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  1. Gotta disagree on the food. There isn’t a country in the world that has close to the variety this country offers. Although several countries have great local cuisines, I’m usually ready to get back to the states for Mexican, a steak, sushi, favorite coffee shop, etc. after a week or so of travel.
  2. Just watched both debates for most of my Sunday yesterday. Overall a good collection of talent on stage with some key takeaways from me. 1. Media turned their backs on Biden. I felt bad for him after he gave his life to public works and they treated him like a pile of garbage afterwards. 2. I was most impressed with Pete Buttigieg the most, followed by Amy Klobuchar, John Delaney, and Booker (he has a great physical presence). Pete sounded like a CEO on a quarterly conference call that just crushed earnings. He’s got a bright future and seemed like the best speaker onstage. 3. The spotlight seemed to big for a few, notably Williamson, Gabbard, and Beto. Castro sounded okay but his presence is severely lacking and I don’t think he can win based off the way he carries himself physically. He has a Ted Cruz appearance like problem. He looked like he was about to cry the entire time. No way I see him standing up to Trump in a debate. Stark contrast to Booker, who I feel like commands a presence and carries himself in a strong manner. 4. I think the DNC is playing with fire if they try to push Kamala down the throats for 2020 with the theme about racial inequality and political correctness, which they seem to be going down now. What worked in 2008 will not work in 2020. It’s the reason we have Trump now and would be an easy victory for him IMO. 5. Bernie’s legacy is all the candidates currently running now, and the bar he shifted to make his ideas more mainstream progressive. But his time seems to have passed 4 years too late. 6. Too many candidates on the stage left for little actual debating, and instead seemed like an introduction of themselves to the American people.
  3. I thought the children of the forrest might stab Jon at the end and make him the new Night King but instead I got to watch people rearrange furniture and write in a ####### book.
  4. And to think, Bran could see that terrible ending coming and he did nothing to stop it.
  5. First episode that felt like Game of Thrones and not Avengers in a few years.
  6. Although I enjoyed the last episode, it should have been much better. Using the first two episodes as a buildup was a mistake in hindsight because we still don’t have a lot of backstory and ambitions behind the NK or Bran after eight years in the making. This made the NKs death feel anti climatic as we weren’t really attached to his story. Like many, I wish more significant players would have died. The fact that the NK won the battle and the main GoT roster stayed intact is powderpuff. This show was known for unpredictability, but clearly that’s not the case over the last couple of seasons as it now has a very Disney feel to it. I was also surprised how Still a good episode but definitely felt a little empty after reflecting on it.
  7. These were the two states I thought of as well. I’ve been to almost every state and these two are far different than the other 48 IMO. Both have unique cultural differences when compared to other states (NM with Native American influence and Hawaii with islanders). It’s very hard to own a brick house in either state as well so the white picket fence American dream doesn’t exist (the invention of brick isn’t known in New Mexico and housing is expensive in Hawaii).
  8. It’s Mueller Time!! Correction, it WAS Mueller time!!
  9. Has anyone considered how badly the tin foil fanatics are going to lose their sh** when the Mueller report comes out?
  10. The economy is strong, the world is at peace, and the Mueller report was a nothing burger. It’s going to be tough to beat Trump in 2020, they need a centrists candidate and some energy. Maybe a Biden / O’Rourke ticket.
  11. It’s been like this for literally decades. I’ve posted somewhere about this before, but no one seemed to care when Amazon was cool and hip. Companies like Walmart and Chevron pay their asses off in taxes while others don’t pay anything. Some companies even have a negative tax rate, example being a green energy company getting grants and kickbacks from the government. If you didn’t care five or ten years ago, don’t act so surprised now.