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  1. Is Dr Pepper Made from Prune Juice?
  2. witten is the new face of merica!
  3. i have no clue, just a feeling. great post, op!
  4. too high on cooks
  6. when two guys leave a bathroom and someone yells ... SWORD FIGHT !!!
  7. it sounds, to me, like she is 'asking for it'.
  8. better than disney?
  9. we never banged but ive stayed on her couch a few times. im almost 30 years older. she flipped out last week and i havent heard from her.
  10. i got dem blues, too.
  11. ive got 3 courses going in this summer, as epic as it gets. will keep yall posted.
  12. you should hang on to your roadrunner and daedalus. understable driver are the shizzle.