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  1. First draft in couple weeks. Drafted from 4 (least favorite spot in draft): QB: Romo, Tannehill RB: Gurley, Langford, Crowell, Booker, Tevin Coleman, Dixon, Chris Johnson WR: Brandon Marshall, Evans, Jordan Matthews, Shepard, Torrey Smith, Coates TE: Fleener, Ebron, Green K/D: Gould/LA
  2. Don't trust Os to get Hopkins the ball so Im thinking either Gurley or AJ (if Dez keeps it up he may start getting close to consideration as well)
  3. I picked him up in the 11th. Figure he is worth a shot down there
  4. From the end: Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Miller, Duke Johnson, Coleman, Deandre Washington, West, Drake Allen Robinson, Maclin, Cobb, Lockett, Shepard, Mitchell Barnidge, Ebron, Brate Gano, Washington
  5. Well did one tonight fully intending to go the heavy RB route but strangely enough had a lot of WR value.
  6. Seems that zero WR may be the best strategy this year. In the drafts I have done (haven't done one in couple weeks) there are always at least three people who go zero RB in the first 4-5 rounds which creates unbelievable value for RBs versus second or third rate wr's in the round 3-5 period especially
  7. Did 1 more before vacation for couple weeks QB- Eli, Dalton RB- Elliott, Lacy, Crowell, Dixon, Howard, Ervin WR- Allen, Maclin, Sanders, Shepard, Snead, Wright, LaFell TE- Ertz, Ebron, Walford K- Walsh D- LA
  8. From the 8 spot- QB- Brees, Mariota RB- Miller, McCoy, Foster, Dixon, Ware, Toussaint WR- Green, Kelvin Benjamin, Decker, Coates, Wheaton (hopefully one of Coates, Wheaton break out), Bruce Ellington TE- Ertz, Ebron, Walford D Philly K McManus
  9. I think Ebron is a potential breakout TE candidate this year although I'm not a fan of ASJ or Rodgers (prefer Brate and Cook on those teams)..
  10. Just drafted in 1 more from 7 spot QB- Palmer, Smith RB- Miller, Ingram, Riddick, Crowell, Drake, Marshall WR- Hopkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Crabtree, Lockett, Travis Benjamin, Gordon TE- Barnidge, Brate, Tye, Tamme K- Santos D- GB ** FYI: I didn't grab Forsett but he went in early 9th.
  11. Had the 3 spot.
  12. Decided to do an early one this evening. Thought I would take a bunch of chances so not sure if this one will work out. QB- Brees, Mariota RB- Leveon Bell, CJ Anderson, Mathews, Foster, Dixon, Booker WR- Hilton, Marshall, Benjamin, Michael Thomas (NO), Gordon, Woods, Mitchell TE- Barnidge, Ebron, Brate K- Brown D- Redskins
  13. My rookie draft selections (PPR w/ TE Premium): Draft 1: 1.7 Sterling Shepard, 2.7 Carroo, 5.7 Rivers (FA available as well), 6.7 Niles Paul (FA), 7.7 Peake Draft 2: 1.2 Treadwell, 2.9 Paul Perkins, 2.12 Kenyan Drake, 3.4 Smallwood, 5.2 Alex Collins, 6.9 Cutler (FA), 7.8 Lasco, 7.9 Bohringer Draft 3: 1.9 Dwayne Allen (FA), 3.3 Deandre Washington, 3.5 Jonathan Williams, 5.5 Kendall Wright (FA), 5.9 Garrett, 6.5 Blount (FA), 6.9 Ware (FA), 7.5 Janis (FA)
  14. Nice. So how did it go? I'm holding off this year but may do a couple late. I actually ended up doing a lot better last year on one of the other contests so I'm wondering if the TE premium is somehow messing up my draft strategy.
  15. Now that the 2016 FBG Players Championship drafts are started lets go ahead and start discussing teams, drafts and strategies. Good luck everyone!