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  1. Well silly, you can't be alpha if you hide out 3 times, you know like 3 strikes and you are out. So he just calls it a half time so he doesn't loose the MAGA crowd support!
  2. Curious if Trump has laid out any plans or actions he would like taken to address police violence?
  3. Well that's different, no one can tell us what to do!
  4. Could try to keep track of full sunny days (need more water) than cloudy days. Also do you have any mulch around the plant? This can help prevent drying out (but is harder to tell when needs water)
  5. Should’ve used the “many people are saying” that’s much more believable
  6. I'm waiting on the one they make with him hiding in his bunker, turning out the lights in the white house. Maybe they can have a cameo of Don Jr pulling out his elephant killing gun to protect pops
  7. I wasn't around to witness it, but I'm assuming Nixon at least sounded competent and was able to string complete sentences together, huge difference between him and Trump
  8. Forgiveness for what? He's never done anything wrong, just ask him!
  9. That's actually a good point - I was thinking more of damage to the boat. But along with that would you be liable if they hit someone tubing or swimming with your boat? Definitely a grey area, I trust friends and family members to use motorcycles and atvs, but in todays society have second thoughts. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't sue me if something happened, but would a third party sue? Would their health insurance company come after me to pay for medical bills if they were hurt on my vehicle?
  10. Sounds like you have it figured out but also take into consideration what happens if damaged. I know we all say we are good for it or will take care of it, until something happens...A lot easier to damage a boat then a lake house...
  11. No, but 28 years after Rodney King riots and we are in the same situation. I don't agree with the riots and damage but I do understand it happening. Many are taking advantage of the situation but some do want change. I know you or others will say that there has been change. Has there really been change when the officer in the Floyd death had multiple instances of violent behavior/abuses and he was still allowed to carry a badge?
  12. True, always amazed at what people will repost and share on Facebook - Wonder what their kids and grandkids are going to think 20-30 years from now...
  13. Yes I think he gets that, he was asking how you arrest the ones looting/causing damage among the 1,000's of other citizens doing nothing wrong?
  14. I am. I'm conservative/independent, my wife is liberal. We are able to have debates/discussions without getting upset at each other. In many election years I would tell her we can stay home as our votes would cancel each other. With the current administration it has pushed me to her side more (don't believe/support free college and most all of the "fringe" beliefs) and although I'll hold my nose for who looks like the candidate will be I'll most likely vote D this year. Saying that, I'm definitely not committing to voting blue no matter who after this year. Saying that I have no idea how the Conways stay together, that's pretty extreme...