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  1. I would get on board with this for a start. Also, why can't prices of MRI, x-ray, setting a broken bone, etc but at set rates. Why if my insurance pays for something that cost $5k they are charged $3k, but if I want to pay out of pocket it's $2k more?
  2. I disagree with the free college. If you decide to go on to school have a plan to pay for it. It's a conscience decision to sign up for classes. Getting sick or being in an accident isn't a choice, there is no reason someone should loose everything they worked for because they have a pile of medical bills.
  3. Yep healthy people never get cancer. They also are never involved in accidents that exceed insurance limits.
  4. Yeah but we know Trump hasn't read the report, all these guys keep saying they have
  5. Holy Cow, was reading some of his other tweets after clicking on that. This one had me rolling...
  6. Well to his credit, reading and understanding are 2 different things....and then objectively processing what is read would be a 3rd...
  7. Didn't know if I should reacted with , , or . Really should have , so I just went with the standard response to his actions and just make pretend this really isn't the POTUS
  8. All my Trump loving facebook friends are quick to post links to his "wins" but never seem to post follow up links, not sure why that is? Might be something with the fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...
  9. You would think the sons of a billionaire would have enough cash on hand to pay on the spot...or a CC to put the tab on?
  10. I agree they shouldn't be getting a raise with how they can't work together to do anything, but NOW you are going to bring up the debt?? Too funny.
  11. Almost like the boy that cried wolf...assuming we are ready for another caravan soon