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  1. Did 1 more before vacation for couple weeks QB- Eli, Dalton RB- Elliott, Lacy, Crowell, Dixon, Howard, Ervin WR- Allen, Maclin, Sanders, Shepard, Snead, Wright, LaFell TE- Ertz, Ebron, Walford K- Walsh D- LA
  2. From the 8 spot- QB- Brees, Mariota RB- Miller, McCoy, Foster, Dixon, Ware, Toussaint WR- Green, Kelvin Benjamin, Decker, Coates, Wheaton (hopefully one of Coates, Wheaton break out), Bruce Ellington TE- Ertz, Ebron, Walford D Philly K McManus
  3. I think Ebron is a potential breakout TE candidate this year although I'm not a fan of ASJ or Rodgers (prefer Brate and Cook on those teams)..
  4. Just drafted in 1 more from 7 spot QB- Palmer, Smith RB- Miller, Ingram, Riddick, Crowell, Drake, Marshall WR- Hopkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Crabtree, Lockett, Travis Benjamin, Gordon TE- Barnidge, Brate, Tye, Tamme K- Santos D- GB ** FYI: I didn't grab Forsett but he went in early 9th.
  5. Had the 3 spot.
  6. Decided to do an early one this evening. Thought I would take a bunch of chances so not sure if this one will work out. QB- Brees, Mariota RB- Leveon Bell, CJ Anderson, Mathews, Foster, Dixon, Booker WR- Hilton, Marshall, Benjamin, Michael Thomas (NO), Gordon, Woods, Mitchell TE- Barnidge, Ebron, Brate K- Brown D- Redskins
  7. My rookie draft selections (PPR w/ TE Premium): Draft 1: 1.7 Sterling Shepard, 2.7 Carroo, 5.7 Rivers (FA available as well), 6.7 Niles Paul (FA), 7.7 Peake Draft 2: 1.2 Treadwell, 2.9 Paul Perkins, 2.12 Kenyan Drake, 3.4 Smallwood, 5.2 Alex Collins, 6.9 Cutler (FA), 7.8 Lasco, 7.9 Bohringer Draft 3: 1.9 Dwayne Allen (FA), 3.3 Deandre Washington, 3.5 Jonathan Williams, 5.5 Kendall Wright (FA), 5.9 Garrett, 6.5 Blount (FA), 6.9 Ware (FA), 7.5 Janis (FA)
  8. Nice. So how did it go? I'm holding off this year but may do a couple late. I actually ended up doing a lot better last year on one of the other contests so I'm wondering if the TE premium is somehow messing up my draft strategy.
  9. Now that the 2016 FBG Players Championship drafts are started lets go ahead and start discussing teams, drafts and strategies. Good luck everyone!
  10. FFPC draft- PPR w/ TE Premium. 7 round rookie/fa draft just completed: * my picks Round 1: Elliott, Treadwell, Coleman, Doctson, Henry, Dixon, Shepard *, Prosise, Michael Thomas, Fuller, Boyd, Perkins Round 2: Booker, Henry, Drake, Hooper, Keith Marshall, Howard, Carroo *, Jonathan Williams, Wheaton, Washington, Jared Cook *, Smallwood Round 3: Mitchell, Coates, Ervin, Tye, Miller, Rashad Jennings, Higbee, Goff, Hogan, Ferguson, Lasco, Pharoh Cooper Round 4: Collins, Sanu, Powell, VJax, Mike Thomas, Starks, Vereen, HOU D, Wright, Wallace, Watson, Paxton Lynch Round 5: Ware, Cousins, Tannehill, Toussaint, Jarell Adams, Spiller, Rivers *, Heuerman, Vannett, Amaro, Willson, Keyarris Garrett Round 6: Woods, Britt, GB D, Cunningham, Romo, Randle, Niles Paul *, Roger Lewis, Bridgewater, Watson, Donnell, Duarte Round 7: Roberts, Albert Wilson, Cutler, RGIII, Latimer, Pruitt, Peake *, Wentz, Devin Smith, Mike Davis, Quick, Sharpe
  11. Ok, who the hell was taken between Wilson and Palmer? I think an argument could be made to take Palmer 1 overall. Brown, Wilson (me), Cam, Gronk, Thomas, Brady, Roethlisberger, Green, Rodgers, Edelman, Palmer (me), David Johnson
  12. Just finished first 5 rounds with 2 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K and 2 DEF: #2 pick and went: Wilson, Palmer, Baldwin, Floyd, White. Couldn't resist Palmer in round 2 even though I already had an NFC QB
  13. Absolutely, Ill keep looking around for others. Seems to be a nice variation depending on how much work one wants to put into the leagues
  14. This thread is for compiling information on the various fantasy playoff leagues available to players and payout rates. Feel free to add any that may be missing so we can have a comprehensive list for those of us who would like another few weeks to play. Also, let me know if I might have missed anything (these are all just estimates and are based on all teams filling and honoring all payouts). Sponsors in alphabetical order. CBS Sports: They had a playoff challenge last year but don't see 2016 information up as of yet. FFPC: $100K top prize, 350 teams paid something (set and forget, one player max per NFL team (10 team roster so must draft a player from 10 of the 12 playoff teams) $200 playoff challenge, max 2,500 teams - 85% payout (if use free entries into other contests), 82% payout (if use cash option amounts for the prizes with entries into 2016 leagues) Masters Fantasy Football Leagues: 6 Team Playoff Leagues (14 man roster, draft at start) email version: Tin - $39.95 (77% payout) Copper - $65.95 (69% payout) Bronze - $117.95 (78% payout) Silver - $276.95 (83% payout) Gold - $544.95 (84% payout) Weekly Playoff Challenge for all weeks (combined score). Pick 6 players but can switch every week (pick any QB, RB, WR, TE, K and D) Copper - $65.95 (83% payout), 64 teams with top 7 winning $500 Silver - $276.95 (83% payout), 16 teams with top winning 2,600 and second $1,100 NFFC: $150 hold'em postseason contest: $70,000 top prize. Pays top 25. Interesting rules w/ multipliers for weeks that a player is held. Prizes are based on 1,000 teams but haven't confirmed if this is cap and if pool is guaranteed if less than 1K sign up (if someone knows for sure please post). Assuming 1,000 teams payout percentage is 80%. Real Time Fantasy Sports: Playoff Challenge- 10 team leagues w no draft. Select players each week. $19.95 league- 75% payout (1st - 100 , 2nd - 50) $49.95 league- 85% payout (1st - 300, 2nd- 125) $99.95 league- 90% payout (1st - 600, 2nd -300) Fantasy Championship Postseason Shootout- 125 for single entry or 350 for three entries. Max of 2,500 entries.10 player roster set at beginning, no changes to roster once playoffs begin (max 2 players per NFL team). $50K top prize. Pay 200 spots. Teams placed in a 20 team group where if you win the group you also get 125 in credits for future tourneys. Assuming all are single entries at 125 each then total max collected dollars = 312,500 w/ 176,500 in grand prizes + 15,625 in VIP for 62%. Naturally, many entries will be three-pack entries so percentage should be higher and if they don't reach cap then payout percentage would increase. Scout: Playoff Draft World Championship - $199 entry (6 team leagues w $500 league prize + grand prize of $20K) draft against other players, takes optimal lineup each week. I couldn't locate a cap on the # of players so I'm unsure of the prize payout. On the website, Scout says that they had 234 teams last year for a 98% payout. The greater the # of players of course, the lower the percentage payout and vice versa. If anyone knows of the cap I can enter it in. Scout also runs a Maui Madness contest (1 entry for 20 and 5 for 100) where the top prize is a trip for 4 to Maui. I would note that some sites offer free challenges such as NFL.com, MFL and others.
  15. Nice job sweetness, congrats