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    I don't disagree with you, but I haven't seen that info in Athletic articles. Maybe you've seen it elsewhere? I currently see: and No doubt it's an unclear situation
  2. IDP has been update all summer on player projections, which can be set to your linked league scoring system. I thought League Dominator was primarily in-season content. Online draft dominator has the IDP projections as well. I've had zero problems and have used extensively this summer
  3. I don't have any inside info here, but beat writers over at The Athletic have made comments that: Kamal Martin looks like the 2nd LB in GB to own (Mac mentioned in another thread) Marcus Maye looks to be the NYJ S taking Jamal Adams responsibilities Drue Tranquill looks like a 3-down WILL in LAC with Murray working solely at MIKE with Perryman. Not sure how much I put on any of those, but have picked up some cheap in a few places
  4. Hey Joe, I like and have used those team projections. They seem great. Few thoughts: 1) I always have to search and search for them until I remember to just click on the team name. Duh, but also seems something you want to address. 2) I don't know if this is feasible, but there are some situations I'd like to see the totals. Total yards, total plays, etc, for the team rather than by position or total passing yards 3) Most useful for me would be a way to separate the IDP projections similar to the offense. They're ranked in order of tackles, which is fine, but it is easier to see all the, say, DE or CB lumped together. Thanks for all the good work
  5. I've occasionally had some luck looking at MFL ADP and sorting by "earliest pick." Picks in 60+ roster size 11 IDP leagues are a lot different than picks in a 25 roster size league start 2 IDP sort of scenario, and I think that pulls down the average ADP for IDP players. Much like the Gally comment above. Whatever it's worth, Simmons, Queen, Murray all went round 1 for my league, with Young 2.1
  6. Jokes aside, I'm honestly curious what the outcome here will be. PFF has Winston's poor production overwhelmingly on deep passes/routes, despite the stereotype I had of him being a deep gunslinger
  7. I have the following articles saved for some time distant in the future when I have the opportunity to sit down an try to replicate some stuff in excel, which is how it turns from "something interesting I read" to "something I feel I understand." So with that caveat that I've only read and not sure I intuitively "get" yet, I thought these were interesting on WR production. Part 1 is probably better for understanding their process (with a weird hook of "oh I never thought of that"), part 2 with the updated model that seems to fit common sense much more closely. Not sure helpful for you, but FYI edit: still not an indicator for "repeating" but another person's look at the factors that matter.
  8. Whatever it's worth pre-combine, but Brugler's article at Athletic has Akers listed at 214
  9. I can't speak to his accuracy and I haven't watched either myself, but I found it interesting that NFL's Lance Zierlein had Leake (who was completely off my radar) graded at 6.3 ("talent to become dependable starter within the first couple of seasons") and McFarland graded at 5.53 ("could land at the back-end of a roster or on a practice squad... will always be fighting for a roster spot")
  10. I'm in a deep IDP dynasty league. Price for me was roughly late 4th to early 5th. Depending on what you think of this year's crop of WR, I think late 2nd is reasonable. Depending on your situation, upside of a rookie longer timeframe for it to play out and someone like a McLaurin to happen. Upside of Ross is you'll probably know within a year whether you have something worth keeping (or trading) but it might also be 2 years and a drop. For whatever it's worth, a couple trade calculators I use (doesn't include IDP) has Ross at about late 2nd value as well. I'd be happier cheaper, but it seems reasonable.
  11. Agreed. I bought Ross before the 2019 season. While I was encouraged with his usage, PFF grades still weren't particularly high and completion rate was low in my eyes. I can't tell you if that was crappy uncatchable throws or bad receiving as I didn't see any games. What I'm optimistic about was the 2019 injury was a broken collarbone, while all previous injuries were lower-body soft tissue stuff. I don't consider the collarbone related to previous muscle injuries and am hopeful after 3 years in an NFL training program that perhaps he will have put those injuries behind him, at least for one season. If you have room, I think he makes a good flier. But he's a flier, not someone with an established role like some of the others in the thread where folks are expecting simply higher production
  12. I had to dig in to this after missing all 2019 draft discussion and seeing Zyphros mention Moore in the offseason stashes thread. Just FYI, Jalin Moore spent the 2019 season on the Jets Reserve/NFI list. I don't have a strong opinion but taking a flier on him this offseason
  13. Nailed it. Not sure the podcast you listened to, but there's quite a bit of work in this area. Clayton Christensen's "jobs to be done" stuff is another way of thinking about solving customer problems I find useful. Just FYI if looking for more rabbit holes to go down. The instagram founders had a recent podcast that was pretty interesting from this perspective as well ( As a deep IDP dynasty player, I can obviously echo asking for more information/articles but I don't think you should focus on people asking for more content here, it sort of misses the point. I'll echo the above * Cut down on "noise" to make it as easy as possible for people to find the information/articles/projections of interest to them. League Dominator is awesome at this (and offers some of the feature requests I've seen in the thread) but as an example, I only just realized Bloom's Buy Low / Sell High article started discussing dynasty moves for the offseason a few weeks ago. My problem was finding that Bloom's article now applied to content I was interested in. Sometimes this is you competing vs time ("I don't have enough time to go track this down, what are the key things I need to read") and sometimes this is you competing vs information overload. I still sometimes make a point of pulling up your player info pages to see which articles they've been mentioned in... but it feels clunky. Maybe an easy addition to league dominator? I'm sure there are more examples here. * Increase entertainment value. You nailed it with subscriber contest, playoff contest, things of that nature. I assume there is more you could do in these areas, but FBG contests or fun in addition to fantasy football (or "on top of") is likely good for you. You'll have to check the numbers as I don't know them. * I think the retrospective idea mentioned earlier might be an interesting need. I found myself loving the team strength stuff in league dominator, but wishing I could have seen the numbers from the beginning of the season. Or similarly, despite my hatred of them, ESPN and the like keep pushing "expected win percentage" stuff on NFL games. I assume they do it because someone is using it. Maybe a live scoring feature on FBG for fantasy games? League dominator sort of does this, but you don't emphasis it through the UI. Wouldn't get much use from me, but who knows * I agree with the "make customers feel smarter" comment above as well. Waldman and Harstad get a lot of clicks from me, but I imagine that is likely a certain subset of FBG customers and gets lost in the data when you look at overall popular articles. There might be something there worth segmenting or making easier to find. The more I type out, the more I wonder if the answer is simply building your content around league dominator rather than having it be its own stand-alone tool. From reading the thread, it sure sounds like FBG needs a video tutorial of league dominator and all the features inside. Distributions on forecasts, expecting win percentage, get the IDP matchup spreadsheet and "ARI gives up most points to TE" data in there, etc. It's a nice system and historically FBG has done a really nice job solving my problems ahead of the competition, so I expect you won't have any trouble continuing to find ideas.
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    I have zero inside information here, but I am always curious if Schauf is being actively recruited to the team and/or couldn't join up until 2020 for whatever reason. At least that's my hope. Re: Tietgen, unless I changed weightings at one point it seems about 90-95% Norton and very little Tietgen. There's some value in tempering current expectations with pre-season expectations (I think Harstad has written about this) so I wonder if that's why Tietgen's numbers are still being used. Obviously no value in looking at them as current projections though. Just a couple random ### guesses here. Otherwise I agree. Hoping to see the potential upside next year.
  15. PFF reports Tranquill started the game, but I didn't watch. PFF has starting LB as Tranquill, Davis, and White. Own him in deep dynasty and my read is the same as Mac_32 above, this is all about next year. But I suppose reasonable flier for the rest of 2019.