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  1. ive got fitz as my dyno wr#3. we all know he is going to retire soon. i added: jj nelson, jaron brown, and drafted chad williams this year to cover my loss. it looks like john brown is close to done, so how do you see this situation r panning out in the next few years?
  2. i just inserted him for theilan
  3. safely on my dyno ir as planned. pick #40.
  4. turns out, it was just a charley horse.
  5. butt is on my ir, so im not wasting a roster spot. im holding.
  6. we need names! NAMES, I SAY !!!
  7. why? he is my deep dynasty stash.
  8. (RotoWire) Luck (shoulder) has been ruled out for Sunday's matchup with the Browns, Zak Keefer of The Indianapolis Star reports. Analysis: On Sunday morning, FOX's Jay Glazer relayed that Luck remains behind schedule and will miss 3-4 more weeks, so head coach Chuck Pagano's announcement Monday was expected. Because he's unable to make all the throws he must make before taking part in practice, Luck will yield quarterback duties to Jacoby Brissett for the time being.
  9. well, got way lucky in my 14 team 22 deep dyno. have witten and need two viable tes to plan for the future. 1.14 Howard, O.J. TBB TE 3:30:05 a.m. 2.11 Conner, James PIT RB 5:26:21 p.m. 3.10 Butt, Jake DEN TE 8:25:38 a.m. 3.12 Kittle, George SFO TE 9:25:26 a.m. 7.03 Williams, Chad ARI WR 11:24:51 p.m. jonnu is on the wire, thinking of dropping kittle.
  10. added to my watch list.