people hurl an insult at him. Dude's going to be a mile-long pile of dust before this thread is closed.
  8. Jackson's had the strongest night of any receiver on the field in PPR formats. Doing his LT impression.
  9. Perhaps they intended to run it down the Chargers throats and were hoping to do that with Dixon. That didn't work out so well. But at least he didn't fumble again.
  10. How about another 3 and out? That sound good to you?
  11. Next two quarters... 8 more touches for a combined 16 yards. Seemingly one touch on 8 separate drives.
  12. I'm not convinced these players are wearing cleats tonight. Field appears to be a skating rink.
  13. Harbaugh got confused for a second and thought Flacco was still on the field to make clutch 4th down pass plays like that. Silly Harbaugh!
  14. Happy with Gus the Bus thus far. 4 touches, 63 combined yards after 1 quarter.