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  1. That's a great point, as he is barely rosterable in his current situation, but I figured that as he undoubtedly won't be capitulating on his reportedly "insane" contract demands, it seems unlikely that he'll re-sign with the Patriots, and wherever he goes for top dollar, I'm sure that an incentive will be guaranteed maximum usage as the alpha MLB a la Collins in Cleveland, which would translate to voluminous impact production that would vault him into possibly the top 5 LB1 stratosphere, health permitting. I traded for him in hopes of this theory materializing into reality, although if he does indeed re-sign with the Patriots, the inevitable return to inconsistent playing time will make him a definite drop for me. LB's score competitively in my league, but Hightower was a throw-in for the main asset, which was effectively the 1.03 pick for Gurley, in whom I'd begun to lose faith. I've written too much about the IDP aspect of the trade. Thanks to all for the replies!
  2. I gave: Todd Gurley (start 2-4 RB's: I also have Le'Veon Bell, C.J. Anderson, and 1.01 = Leonard Fournette) I got: 1.03, 6.03, and Dont'a Hightower (PPR IDP Dynasty with balanced scoring)
  3. I'm feeling adventurous and fearless tonight, so I'll be starting him over C.J. Anderson in a PPR league. *deep sigh*
  4. The sideline reporter warned against expecting Knile Davis to have many carries, but that he will be returning kicks, and that Montgomery will split carries with the starting Don Jackson. She also said that the offensive gameplan is expected to be an aggressive passing attack that involves multiple WR's.
  5. This performance is exactly why Eifert was always my favorite sleeper of the year. Wow.
  6. Why doesn't Moncrief, a verifiably freakish athlete with elite measurables (which handily excel Colston's), profile as the type to be classified as a thoroughbred? Are his inconsistent hands that much of a concern? He's only 21 and will develop. Is anything else capping his upside? Is it because he wasn't a first round pick? He's certainly in the right offense to maximize his prodigious talents (to say nothing of a venerable mentor in Reggie Wayne to coach him up).
  7. I traded Josh Gordon and Christine Michaels for McKinnon in a Dynasty league. I undoubtedly overpaid to get him, but I think it's undeniable that his upside is staggering (the owner told me that he barely, grudgingly accepted the offer, as he too is a huge McKinnon believer, but an even bigger fan of Gordon). Based on his rare measurables and great situation, McKinnon should quickly ascend to top 5 dynasty RB1 status. Here's to hoping.
  8. Josh Gordon to the Colts would constitute a massive boon to his value (eventual successor to Reggie Wayne, perhaps?). I'd love to see this deal get done. A trade to SF, Carolina, or especially KC would be detrimental to his value, IMO.
  9. I too am starting him over Josh Gordon.
  10. I'm starting Jones with confidence. Faith.
  11. Chat with Jamey Eisenberg (on CBS): "Jason La Canfora reports that Julio Jones is going to play."
  12. My backup plan is Josh Gordon, so if Julio is playing, I have to start him.