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  1. I don't know why should would mess with any of that stuff when everyone knows knives and ball bats are just as lethal.
  2. It's weird too how law enforcement went into over-drive once she bought a gun. It's almost like they think people are more dangerous once they have a gun in their hands or something. StealthyCat should explain to them how a letter opener or potato peeler is just as deadly.
  3. Trump supporters understand that he was just talking about taking them away from black people, not real Americans.
  4. It's baffling to me how gun owners are for the most part fine with the heavy restrictions on automatic weapons but get the vapors when anyone suggests similar restrictions on their slightly dumber cousin. The line already exists, we are just moving it marginally.
  5. And he should have been super-buff after rowing a boat for a couple years straight.
  6. Meh. I mean she's definitely a good looking woman, but book Cersei is supposed to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.
  7. Great calls on Tyrion, Robert, and Stannis. Also Cersei was supposed to be much hotter, but it's hard to imagine anyone else but Headey playing her now. She has Cersei nailed.
  8. Midway through the show I was pissed because George was heavily involved and it was just one more distraction from finishing the books. At this point I wish he had just devoted himself to the show and making sure it told his story to the end, since the books ain't ever getting finished anyway.
  9. Yeah she def still has a part to play; talking to Varys "I will die in this strange land, just like you" or words to that effect.
  10. So you might as well just get drunk every night.
  11. He was just f'n with him "No... they can't swim... but they can walk underwater ."
  12. He was always half Stark, but before he was thought to be a half-brother, not a cousin. Not sure how that might translate in their treatment of him.
  13. Really? Book Cat tells Jon "It should have been you" referring to Bran being crippled. I hated book Cat.
  14. This was the point I was trying to make. Introducing Howland Reed would probably be doable, but it's kind of pointless. All well and fine, except the threat they are concerned with is coming from the North. Winterfell is the Alamo, which is why the have called their bannermen there. The only thing they are expecting from the south is the Lannister army coming to join them.