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  1. Dan Koller @ByDanKoller To be fair, don't we all have tons of friends named Lev and Igor? Who can keep them all straight?
  2. And you know this how? FYI: "When officers responded to Meyer’s call in the 5400 block of Philip Avenue, they found the unidentified suspect in the backyard, face down on the ground with a gunshot wound to the back of his neck."{"linkText":"CBS Dallas-Fort Worth","target":"_blank","href":"
  3. Maybe try following your own advice; that's at least twice you've claimed he "fired into the air", the article doesn't say that at all. "The person took several steps toward him, Meyer told investigators, so he fired. As the burglar dropped his pickax and ran toward a nearby park, Meyer fired another shot "into the night" in the direction of the park."
  4. I'm a guilter and I think he was involved, but I blame Steven for his involvement. He's served 15 years and he was a juvenile. I would be down with clemency if Brendan would just admit his level of involvement and ask for forgiveness and for time served. Of course it's hard for him to do that with elements of the family still hoping to get Stevie's name cleared, which is never going to happen. So Brendan continues to get screwed over by Steven.
  5. I see a defender trying to lead with his shoulder and a much taller guy dropping the crown of his helmet and ear-holing him. I don't really fault Allen for trying to get the first down, but he was at least as responsible for the H2H as Jones was. McDermott should issue Jones a public apology.
  6. The only reason Trump would ever look into corruption would be if he was afraid he was missing out.
  7. Impeachment is basically an indictment. Being impeached, doesn't make one guilty or presume any punishment. Bill Clinton was impeached but not removed from office.
  8. The actual question was "37. Do you think that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, or don't you think so?" The "and" kind of loads the question. It's like asking if someone should be tried for murder AND executed. That shouldn't be one question.
  9. Love how the Trump defense has gone from "No Collusion!" to "Yeah, Collusion, obviously, but only implied Extortion!"
  10. When you say the "President's personal attorney" are you referring to Giuliani or Barr?
  11. I am with Direct in Montana and we have lost our local ABC and FOX channels and I heard NBC may be next. Is this happening elsewhere or is it a regional thing? If the wife can't get her Grey's Anatomy I may be cancelling for real this time regardless of what they throw at me.
  12. We're doing all that whenever possible. Many of these incidents are suicide missions. Do you really think those people are easily deterred?
  13. "We should do something about evil people!" "Agreed. What if we started by making it harder for them to get military-grade weaponry to do evil with?" "No. Anything but that."
  14. I will say it again; legally we should treat them like we already treat automatic weapons. You wouldn't have a "mandatory buyback", you would have mandatory licensing, registration, and taxation, with a buy back option if they don't want to go through that process. And you use the licensing and weapons tax proceeds to fund the buy back.
  15. I think you need to read that again.
  16. Because there's a bigly tobacco lobby just like there's a bigly gun lobby?
  17. So, without going into stuff like grenades and missile launchers, you accept the logic that there are certain classes of general firearms that should not be available to the general citizen? Why is that? Guns aren't the problem, right? Evil is the problem. The capability of the gun in the hands of someone intent on doing evil makes no difference, right? So why shouldn't I be able to go down to Cabela's and buy me an M-4?
  18. It’s a yes or no question; Should a regular citizen be able to buy an automatic weapon over the counter?
  19. What about a full-auto M-16 or M-4? Should they be available over the counter?