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  1. These were the two states I thought of as well. I’ve been to almost every state and these two are far different than the other 48 IMO. Both have unique cultural differences when compared to other states (NM with Native American influence and Hawaii with islanders). It’s very hard to own a brick house in either state as well so the white picket fence American dream doesn’t exist (the invention of brick isn’t known in New Mexico and housing is expensive in Hawaii).
  2. Has anyone considered how badly the tin foil fanatics are going to lose their sh** when the Mueller report comes out?
  3. The economy is strong, the world is at peace, and the Mueller report was a nothing burger. It’s going to be tough to beat Trump in 2020, they need a centrists candidate and some energy. Maybe a Biden / O’Rourke ticket.
  4. It’s been like this for literally decades. I’ve posted somewhere about this before, but no one seemed to care when Amazon was cool and hip. Companies like Walmart and Chevron pay their asses off in taxes while others don’t pay anything. Some companies even have a negative tax rate, example being a green energy company getting grants and kickbacks from the government. If you didn’t care five or ten years ago, don’t act so surprised now.
  5. The best place to detonate a nuke is in the sky, not the ground.
  6. We got a brand new air handler installed. We tried to run the upstairs AC unit a few days ago, the fan ran constantly but the outside unit never started. Turns out the unit was installed incorrectly so it was running and never blowing cold air, thus never getting below the set temperature.
  7. Just realized this new house we got has used over 8,000 kWh in its first month, almost as much as my last house did all of last year. Any ideas on how to figure out what the problem is? About to start flipping breakers to see if something is drawing a lot of loading. The temperature has been fairly moderate as well.
  8. I’m just here for all the “BMI says I’m overweight but I’m in great shape comments”. Having lots of muscle doesn’t mean you are healthy. Most big athletes and wrestlers have lots of muscle, are obese, and die at an early age. Extra weight puts considerable amount of strain on the body and organs, especially the heart.
  9. PETA murders thousands of cats and dogs annually but cares about language? The people that follow PETA are even more clueless
  10. I’ve been in several apps for work. Line, what’s app, and Slack being the most common. Slack is amazing for work groups. I hated it at first because I knew Line so well but really grew accustomed to it. You can even sync your calendars up with Slack and have them update with your emails automatically at work, and have text filters and different text groups, almost like a mini forum.