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  1. We're looking for the most active owner you know if you could please let him/her know about us. If that's you, what are you waiting for? Repeatedly beating disinterested owners has to be getting old, isn't it?
  2. If you're looking for a well run league that puts an emphasis on activity and doesn't put up with shenanigans from lousy owners then check us out. We're always looking for more great owners but especially right now there are a couple spots to be filled for 2018. Don't miss out!
  3. Do you visit your league site several times per day only to feel like the only one who's truly interested? Do you send trade offers only for them to die on the vine because the other owner doesn't care or doesn't check their email but once a month? We have a big group but it feels damn near like family. Introduce yourself and watch how fast you'll be welcomed by our members. If you truly want an active league without drama then this is the place for you. New to dynasty or IDP? That's fine. We all had to start somewhere....why not start with the best and save yourself the hard years of dealing with the sort of crap that led us to making this place. Hope to see you there!
  4. We've found some great prospects recently but we're always looking for more. If you're the most active fantasy owner you know, then you should absolutely check us out because NOW is the perfect time to jump in and potentially secure a spot in our club. There is no offseason at Roster Wars.
  5. You have 32 posts on this forum and two of them are to let us know you don't like our league? You must be a real prize for those who have to deal with ya on a regular basis. Thanks for knowing you don't belong with us. haha
  6. It's happened time and time again. Our members have been cutting other leagues to have more time for this one since we began in 2012. Simply put, you will not find a more active league anywhere. Are you tired of hearing about how active leagues are only to show up and be the most active owner by a long shot? Are you starting to realize that beating your drunken friends who barely pay attention to the NFL isn't very rewarding? Or that when they beat you it makes this hobby feel like a waste of time? There are 40+ members of our club that visit at least every single day and many of them visit more than their significant others should know about. Now the deal is that we don't want owners that will only join if the available teams are good, we want those who would gnaw off their arm to be here and own the worst team ever...but here is the skinny....we're going to have two dispersal drafts this year in our Minor League. We could easily fill these teams as-is but since we have multiple openings the best way is to build YOUR TEAM to start. Forming a good team here won't be an issue so we're back to whether or not you are a good fit for us and vice versa. You just will not find another league like this one. We've doesn't exist. This is Roster Wars! WARNING: You don't get into this club just because you have some money. Everyone has that. We're looking for real owners. So if you think you have what it takes, visit our site and start at the top with the FRONT PORCH and the BYLAWS. From there, you'll either dive into the rabbit hole or you'll run away....just as we've intended. If you like to decompress for 2-3 months between football seasons, I'll save you the won't work out between us. See you there!
  7. How active are your dynasty leagues this time of year? 35 of our members have been to our site today. If we include yesterday the number is 42. That is normal for us and nothing is even happening today...draft is coming soon so it'll be even more active. Drop stale leagues and join us today!
  8. Not going to be long before this startup draft is happening. A few spots still to be had for some dedicated owners. What are you waiting for? You gonna find a better league?
  9. Several great folks joined us this week so we're getting closer. If you're looking for a truly YEAR-ROUND league with no slimy owners then you had better get over to our site and get started. We don't accept people just because they found some money in their couch cushions. hehe
  10. Picked up a few more strong candidates this week. Don't miss your chance to get into this club!
  11. We're still searching for the most dedicated fantasy owners out there. You won't find a better group of folks anywhere or a game that is as engaging year round as what we have here. Come check us out but be warned....your other leagues will quickly start feeling like a drag in comparison. See you there!
  12. This club has done nothing but improve since day 1 and I'd put this group of owners up against any out there in terms of activity. It may seem like a lot at first but if you're looking for more out of your fantasy league experience, do yourself a favor and dive into Roster Wars. There's a reason why most of our owners start downsizing the number of leagues they play in so they can focus more time on RW.
  13. Bump. People are showing up but we're always looking for more that are a good fit.
  14. After 5 incredible seasons our club has decided to expand to include a Minor League which will double as a proving ground for those hoping to be promoted to our main league. The Minor League will be a startup in 2017 so this is the perfect time to jump in. We are looking for the sickest 1% of fantasy owners out there. If you know someone in your league that's crazy active...point that guy/gal towards this ad. If you're the craziest person you know...stop playing with inactive amateurs and come find paradise. Most of our owners quickly start dumping leagues after submersing themselves here. Why play in a bunch of average leagues where winning means very little based on the lack of competition when you can focus your time and effort in a league that gives a damn and will acknowledge your accomplishments better than any out there? What is the scariest aspect of this league for most people? We do not play with team defenses...we play with IDP (individual defensive players). In 2009 someone dragged me nearly kicking and screaming into my first IDP league. I didn't know anything. I still know very little. LOL. If this me it's not as scary as you think. With minimal homework you can get started and if you care at all you will learn and grow with it like I did and probably way more (cuz like I said I still know less than I should considering how many years I have been playing). Leagues with team defense are only playing half the game...that's childs play. Step up to the big leagues. For the complete fantasy football experience... Roster Wars See THE FRONT PORCH and ROSTER WARS BYLAWS for everything you need to know and how to get started. Tons of payouts, progressive pot, Shaming awards, no drama, hyper-active, contracts, IDP, custom graphics, secure funds with 100% transparency, 100% satisfaction, articles, contests and much much more. What are you waiting for?