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  1. No he can’t because Lemon didn’t say anything, he laughed at what someone else said. Almost like Trump telling Pompeo he really have it to that girl reporter and then flash to senators patting him on the back, but you know, different standards and all...
  2. Yes. Would love for candidates to state and stand for their positions. No attack ads and false advertising to sway people. Of course the debates would have to have real moderators that hold the candidates to the questions asked and I would prefer real time fact checking to be going along with statements given.
  3. If only there was a place Bolton could've spoke about this in front of a nationwide audience...
  4. Nope, just un-American, un-Patriotic, lazy and want everything for free
  5. I find just the opposite. The majority of "political" post I see on Facebook are people trying to paint Pelosi and gang as these terrible socialist that are trying to take all your rights away. Granted, the same 2-5 people like the post these people share but I rarely see "liberals" posting similar articles. If they do post something it's usually along the lines of "what do you think of what Trump said...." Granted they also only get the same amount of people liking their post, but I think you are off base when you say the right doesn't want to waste the energy on the internet. I do agree with your comment America is sick of it, but it's sick of, the great line here, both sidz….
  6. Let's see, new member with 18 post...I'm sure you're going to get the answers you are looking for...
  7. Not sure where to put this so I'll just put it here. On Face the Nation Margret was getting on Grahm's nerves, you could see it in his face. 2 points she should've brought up but didn't. Grahm kept saying the info from Ukraine is bad, ok so why is Rudy continuing to dig into it? She did ask how Rudy is being paid and he said he didn't know. She should've asked why is Trump directing Rudy to continue to research this? Also he brought up Hunter a couple of times. She should've asked the question how is it different from Trumps kids, as many in here have said.
  8. I'm anti-trump, mostly voted R in my life but over the line. Just gives ammunition to those that defend anything/everything Trump does, even though you could use the same response that they would use if he did something like that - she was just acting like a typical blue collar person...
  9. Hmmm, pretty sure there were some other "kids" that were initially denied security clearance for things much more important than the snack bar, but then rules were bent to give them it...
  10. Hard to keep throwing cover for your guy if people keep bringing up illegal/improper things he has done.
  11. So want to see manuscript that could be "dramatized" but don't want to hear from a witness under oath that they can question about the manuscript?
  12. How many times has he said he surrounds himself with the best people? Strange how they all turn out to be terrible people he hardly knew
  13. One could only hope this would set the president for other "journalist" to do their jobs and continue with follow up questions until the original question is answered factually. But that is probably too much to ask. Oh on Pompeo asking where Ukraine is, he's most likely used to dealing with people that have no clue what they are talking about so he can easily pull that card. Would love to have seen his face when she didn't back down to him asking her if she knew where it was