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  1. Still have one team available. Draft is tomorrow night at 7pm EDT. PM me with your preferred email address if interested. Thanx!
  2. I have at least 2 openings in 12 team Super Flex Yahoo league (H2H, standard scoring, no ppr). Draft is Wednesday, Aug. 29 @ 7pm EDT. Just for fun/bragging rights. PM if interested. Thanx!
  3. TBD, but probably will travel alone, although a couple friends have mentioned they also want to do the Na Pali. Budget up to ~6k.
  4. Been there, done that. Used to play a game called chug-a-lug, came with a game board, cards, etc. Cards would say stuff like "Fell off barstool, take one drink." Good way to get wasted, quick!
  5. 3 twenty-year-olds = 60. That seems perfect. I'd settle for 2 thirties, or a 40 and a 20.
  6. Not a golfer anymore, for many, many years (many!). Although I have been telling my golfing fiends that I may take it up again when I get old and can't bike/hike/kayak anymore. Thanks, tho!
  7. That's every night. Wait, I get presents? Thank you!
  8. I will turn the Big 6-0 in March of 2018 and thought I might treat myself to something interesting/entertaining/adventurous. Have jotted down a few ideas, such as hiking the Na Pali trail on Kauai (bucket list item), renting an RV and traveling for a couple weeks, trip in Amsterdam, or booking a cruise (Jam Cruise has been on my radar, though I might feel old & in the way). Looking for suggestions I may not have considered yet. TIA FFA! Party on!
  9. Def try a hot dog. When I was stationed at the NATO base up there the dogs were made from lamb, and awesome!
  10. Was on vaca last week and Call DTV was on my To Do List. I simply said I was calling to see what they could do about reducing my monthly bill. I was not under contract. They gave me $50 off per month, Free HBO for 3 months and Free ST+. They also “upgraded” my service (to the Entertainment package I think she called it – previously was grandfathered into some “Choice” package which they no longer offer). I mentioned that I watch NESN (local Red Sox) a lot, and ESPN, NFL. I was happy with the offer and accepted a 12 month contact, my bill was supposed to be $54 per month. However, after the “upgrade” I found that I no longer had NESN, CSSNE (Celtics) or Big10 Network. So I went online and added the sports package back on at $13.99 per month. Gained the Longhorn Network, which I had wanted (Hook ‘em!) so happy about that. Still no Big 10, but figure I’ll call them when college hoops starts up and see if I can get that added.