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  1. And by "face his accuser" we mean "go nowhere near the actual proceedings but hide behind locked doors and tweet about him".
  2. "The following people have been found guilty of crimes (through a plea or trial): Trump's campaign manager Trump deputy campaign manager Trump's personal attorney Trump's longtime political adviser Trump's top national security adviser" Sorry you had to find out this way.
  3. Someone should definitely produce this list she denied existed without even being asked.
  4. Yeah, the Dems really should focus on addressing the issues that Moscow Mitch isn't going to let them address anyway while Trump and his cronies use tax dollars to try and steal another election.
  5. Not just hearsay, but things she categorically denied without even being asked. It would be dumb to set yourself up for a perjury charge without any prompting. She doesn't seem dumb.
  6. Eh... he did mock a handicapped dude on national television.
  7. How about since Russia actively interfered in our elections on Trump's behalf and the whole world became aware of it? Not a great look, even for Donny. Honestly hearing this I can only think that either Trump is somehow even dumber than I thought he was, or the pee tape is real. Probably both.
  8. So in the end we are still talking about Trump potentially attending a large Russian military parade at the invite of his BFF Vlad, but it's not the earlier parade that "pails" in comparison, and it's not technically the May Day Parade... so there's that. Yeah, wow, I feel so much better about it now that that's cleared up.
  9. They probably thought "above the law" sounded a little too on-the-nose.
  10. Said he wouldn't settle this one specifically. Used an ! and everything Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump The sleazy New York Democrats, and their now disgraced (and run out of town) A.G. Eric Schneiderman, are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took in $18,800,000 and gave out to charity more money than it took in, $19,200,000. I won’t settle this case!... 9:09 AM · Jun 14, 2018·Twitter for iPhone And yes, you read that right; the guy who used charity proceeds to buy portraits of himself called someone else "sleazy".
  11. Donald Trump to pay $2 million to settle New York Attorney General civil lawsuit against Trump Foundation and his children "Filed in June 2018, the lawsuit alleged that the President and his three eldest children -- Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric -- violated federal and state campaign finance laws and abused the Donald J. Trump Foundation's tax-exempt status. According to the lawsuit, the Trumps allowed the foundation to be used "as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump's business and political interests." Solid upstanding people right there.
  12. I said he has shown "he's willing" to extort help from other countries. Doing it to one demonstrates that willingness, IMO.
  13. No I didn't. I said he was trying to get help attacking them. Just because someone doesn't play ball, or you get busted before it comes to fruition, doesn't mean you didn't engage in extortion.