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  1. Will BELL and Ellington out I'm forced to start DUKE as my RB2. I hope he's the real deal this week. I could use some help
  2. What if Incognito and Martin were both acquired by the Colts? Not that they did a great job protecting Tannehill.... For Da'Rick Rodgers The FBG daily players in the news mentioned he could challenge for WR3. So, it's currently on my radar. Apparently talented and has been a dipsh!t. But in the blurb the team said that he's done what they asked and earned a chance or something. That's at least progress in the right direction that could pay off. My thoughts when a knucklehead like that hits it's not a bad idea to sell. So consider your exit strategy when you acquire him.
  3. Sorry Swype sucks. How do you value Housler at the moment?
  4. I'm thinking about dropping this guy to get a good kicker before there's a run on them. I puzzled him up lay yay with high hopes. Ain't seen squat. Just hype. Now ankle injury. Safe to drop in dynasty league? Just trying to gauge long term value before i drop him and end up regretting it usually means he'll go off
  5. Crap. Rivers has been my main QB in my 2QB dynasty league for some time. This isn't the encouraging bounce back season news I was hoping for. I'm not sure if I'm lucky or doomed. I have Rivers, VBrown, Keenan, Gates...sure they're the only OFF weapons that appear to be standing at the moment....but that's at the moment. This hole team seems to be fragile. Maybe it's in the water or that's what happens with 355 days of sun a year.
  6. Remember last year tannehill started more nfl games at QB than he ever did in his entire college career. I'm making that up but I believe it's accurate.
  7. I'm not saying that it can't work, just that I don't play that way. I generally make the most moves in my leagues. I'm constantly turning over those final spots in an effort to land a gem. You mention talent, but how can we know who is truly talented and who isn't if they don't play? Draft position isn't a great indicator, I don't think Green Bay or New England have a Top 10 draft pick as an offensive player off the top of my head. Talent is just such a tough thing to get your arms around. Jonathan Stewart is supposed talented. And Alfred Morris wasn't highly regarded compared to David Wilson and Isiah Pead. So if you are taking the approach of drafting the most talented player, how do you pick them? It's so inexact. I prefer the Ted Thompson method of throwing a lot of #### at the wall and seeing if anything sticks.To determine talent, you can hedge your bets some. Watch film. highlights, find reports, data. Find others that you trust in evaluating talent and see what there opinion is. NE patriots are pretty good at evaluating talent. As are PIT, NYG it seems. If you have a lot of stats for a player. Find out why. Was Kevin MAWAE or Lawrence Vickers a RB's lead blocker? Will that guy be back? Just saying this can help you determine which #### you pickup to throw at the wall and do your best to increase the odds of it sticking. Regardless, you won't always be right. Try to capitalize when you are.
  8. TO SABERTOOTH... I saw where you said you don't understand building for the future so much. My buddy in my league has been patiently 'building a dynasty' since he took over a ####ty team in 2007. He drafts well and doesn't trade a ton. He drafts talent despite the situation and holds. He prefers talent in good situations. But when situation of an average talented player changes you're screwed. For talented players, there's always a chance w/ upside. We are in 10 team 2QB dynasty league PPR w/KR points etc. He just finished as top seed going into playoffs averaging 219pts a game. Most solid playoff teams average 180-190pts. QB: Stafford, Freeman, Cutler, Wilson WR: CJohnson, Marshall, DBryant, Cobb, S.Rice, Gordon, Edelman, DMoore, Sanu, MarvJones. RB: ADP, RRice, D.Wilson, SVereen, RWilliams, Mendenhall, RHillman, BPowell. TE: JGraham, D.Allen K: Sebas DEF Cincy Through 13 weeks here are positional rank of his players. QB6, QB12, QB17 QB24 WR1, WR2, WR3, WR7, WR35, WR42, WR47.... RB1, RB4, RB32... TE 4 We start 11 skill players. In redraft each team has Top 10 player in each position theoretically. On a good draft you'd get 4 top 10 positional players 1 in each position. Jeff (the owner) has 8 top 10 players. At least one in each position and a solid core of young talented WRs to build around. Which means he's not going anywhere. HE's also go QB depth which is vital in our league. He was very patient over the years, not sacrificing young talent and value, while patiently waiting. He drafted most of these players. Hillman he picked up on waivers just recently. Hillman was a 1st or 2nd round drop in our draft this year. He knows his talent and targets them. Preferable the talent that goes to the best situations. It doesn't always work out right away but when you do enough research and are patient enough the odds are in your favor. Anyway. I just got 2nd to last in my league for the 2nd year in a row. I'm trying to figure out how to value Bryce Brown and everyone else on my roster or who I should be targetting for 2013 season bc this year was bad. happy playoffs for those that made it...Happy scouting/drafting for those that didn't.
  9. i followed this thread and stashed Brown weeks ago. I'm out of the playoffs but due injury was forced to start Brown vs the McCoy owner. I was down 25+/-points going into MNF. Silver Lining i beat that dude by 20pts. Some of the smallest victories are the sweetest. All because i trusted community advice of shark pool and asst coach and people familiar with player and team.
  10. DYNASTY Thread is awesome but it takes forever to read and if you don't have that much time you only see tidbits. I'd love to see some people post their Dynasty ranks: Often times they get buried or are outdated. Plus it's tricky. TOp 25-30 QBs TOP 100? WRs T0P 75? RBs. Top 20 TEs. Top 300? overall. I need to make some roster moves to fill some Bye Weeks (DEF and K) but not sure who I want to drop. I have a day or two to do this. I can make my own decision but I'd love a refresher on who you guys think has value out there. Whatever you got. I'm disappointed with Rivers, Gates, Bradford, Kendricks, and some other players. Makes sense. I'm always trying to acquire value that I can either trade for picks or other upgrades (who isn't). It always seems like I trade the guy that then breaks out. A recent post listed a bunch of WRs and then followed up by saying non are locks to be top 20 but all have valid chance upside to be there in 2 years. I would agree. It's that ongoing issue of when to sell high, cut losses, or be patient. Any thoughts, rankings are appreciated. However, if you like guys are my roster, and want to PM or something that would be awesome, I don't want this thread to be about my personal roster moves. I'm impressed by some rookies. Wonder if some guys are over rated or temporary guys.
  11. Your team is better than mine and I'm still alive too somehow. think your annual subscriber contest results should follow your login and you can awards for Best over performance in it. I think I've never made it to week 8. I don't know. It would be nice to see history of this for my previous years. Things don't look that promising for me but they didn't back in week 2. Good luck folks.
  12. Question, who is an RB of similar mid range value that you'd target, trade instead of Helu?? J Best? McCluster? MBush Fannin ingram? Hardesty? Blount? Determine the value and go get good players. Helu is decent. Consistent? Meh, I would rather have guys less productive but more consistent perhaps.
  13. He's one of the players I'm considering at #12 overall pick in my 10 league. Not sure about him. Would love to see more information etc.
  14. I like WRIGHT. I think it takes time. Small hands? I don't know. Did he have an issue with drops? There was a 6'9 guy on my basketball team in HS. He couldn't dunk. He Played 5'11. He was 245lbs. He eventually got cut. Really intimidating off the bus but in the game I could out play him I was 6'4 190.
  15. I would take PManning as a temporary player. Normally I would suggest Jake Locker or Dalton. I'm not wild about their stats/projections but they're younger. I think you have production incentives which is why Manning will be good. Try to trade for LUCK/Stafford/Rivers Your team looks good.