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  1. I think they should rest him for 2 weeks, they will need him during the (NFL) playoff stretch. This coming from an Ajayi owner
  2. Upgrade for Ajayi for sure. Watching some of the games he's played, man the Dolphins OL is like swiss cheese. If Gase is blaming Ajayi for his troubles, he is an idiot. Looking forward however, hopefully they can game plan for something different in their offensive scheme. New lead RBs may change that, I mean it can't get any worse for Miami right?
  3. I would feel bad for Bryant, if it weren't for the tweet that he so promptly deleted. Someone needs to make a meme of Bryant when Juju ran for 97 yards, cuz right now, I don't feel bad at all
  4. This guy seems like he is untouchable in the open field, can break a long one at any time. Gore is as immortal as they come, but remember he is a FA next year.
  5. I think AP could surprise by years end.. he's not exactly DJ but I think he has some power run ability left, better than anyone else on the Cards roster
  6. I would spend quite a bit to get Peterson, I'm pretty sure he will get an opportunity to shine or else he would not have gone there. Its not a sure thing, heck he might not even get that many reps this week, but I would think he will get games with a lot of attempts in the near future. (Keyword is "attempts")
  7. ..And I'm in, dropped Rawls for him. I might regret it but I don't need to start either one this week. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle here
  8. If CJ is out on game day, I'm in, but until then I'm waiting for at least one injury to the other guys
  9. I got a feeling Belichick/Patricia will be more focused on stopping Jameis, could leave some room for the TB run game. We shall see
  10. With Rawls, Lacy, McKissic and Procise still on the roster, its amazing Seattle still has depth. Now who to target on the ww
  11. can play with broken/bruised rib(s).. but maybe not this week
  12. Sooo tempted to start him, Sunday night game, at home in Seattle, could be party time or a huge let down!
  13. So we are going to Ajayi's old stomping grounds next week. Bounce back game anyone?
  14. I can't start him... yet.. but I think at worst he is sharing carries, flex appeal. At best he is the next Marshawn Lynch. That's a really good best..