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  1. goat?
  2. who are you?
  3. does this mean they dont draft an rb this year?
  4. no mention of karlos.
  5. george thorogood touch my gf with his guitar in 1982.
  6. i dont see this guy as a high end wr, but his consistancy and targets give him a solid wr3+ future. perhaps not an every week starter, but the kind of depth guy you want on your dyno roster. im holding.
  7. first post updated.
  8. i could teach her some new licks.
  10. jerry and duane 1970
  11. he wants to hijack this thread to make it about him. so he is stealing cstu's schtick.
  12. Adam Thielen
  13. hold or sell? he seams like a solid player, but is he doomed being on the viks and behind diggs?