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  1. Actually just left Memphis, in Nashvegas today and tomorrow. Need some names of some good places around you to buy from
  2. Saw Akron with a worse record tonight, however thats the beauty of MACtion right?
  3. Hello friends... Been traveling a lot for work, and finding some little spots that have some of my favorites, one of which is Widow Jane. Anyone tried that yet, if its been mentioned earlier my bad, but Im not scrolling back through all the pages.
  4. did they give a reason? I have every channel but 703/704 yet Ive paid for everything...WTF
  5. Sorry Boys....Long Day 15.11 Kenyon Drake RB MIA (Roll Tide again) 16..06 Michael Floyd Suspended WR MIN
  6. yup. One of my biggest accounts is at Centennial Medical Center. I'll be up there a lot in the next few months. Driving up there in the AM. Definitely need to meet up some time. I usually stay at the Embassy Suites or Hilton Garden Inn on Broadway
  7. Nashville? I'm up there all the time. Usually stay on Broadway. Hit me up if you want to grab a beer or 4.
  8. looks like we be done for the day....Im about to be in the air headed home. Ill be on the road tomorrow AM heading to Nashville for the night. Luckily we are close to the end. Ill try to have my iPad with me, but will be in surgery a good bit and won't be able to check it unless we are between cases.