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  1. Coming out of the draft I though McLaurin looked like a bigger TY Hilton. Grabbed him at the end of every draft. Expect him to finish as a top 25 WR.
  2. Yes, this guy is a beast. I remember the Bills GM tried to trade up for him last year in the draft. Congrats to the Hyde owners!
  3. I had to drop him after drafting him because I'm in this stupid IDP league with a short bench. Luckily my other TE is Kelsey.
  4. Colts were committed to stop the run and force Taylor to throw from pocket. He then carved them up throwing. When they started to change coverage he started using his legs. Colts looked spooked.
  5. Taylor didn't bother looking at Watkins as Clay and Harvin were wide open all the time. I think Watkins goes off next week against Patriots. For those who bought Watkins, hold on to him as TT looks really good and see if some chemistry develops. Taylor and Watkins have barely played together.
  6. Drafted him in all leagues with last pick or so. Wanted in before the train left the station.
  7. Sammy Watkins is an insane talent. So if you like stocking the cupboards with talent over opportunity Sammy is your man. The issue is opportunity. Pros: The Bills QB situation is much better than people realize. Greg Roman looks like a QB whisperer. Bills Offensive Line improved. Bills had bottom 3 guard play last year. Incognito and rookie John Miller huge upgrades. RT Seantrel Henderson was a 1st round talent that fell to the 7th because of the drug issues but is starting his second year. He also looks like a force. Coaching. Sammy Watkins caught 4 screen passes last year. That will change this year where he should be fed the ball much more and given a chance to make plays near the LOS in space. He should rack up way more catches. Negatives: With the QB battle, limited chemistry developed between Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins. How they work together is a huge unknown. Sammy is healthy now but last year was played injured for much of the year with various issues including ribs and hip. Drafting Watkins is a swing for the fence. Only do this with that in mind.
  8. Bills much maligned offensive line also played huge. First ever NFL start for undrafted Cordaro Howard at right tackle and he played well along with Bell at left tackle. Interior line was opening up huge holes for the run game. Fitzpatrick is smart and he has presence in the pocket. If he keeps playing like this he could make it a tough choice for the Bills to draft a QB.