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  1. I just drink on weekends. Go to my local bar for 3-5 beers in the afternoon. The rest of the time I'm smoking the weed. I live in a legal state.
  2. Looking for some fantasy help. Need to start 3. Austin Ekeler, Jeff Wilson Jr, Payton Barber, Amari Cooper, Courtland Sutter, or Corey Davis. Can be 1 RB and 2 WR’s or all 3 WR’s. It’s a half point ppr league. Thoughts?
  3. and televised, too, if deterrent is the reason we kill convicts.
  4. He's already convicted of anything they put on him.
  5. Palin scored some points with me with her most recent comment about baptism by water boarding.
  6. My link
  7. I'd have to think the legal stuff would be much better than the black market stuff. Why wouldn't it be?