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  1. Why was clock running on that false start after the Jones first down? I see this all the time and never understood.
  2. Now I know how Oklahoma fans must have felt in the CFP 🥴
  3. Packers have a lot of issues to fix, but can we stop pretending Martinez is a starting MLB?
  4. Avoiding those kinds of plays is what had made Tannehill so successful on this team. Look like he dodged a bullet there.
  5. That guy also does playoff games for the Cardinals (baseball), and he kills it every time. Fan favorite.
  6. It's weird not seeing the Patriots in this game. I've got nothing against either of these teams. I need a villain to root against!
  7. Man, I'm so giddy about today's game. I've missed this anticipation leading up to a high-stakes game in late January. Even more, and I know I'm wearing rose-colored glasses, I'm just happy that this team crawled out of the dumpster they were in for the past few years. I was genuinely concerned this team was heading towards years of irrelevancy, but this year has shown me they still have a few more runs left in them before Rodgers hangs it up. Now let's get fired up and go book another trip to the Super Bowl!!!
  8. Thought the same thing. Why is this not the case? Genuinely curious.
  9. Seahawks ripping the hearts out of Packers fans, even we're not playing them.
  10. Packers game scrambled my brain earlier. Forgot to make sure he actually caught the ball.
  11. With a clear recovery they can give the ball to Seattle, no?
  12. Looked like the ball was moving before he was down.
  13. Why does Rodgers rarely set his feet, even with a clean pocket? I’m no QB guru, but maybe that could explain why he keeps sailing his throws?