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  1. Agreed but many people believe if it's on a news station its real news, and at the same time falling for the "fake news" line
  2. Holy cow, I think that guy is trying one up the girl that did the "Trump teaching a lesson" video from leaving his fans out in the cold!
  3. So IF Trump doesn’t win, is he still going to have these rallies after Nov 3rd?
  4. I didn’t watch it but see on Twitter his big reveal tonight was foiled by the USPS loosing his documents proving how corrupt Biden is 🤣🤣
  5. Yeah I live in Trump country part of WI, I don't see +17. Am seeing a couple more Biden signs so guess that is encouraging. The thing that is surprising me in WI is business with Trump signs/flags. I get he's good for your taxes but is it really worth alienating part of your customer base to pledge your allegiance to the guy?? Anyhow a month ago I was really worried about WI, I still am but these polls I guess make me feel a little better...
  6. I'm sure tomorrow Wildbill, KD, snotbubbles or someone will fill you in on how terrible this is while ignoring Deutsche Bank just dropping 1/4 billion in loans due for Trump....
  7. Into a waste of WI taxpayer $$...Thanks Scotty for the going away gift!
  8. Didn't know if "thank you" or "sad" reaction was better for this post, but agree with bolded
  9. Agree with this, if you are voting absentee I'm pretty sure you aren't going to get up on Nov 2nd and decide that. No reason you couldn't have gotten your ballot in the mail or dropped off by now if that was going to be your chosen way to vote.
  10. Sad that supreme court is politicized. Aren't judges supposed to be "impartial"?? What is this country coming to when so much is made of the supreme court?? They should just be administrating the law, not changing it to reflect a liberal or conservative view. If any change to the supreme court is made it shouldn't be the number of judges but the number of years they serve or max age (same with POTUS, need max age)
  11. The projected shenanigans that WildBill posted about are the actual plans of Trump allies
  12. “IF” Biden were to get elected and enacted a mask mandate, do you really think the people not wearing mask now are suddenly going to wear them?? Due to the rhetoric we are in a no win situation with this virus no matter who is in charge
  13. Seriously? Have you watched Trump, he gets just as distracted. What are your odds on him finishing his term if reelected? I agree Biden is old and not an ideal candidate, but he seems to keep himself in better shape than Trump.