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  1. The mandate in Montana only applies to counties with more than 4 active cases. I live in a county that is below that, so we have no mandate. We own a convenience store on the interstate. We originally didn't have any mask requirements, either for customers or employees. The problem was people passing through didn't understand the finer points of the state mandate, which led to multiple complaints from customers. So we now require masks for our employees, which has led to complaints from them because we don't fall under the governor's order. And we still have customers complaining because other customers aren't wearing them. It would have been MUCH simpler for us if our governor had just issued a blanket order.
  2. It's got to be the wrong kind of tyranny, not this silly liberal tear-anny.
  3. This is the only remotely surprising thing to me, that Donald Trump once did a relatively normal thing like going to see a movie. Sure it was while his brother was dying... but still.
  4. right up until Stephen Miller spray-painted his head.
  5. I heard this whole thing in Howard Humphrey, President of Schooner Tuna's voice. It was fun. Thanks.
  6. Picked the wrong year to stop coaching high school; the new coach coached a week and got a full season's check. 😭
  7. Letterman - Gamblin' Money
  8. You just know God is about environmentalism.
  9. The one I've been seeing lately is the Office meme with Jim smiling through the blinds and the caption is "Gun Owners watching non gun owners stockpile apocalypse supplies for them." Kinda sounds like they're the ones planning to do the looting. Funny stuff right there.
  10. Technically yes, but so loosely that other than being based in Boston, there's really no connection to the books or the original show.
  11. Or maybe he wasn't aware it was fake. It's not like Trump hasn't tweeted similar and worse.
  12. I think that tweet has been shown to be fake.