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  1. Thought I would rekindle this thread since we are approaching the playoffs. Ill probably try an entry in the FFPC league. I'm a little afraid of trying scout's contest as I just got some type of bankruptcy filing notice today in the mail from them so I'd rather not take the risk. Anyone else see any interesting contests this year?
  2. Hopefully someone from this thread won the big prize. I stunk it up in the FBG Players Championship this year although I did OK in the main event. Luckily, I won the majority of my FFPC dynasty leagues so the year was still positive overall by a decent amount but I'll need to change up my strategy for next year if I continue to do this tourney as I clearly did something wrong. Any thoughts on successful strategies from those who made some dough this year in the FBG Players Championship?
  3. I went very contrarian this week with the Bills. I like the revenge narrative in this game against the Dolphins and it would be a Rex thing to do to ruin the Dolphins chances at the playoffs. The Dolphins beat up on the Bills last time with the run but their o-line is no longer healthy so I don't see a repeat happening while on the flip side McCoy should have a field day against the Dolphins run D. Hoping for the best!
  4. What does everyone have for the Championship week waiver wire?
  5. I am debating between Forte, Powell, Ty Montgomery and Crowell. Was sure I was going with Powell but now thinking maybe Crowell. Thoughts? PPR league
  6. I ended up taking Seattle. Thought about Atlanta but I figured they would be the most popular pick and wanted to go a little contrarian. Ended up Atlanta was top pick of the pool but Seattle wasn't far behind. Guess Ill see what injuries happen but already starting to look ahead to week 16. Early favorites for me based on who I left are KC, Washington, San Diego (although little concerned with all of their injuries) or Atlanta. Massraider- out of that group my picks would be Buffalo (think that's the easiest of the picks although anything can happen) and Houston (home game against a team that seems to find a way to lose no matter what).
  7. As mentioned before likely taking Bills, Falcons or Seahawks next week. All three games have double digit point spreads at the moment: Seattle - 13 1/2 vs. LA Miami - 3 at NY Jets Dallas - 8 vs Tampa Bay NY Giants - 4 1/2 vs Detroit Baltimore - 6 vs Philly Green Bay - 5 at Chicago Minnesota - 4 vs Indy Buffalo - 10 vs Cleveland KC - 6 vs Tennessee Houston - 6 vs Jacksonville Arizona - 3 vs New Orleans Atlanta - 13 vs San Francisco New England - 3 at Denver Oakland - 3 at San Diego Pittsburgh - 3 at Cincinnati Washington - 4 vs Carolina
  8. Went with the Vikes which gave me a bit of a sweat but the Jags had their typical fourth quarter meltdown (although without a pick six).Only about 10% of people left knocked out this week which was entirely from the Colts assuming the Rams don't come back. Toss up for me between the Bills and Falcons for next week at this early stage. I may have to go contrarian a bit though in these last three weeks as the tiebreaker if teams are left after week 17 is points and I'm not near the top at this point. I guess Seahawks may also be an option since I don't know how much they will be playing for after next week.
  9. Any weather updates from Cleveland? I am debating between Dalton and Palmer this week. I was originally going with Dalton based on his performance last week and matchup vs Cleveland but am now wondering if I should switch to Palmer.
  10. Denver is vulnerable against the run so I could see Brady getting 0 or 1 touchdown and Blount getting 1 or 2 which doesn't help Brady or the Denver D.
  11. Ended up going with MIN. The Jaguars looked like they pretty much gave up last week and with MIN getting healthy in a must win game I cant see them losing this one. That being said, more than half my pool ended up taking DET with ATL as the second most popular pick.
  12. Early week 14 odds: Kansas City - 3 1/2 vs Oakland Tennessee - 1 vs Denver Carolina - 3 vs San Diego Indy - 4 1/2 vs Houston Cincinnati - 4 at Cleveland Pittsburgh - 2 at Buffalo Miami - 2 1/2 vs Arizona Detroit - 8 vs Chicago Minny - 3 at Jacksonville TB - 3 vs New Orleans Washington - 1 at Philly SF - 1 vs NYJ Seattle - 2 1/2 at Green Bay Atlanta - 5 at LA Dallas - 3 at NY Giants NE - 8 vs Baltimore So largest lines are NE and Detroit at 8 with no other games above 5. 10/16 games have odds of 3 points or less.
  13. Pretty easy week for me since I had NE -- kind of nice after all the nail biters the last few weeks. Seemed like it was a difficult week for those not having NE or DEN though. Looking ahead to week 14: Likely favoring Min (at Jax), Detroit (home vs Chicago) or the Jets (at SF though don't know if I can go with a 3-8 team this late in the season). Cinci (at Cleveland) looks interesting for those who have them left but I have already used them. Atlanta is another option vs. LA but I may save them for SF in week 15.