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  1. Appreciate the post TFL. May care to swing by the Cohen thread and try an explain Definitely happy not to see another game of twenty plus carries at 2.0 YPC
  2. Hold my beer! watch and see. Belichick will trade Rex for Bell. Get a draft pick in the ptocesss and sign him for less Monroe’s on the Season than currently paid per game
  3. Dam I was fixing to holler about woods. WTH covering him I’ll take six!
  4. This is why we have to listen to all the negativity... "Bucs receiver Mike Evans gained 115 yards after the catching the ball. It just took him 15 games to do it." Most probably view him like I personally view Kyle Rudolph Slow lanky w/ no game post catch Only Evans is a baller! Run the route get open and make the catch (122 Yd avg)
  5. LOL, My opponent isn't done... I'm already down 297-260! Need a big shootout that favors both Evans n' Washington But at the same time hope to see Vince Williams get to the QB a few times While I did enjoy good games from the Cle Def/ST and newly acquired Robert Woods I FAILED w/ Gordon (inactive) Lindsay (ejected) and whatever you care to call Evan Engrams performance On the bright side I didn't start the Chargers D which would have been a negative 27.56 points