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  1. Midway through our season my 9 hitter was tied for the team lead in OBP, with 0 hits. Just kept drawing walks.
  2. Yes, we got the gold one. 33/23 Ordered it from the outfit we order all our high school equipment from so never even thought to check the stamps. I'm hoping they will at least give us some credit on it. Got pulled in a tourney game after being challenged by a team who had had their's pulled the game before.
  3. Just FYI everybody, there are two versions of the the Ghost. One is legal for high school play, one is not. Found this out the hard way at a tourney this weekend. Now the proud owner of a $300 paperweight.
  4. Does being the closest/only living relatives of the guy with the rightful claim, give you a claim? Wasn't King Robert's claim based on being a distant cousin to Targaryens? The Starks are first cousins to the last Targaryen (assuming Dany is out of the picture).
  5. Yes, we recoup those fees, but like jon_mx pointed out we recoup them from everyone not just credit card purchasers. We have no special credit card surcharges.
  6. It can depend on the card but roughly 2.25% overall.
  7. My company owns some convenience stores. Our CC processing fees are our biggest expense after labor, sometimes surpassing 50% of our labor cost for the month. We've never really analyzed what cash handling costs, but I would be shocked if it was anything close to that. We don't charge a CC fee to our customers.
  8. Maybe for a mom and pop where mom or pop are always on the register. Large retail operations with integrated point of sale systems and real-time inventories are not backing out their cash sales and pocketing them. The amount of effort it would take to make things balance and erase the audit trail wouldn't even be worth it. Cash is also your biggest exposure in those types of environments requiring many internal controls, so no, it's not a convenience.
  9. If we're complaining about unlikelihood, what about that dunk?
  10. Many of the current state bans specifically exempt rim-fire weapons.
  11. Point taken. I was trying to say that there is really no reason a hunting rifle needs to hold 10 rounds or more, but that doesn't change your point. Personally I would restrict it to semi-autos, but even so you're correct the capability of accepting a detachable magazine would make a lot of existing hunting rifles illegal.
  12. Why did you only bold part of the definition being put forth? "Semiautomatic, magazine or belt fed rifles or any rifle, including carbines, capable of holding internally or being fed by munitions systems holding 10 or more rounds of center fire ammunition."
  13. All this slippery-slope paranoia would probably a lot more impactful if we hadn't already had an assault weapons ban for 10 years during which none of the slippery slope stuff transpired.
  14. Which "hunting rifles" hold 10 rounds? Hunters who need 10 rounds shouldn't be hunting.
  15. Because the NK had an ice javelin just like the one that killed his brother?
  16. Thanks for the input. Not a non-shooter, btw. I have a Remington 700 in my collection as well, .270. Hunted with it for years til I had a wounded elk get away. Upgraded to .338 Win mag for several years. Actually had a BAR in .338. Only carried that heavy ##### for one season though. Finally compromised on a .300 Win mag when I got tired of being able to clap my should blades together.
  17. Maybe already mentioned, but when Jaime knights Brienne that involved both swords from Ice as well.
  18. Yeah I think you're right. I know there were several new POV characters. I actually liked both books much better after a re-read when you're no so "WTF?"
  19. We were discussing the rifle actually used, and whether it was fairly categorized, not hypotheticals. It was NOT a rifle with four round magazine. Based on the fact that it was a semi-auto that accepts 10 round magazines "AR15 style" was probably a pretty fair description. That was my point. As for your article, as a gun guy and hunter you know full well that the more you have to reload the more possibility there is for something to go sideways and/or for someone to interdict. It also slows you down. Magazine capacity is a huge factor IMO. "Somehow, the argument is that getting shot by an "assault weapon" is worse than being shot by a hunting rifle". This is not the argument and gun guys know it better than anyone. The argument is that a semi-auto with large capacity magazines allows the shooter to inflict large amounts of carnage in an incredibly compressed amount of time where there is little chance of a response. Banning assault weapons would not stop these kinds of attacks, but it will definitely make the shooters less efficient.
  20. Feast and Dance were originally supposed to be one book. I think this is where the series took a downturn. Probably because the publishers wanted a book, any book, at that point, they didn't really edit Martin down like they should have. He took that license and ran with it now he's his own writing's worst enemy. I wonder how many words he's written on Lamprey in the last 8 years?
  21. Don't know. It's probably not being reported either because it hasn't been released of because specific make and model don't matter that much to the general populace in the way that "AR15 style" does.
  22. It was a semi-auto rifle that accepts 10 round magazines. That's enough to qualify.