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  1. Really, just read the comments from DN and Wildbill. There's your answer.
  2. Yep, I asked that the first day of public testimony when Jordan was saying the WB worked for Biden. How would he know that? Especially according to him only Schiff knows the WB.
  3. They could learn a lot from Kenny. They would also know not to count their money while sitting at the table - or calling the POTUS on an unsecure line at the table, something like that...
  4. Did she say this in a statement or actually in front of the press? If in front of the press did she allow questions?
  5. In all fairness, who are they going to ask? The press secretary doesn't hold press conferences or take questions. Donald has been holed up in the White House and not near a helicopter so he's not going to take questions. Jordan and Nunes are too busy talking about secret hearings that aren't secret. McConnel and Grahm, have been hiding somewhere, haven't seen them since they questioned Erdogan on how much the Kurds appreciated him. So not sure who could provide an answer, maybe Kellyanne ?
  6. I remember that, the outrage he had on CNN correctly reporting the issues with the planes were known prior. That thread went over well!
  7. We just got this guy a week and a half ago. Blue Heeler Shepard Mix from a local humane society. We have a large yard so hopefully we burn his energy off as they are know to need a lot of activity. Supposed to be super smart, hopefully doesn't outsmart us too much...
  8. He must be feeling better, have about 10-15 tweets/re-tweets from him in the last coupe hours
  9. umm plenty he has let go that he has bad mouthed. Matthis, Kelly, Mooch...hard to keep track since there has been so much turnover
  10. Should've added "just like his attempt to get Mexico to pay for the wall"