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  1. Depending on if you count an EP as a 1st album, Tool's "Undertow" was greater than "Opiate". If not, "├ćnima" is greater than "Undertow". Queensryche's "Rage for Order" is greater than "The Warning" which is greater than the debut EP "Queensryche" And as great as "Mechanical Resonance" is, I feel Tesla's second release, "The Great Radio Controversy" is a better than the 1st album.
  2. They are playing the entire Metropolis pt2: Scenes from a Memory disc so I would start with that
  3. Woke up to this beauty in my inbox: You are receiving this email because you requested to be notified when eligible events would be posted for ticket voucher redemption. If you are a class member in possession of ticket vouchers as part of the settlement, please visit for an updated list of eligible events. Ticket vouchers can only be redeemed on listed events accessed directly through Ticket vouchers are only redeemable for select events in Live Nation owned or operated venues, subject to availability, on a first-come, first-served basis. View your active vouchers here. Note that your Live Nation login and password is the same as your Ticketmaster login and password. Unfortunately, there's no events currently listed, but I believe they are getting ready to release another $5 million in lawn seats to various amphitheaters across the country for events that still have a high volume of lawn seats available.
  4. I went with 24. Just based on the number of episodes in the series, I have to believe they had more OH! S**T moments then the other. All the other series had bigger OH S**T moments, I just don't believe they've had as many.
  5. Can't wait, been almost 10 years (Somewhere Back in Time tour) since I last seen them.
  6. Not really. Their first 2 albums were solid, but still a few tracks on each I would skip if they came up on the ipod. On the other hand, Intension is the only Tool song I'd skip, unless I'm really, really high. Maybe L.A.M.C, but I normally FF through that to listen to Maynards Dick.
  7. April 26: RHCP in Orlando April 29: Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville: Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle, The Offspring, Mastodon, Coheed & Cambria, The Pretty Reckless, Pierce the Veil In Flames, Highly Suspect, Eagles of Death Metal, All That Remains, Starset, Dinosaur Pile-up, I Prevail, Crobot, Volumes, As Lions, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Badflower, Goodbye June, The Charm The Fury.
  8. New TooL album. One of these years I'm gonna be right.
  10. Anyone can download the ISO file. It will ask for the key on install. Just stay away from E-Bay for the key.
  11. Used one for my brothers build and it worked fine. Granted, I purchased his on Amazon so I felt a lot my secure making that purchased. I've never dealt with Keymasters before. Only difference is that windows is locked to that system (motherboard). Whereas the regular priced windows you can move to another computer.
  12. It's my understanding that a single strategic resource is suppose to allow you to build unlimited amounts of any building/unit that requires that resource.
  13. I'm in also. Just be forewarned, you will still have a small update to download when the game unlocks.