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  1. Unfortunately, my teams mostly suck this year. I do have one team in the 300 range but otherwise not so great. Anyone on this board have any highly ranked teams at this point?
  2. Love the comments. I was really struggling with who to pick this week after surviving with GB last week. I'm going with Denver. Denver was without their coach last game against SD on a short week, had an injured QB who is now finally recovering, has a great home field advantage and has a hungry defense out to prove that they can stop the Chargers. Denver is also getting healthier since they may get Ware back (more likely next week) but the o-line is healthier than in the previous game and they now have a good game plan on getting CJ and Booker involved in the running game. Cant say that I am 100% confident in the pick but this is one of the most difficult weeks that I can remember in terms of picking teams.
  3. Agree on Vernon if he is still available. LaFell also playing well again and Chris Thompson may be interesting with struggles of Matt Jones
  4. I'm thinking this will be a shootout considering the states of the defenses for both teams. Only thing holding me back is its a dreaded Thursday night game.
  5. So after lot of thought switched from Atlanta to Green Bay. Im not a big fan of division games but this looks like the best game the rest of the way for the Packers and after last week they should be out for blood. I still like Atlanta although I'm a little worried about a letdown. I also considered Denver but decided to hold off after how bad they looked the last two weeks.
  6. Squeaked by this week with Tennessee - maybe I should stop going with bad teams. Glad I picked Pitt last week or I would have been out this week. Very early but my pick right now for the coming week which is quite difficult is the Falcons (good matchup against the Chargers) as Ryan can take advantage of their defense unlike DEN. Im also thinking about GB but nervous about them as they seem to be off and Chicago seems to play them tough every year. As to the last post, I have already taken CIN or I might have considered them. If McCown plays though I would stay away. Anyone else like Atlanta?
  7. Some early thoughts: NE- White/Lewis - check news for return of Lewis early in the week but if he is still available in your league he is worth a pickup. JAX- Marquise Lee- picking up more targets last couple of weeks and may be worth a speculative add. SF- Torrey Smith- probably better to just avoid this entire offense but Kaep seems to have some rapport with him BUF- Gillislee- in case McCoy were to go down DET- Golden Tate if dropped. Led all Lions in targets today. Zenner may also be a decent option if Washington.Riddick remain out
  8. Took Steelers this week. Love the matchup vs. Jets and have a tough schedule the rest of the way.
  9. I need some serious help at TE (did a good job at picking 5 that aren't doing much of anything) but otherwise like my team so far. QB Andy Dalton $12 13.30 QB Tyrod Taylor $11 18.55 RB Demarco Murray $15 26.50 RB Melvin Gordon $14 17.80 RB Isaiah Crowell $10 7.90 RB Chris Thompson $7 2.60 RB Devontae Booker $6 3.50 RB James White $5 2.40 RB Christine Michael $4 25.10 RB Alfred Morris $3 9.10 WR Antonio Brown $35 26.00 WR Mike Evans $24 29.20 WR Kelvin Benjamin $18 0.00 (what happened!!) WR Marvin Jones $12 38.50 WR Devin Funchess $6 0.00 (bought into all the preseason hype but hopefully he comes around later in the year) WR Chris Hogan $5 1.30 (think he will be great when Brady returns) WR Kenny Stills $4 12.60 WR Eli Rogers $4 5.20 TE Dwayne Allen $11 8.00 TE Martellus Bennett $9 4.60 TE Jared Cook $8 3.00 (injured) TE Virgil Green $4 0.00 (injured) TE Crockett Gillmore $3 0.00 (whiffed on this one) K Cairo Santos $5 6.00 (was really good until this last week) K Brandon McManus $5 5.00 DEF Los Angeles $6 12.00 DEF Washington $4 8.00 Players I have not used yet: Chris Thompson, Devontae Booker, James White, Alfred Morris, Devin Funchess, Chris Hogan, Kenny Stills, Jared Cook, Virgil Green, Crockett Gillmore, Brandon McManus (12 - surprised at how many players I have not yet used)
  10. No kidding. Glad I can not pick Miami again - heartburn city.
  11. That is awesome. Wish they gave some money for weekly high scores-- that would be a nice bonus
  12. well the broncos with osweiler beat the pats last year with brady so I think its more that the coaching in Houston absolutely sucks.
  13. My rosters are no longer syncing since the change to having all leagues update at once. It actually goes through each league but when I then check lineups and the waiver wire report it still has the old rosters. It had worked when it was done individually. Can we still do individually so I can get this fixed? Some of my waivers run tonight.