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  1. A 9mm will penetrate multiple layers of drywall with no problem, on par or better than a .223 depending on the respective rounds. Many 12 gauge loads will penetrate multiple layers or drywall as well .
  2. Is this an unusual level of growth?
  3. Sundown? Pfft. What kind of snowflake, helicopter parent neighborhood did you grow up in? After sundown we would just transition to kick the can games for a more hours, then a good part of the time we would "sleep out". The year before 7th grade my buddy and I pretty much lived in a pup tent in my back yard. If that happened today the parents would be hauled in by CPS. Good times.
  4. 6'3" 239 pal. Not an inch under, not a pound over.
  5. If you have a chainsaw, I would just use that. The bottom of the tip of the bar can be used safely to plunge cut. I would just crosshatch it with the chainsaw at like 1 inch intervals, then knock the wood out with a hammer and chisel (or a pulaski if you have one). Then clean it up with the chainsaw.
  6. I like your chances against all those guys but Chamberlain.
  7. Robert Redford - No Kris Kristofferson - HARD NO. I'm going to have to flip a coin on whether to take on Alan Alda or the Pope.
  8. Favorite Raylan quote; "You run into an ####### in the morning, you ran into an #######. You run into #######s all day, you're the #######."
  9. If anyone wonders how good his Milch is
  10. The Norway attack was perpetrated using a pretty similar rifle, the Ruger Mini-14. Although the mini-14 is a smaller caliber, .223, like the AR15, while the M1 is a .308. Those weapons don't fall under many of the assault weapons bans because they lack some of the more cosmetic features like collapsible stocks or pistol grips. And it's dumb that they don't.