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  1. No kidding. Glad I can not pick Miami again - heartburn city.
  2. That is awesome. Wish they gave some money for weekly high scores-- that would be a nice bonus
  3. well the broncos with osweiler beat the pats last year with brady so I think its more that the coaching in Houston absolutely sucks.
  4. My rosters are no longer syncing since the change to having all leagues update at once. It actually goes through each league but when I then check lineups and the waiver wire report it still has the old rosters. It had worked when it was done individually. Can we still do individually so I can get this fixed? Some of my waivers run tonight.
  5. Im going with Miami. Just too good to pass up and I dont see any easy games after this game the rest of the way for the Dolphins. I do think Seattle gets back on track but they have looked bad the first two weeks. They match up better with SF though as the 49ers dont really have a pass rush.
  6. Looks like 3/9 teams in the top 1,000 so bit of a falloff. Kind of strange in that 7/9 of my teams are 1-1 and other 2 are 0-2 yet three of my teams have the highest score in the league.
  7. I don't know about all of you but it seems that all my teams that did well last week flamed out this week and vice versa. Very odd week!
  8. Siemian missed wide open Sanders and then wide open Green in end zone last drive. Accuracy issues on intermediate passes.
  9. Kind of interesting that the first place team had 239 points (that is awesome). Looks like the team had Brees, Williams, Yeldon, Green, Cooks, Hyde, Landry, z Miller, bailey and vikings.
  10. Not the greatest start with my teams going 4-5 although my main event teams did much better (wish I wouldnt have sat Benjamin in a couple leagues). Seems a bunch of us are close together with our top teams-- mine is place 166 at 192.85 points. Interestingly, I had a 166 point team lose and a 136 point team win.
  11. How many from each list?
  12. I would drop Williams. Its a crowded TE situation in BAL with Pitta and Gillmore both ahead of Williams at the moment. Green was one catch away from having a huge night (he was wide open in the endzone). I would expect Green to have a big game this weekend with DThomas hurt and Indy's defense weak against the TE. Green is also extremely athletic and has a very high ceiling. Higbee will probably take a couple years but has a good profile as well.
  13. You should be able to get more than Hill. Hyde was going higher then Hill prior to week 1. Maybe Hill + something else...
  14. I would drop Cook for James. Dont see the others as being big step ups.
  15. Denver has traditionally struggled with Indy so I'd stay away. I forget the exact stat but I believe they are somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-11 against them in their last 14 games. This may sounds crazy since they are an underdog but I briefly considered Miami as I think they match up well with New England. I also don't trust the raiders at all. Saints are not a good team and raiders barely got by them. Im probably going Carolina or Detroit out of the mess this week.