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  1. Not starting either but stashing both just to keep my opponent from using them against me in a championship final I’m favored in
  2. Runner up bowl #2 (start 2 QB, 2 TE, 2 DST) PPR Brees/Ryan/Foles Elliot/White/Coleman/Lewis/Ballage/LMiller/ADP Allen/Foster/Nelson/DJax/Stills (must start min 3 ugh!) and I just lost Boyd Cook/Kittle Lutz/Gostkowski LAC DST/DAL DST/SEA DST/PHI DST Struggling with my RB's, my wr's suck and it's why I'm in the runner up game. that and Allen giving me a zero last week. thoughts on my putrid WR's? Isaiah McKenzie is available. thanks Sig
  3. Runner up bowl #1 PPR Luck/Watson/Winston M Gordon/Dam Williams/E McGuire M Thomas/Hilton/R Anderson/ARob/Pettis Ebron/Cook S Gostkowski Indy DST McGuire is a flex, I could put Cook in there or Arob or Pettis. Not much is on the wire. thanks!
  4. Ship #4 Superflex IDP, crazy scoring I can't explain, other than you get bonus points for first downs. A good WR can get 100 points in this system. Trubisky/Foles/(Stafford/Driskel/Heincke on the wire) D Cook/J Williams/Samuels/McGuire/Wilson Jr./Drake Julio/Cooks/R Anderson/Sutton (worried about Julio obviously) TE Kelce K Succop DST TENN IDP players: T Smith Jax B Wagner Sea C Campbell Jax C Jordan NO Sorry this is so loaded. I want to ask a simple question. I'm torn on benching McGuire for Anderson (flex) and how do you handle the Julio situation? thanks!
  5. Ship #3 Standard non-PPR J Allen/(Foles, Winston, Mariota on Wire) Dam Williams/J Williams/McGuire/Wilson Jr. TE Samuels/Engram (yahoo rules) Diggs/R Anderson/Allen/Evans/Golladay/Sutton Zuerlein Colts DST (Cleveland/Dallas on the wire) Most rankings say I should dump Allen vs New England but he's had the hot hand and got me this far. Tough to sit both Allen and Evans. Thoughts? thx
  6. Ship #2 Super-Flex PPR Foles, Carr, Mullins, Keenum Lindsay, Dam Williams, Carson, Jamaal Williams, J Howard AB, MThomas, Evans, Godwin, Kittle, Cook Zuerlein Vikings DST Some tough starts/sits here... right now I'm benching Mike Evans and Jamaal Williams and Jared Cook. Do you agree or tweak this lineup. Thoughts Sig? thanks and merry christmas
  7. For the Ship!!! (Excited!) superflex ppr Ryan/Watson/Foles/Johnson White/Dam Williams/Wilson jr/ADP/Kelly AB/Thielen/Jeffrey/Westbrook Cook/Rudolph/Goedert Gostkowski Rams DST my starting lineup okay? Would you consider Wilson or maybe even Kelly if Gurley sits?
  8. Cut bait with Stafford in superflex keeper league. Foles or Driskel in the FF playoffs. Pray for me
  9. I care. I'm in a similar position. Dumped depth for playoff defenses. Starting Green Bay this week off the wire, picked up Cincinnati, Houston, and San Diego. This sets me up for a Cleveland-Jax/Chicago-Cleveland week 14-16 matchups. Dumped a bunch of marginal players like you did there. No more add/drops are allowed for dropped players going forward, so I'm crossing my fingers on injuries.
  10. Great win. I know we call this a home game, but really this was road victory #6 if we are being honest here. I think the elevation took its toll on both sides in the 4th quarter. One team wanted it more, fought for it more. Took chances instead of punting and hoping. Houston is what we used to be. Check that, they are actually good. What I mean is that they are the type of team that finds a way to give away a win and have a myriad of excuses or blaming the road, the refs, the weather, the turf, yada yada...on and on. We ain't that team anymore. We won ugly, maybe a game we had no right to win considering how we got owned at the LOS for most of the game. Maddening that we couldn't generate more pressure on Osweiller. He has the look of a man that will flinch if you just threaten to get close to him. He made some predictably bad throws off his back foot to no one in particular and some throws that just flat sailed on him. If I was a Texans fan, I'd be watching each contested pass thru splayed eyes. Osweiller is terrible. Having said that, he was killing us with his long strides gaining chunks of yardage when we gave him a clean running lane. Incrementally if we add an Aldon Smith or Mario Edwards Jr., it should be enough to put the kill shot on weaker QB's like him and dominate games in garbage time. We aren't there yet. Can we beat a team like the Patriots? Not yet. Sorry, they are too disciplined. They are too multiple. But we'd give hoodie some headaches planning for us I'm sure. There is no way to really gameplan for franchise QB like Derek Carr who can make plays when he needs to. It's the quintessential chess match. Carr vs. Brady, tete-a-tete , maybe even Del Huevos vs Hoodie, or am I too drunk on last night's win? The good news is we have time from here till January to figure it out and should beat some lesser opponents on the way to "dare I say it?", a first round bye??
  11. Been a fun ride. I'm out. Crazy after finishing top 100 last week and near the top of the leader board for weeks before that. I could not survive another Gronk bye week and Julio together. This would have been my last bye week hurdle, but just not enough production to stay alive. Good luck to all still in this contest.
  12. Great post. But why would anyone ask you to eat crow if Harvin doesn't pan out? The price of admission on this ride is a throwaway spot at the end of your roster and the cost is a free open waivers move. Dripping with upside and no downside at all.
  13. Hot Sauce Guy, I don't understand what you have invested in the Kaep sucks look elsewhere theme. Maybe you are just bored. If you have been paying attention, you would know that Torrey Smith could be IR and nobody'd notice. Personally, I am giving playable size bumps to Patton, Kerley, and their TE Vance McDonald (not that I own any of these guys) as low end flex plays.