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  1. Thinking some of the IR players about to return might be worth taking a look at ... Fiedorowicz, Olsen (if on waivers, maybe unlikely) Eli looks good early and has a soft schedule the rest of the way
  2. Lots of injuries early which I'm sure will change up a lot of the standings over the next few weeks. It'll be an interesting stretch to the playoffs.
  3. Lets get this started.
  4. Redzone and Fantasy Zone both not working for me on Directv.
  5. Keeping it simple this week and going with raiders. They have a very hard schedule the rest of the way and seems like a no-brainer. Went Rams and Bills last week so don't mind losing a good team with a tough schedule the rest of the way.
  6. Don't like the receivers but the rest of team looks very strong. Hopefully, for your team Kelce and Eifert play better throughout the rest of the season (I suspect they will)
  7. Well , so much for my second team with David Johnson's injury -- supposedly out several weeks. Painful
  8. Jax receivers could also be interesting as Robinson injury appears serious (Lee, Hurns might be on some waivers)
  9. Kearse, Cohen and dare I say Agholor interesting so far
  10. Did two more main events (so 3 main and 3 FBG this year): From 6 (Friday night): QB: Winston (10), Stafford (12) RB: Montgomery (3), Miller (4), Perkins (8), J Rodgers (11), Sims (13), Buck Allen (15), Zenner (20) WR: Julio (1), Hill (2-- remember this is after Thursday night), Martavis Bryant (5), Kevin White (9), Torrey Smith (14), Travis Benjamin (17) TE: Ertz (6), Henry (7), Kittle (16) K/D: Pittsburgh/Prater From 1 (Today): like this team the most out of all of my teams ...... I know WRs are weak but its easiest place to get options on waivers and took bunch of gambles late. QB: Alex Smith (10), Cam Newton (11) RB: David Johnson (1), Jordan Howard (2), Tevin Coleman (7), Donta Foreman (13), Sims (14) WR: Tate (5), Matthews (6), Maclin (8), Shepard (9), Kendall Wright (12), Robby Anderson (15), Funchess (17), Marquise Goodwin (18) TE: Kelce (3), Reed (4), Watson (16) K/D: Pittsburgh/Walsh Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. This seems like a team that has a good shot at the playoffs so long as one of your later round guys works out which I suspect they will.
  12. Just drafted in the main -- my only one this year. QB: Winston (10), Manning (15) RB: Lynch (4), Ingram (7), Kelley (8), Forte (11), Sims (12), Lewis (17) WR: OBJ (1), Demaryius Thomas (3), Martavis Bryant (5), Desean Jackson (9), Robby Anderson (13), Shepard (14), Torrey Smith (19) TE: Kelce (2), Rudolph (6), Cook (16) K: Santos D: Bills Like this team a lot better then my three FBG ones so hoping for the best.