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  1. yearly call to "cancel": Free ST Max w 1 year commitment $15 off/12 months $100 visa card 15 mins
  2. nickel d or not, how is the GB OL going to handle the SF front? Didn't SF D lose a few key contributors this offseason, including a DT? Just Golson And Sopoaga.
  3. Way too early for this. Lacy may be more valuable this year, but there's a reason you picked Ball first 2 months ago - long term, talent wins out. Which is why he regrets it. Let's all be honest here. A year ago, it was clear that, of the RBs that were to come out, It was Lacy and Lattimore that people talked about. There were some people that liked Michael's talent but had the concerns. But for the most part, it was these top two and the Balls and Bells and Stacys of the world weren't in the "talent" discussion. But people got cute as we became inundated with media info. The concerns about this and that and the reported measureable and this guy looked fat, this guy looked slow, this situaiton is this and that, there mUST be a reason this team did this...Oh MY GOD, he fell to the 2nd round,etc, etc. But now...when we have seen these guys on the field, what do our eyeballs tell us? Of all the rookies that have played in pre-season, honestly, Michael looks awesome and then Lacy. Well, Lacy has opportunity now and Michael doesn't so there's that. But between Lacy and Ball, it is very clear that all the question marks and concerns are now in the Ball owners' hands, not Lacy's. If his evaluation changed in the last 2 months then I don't know what to tell him. I've always had Ball higher than Lacy, from a talent stand point, although I have consistently been lower on both than the masses. Given the events of August I expect Lacy to perform better in 2013, but dynasty is a lot more than just one year. I had Lattimore, Lacy and Michael as the top 3 RBs in this class. Lacy's offseason was red flag after red flag ala LenDale White so I got scared. I do think that Ball is probably a better all around back and his future in Denver seems bright, but Fox is being a PITA and wasting the first years of Deangelo Williams career seem to be creeping back with this Ronnie Hillman garbage. But at a certain point, a big bulldozer with talent next to an elite QB just gets the job done. And now that his path appears clear to every down work, he's a better choice this year for sure and thats all that is needed a lot of times...
  4. Officially regretting passing on him for Montee Ball in my rookie draft 2 months back... IMO he is now a strong RB2 worth taking in the 20s.
  5. Just got off the phone with retention. All I did was mention Dish's latest offer and the fact that we love ST but can't afford it. Rep immediately came back with: $40/month credits for 1 year. ST Max free. Offered totally free Genie (free equipment for 3 TVs and free installation) - but held off on that since that would mean a 2 year commitment. DONE
  6. I just can't see a guy of his size and arm "strength" starting any games in the NFL. All this extra-curricular stuff aside... Brees, Wilson, Vick etc have the arms to make up for their lack of size.
  7. Are you sure? What about Cooper? or Benn? or Avant? Isn't both Cooper and Avant higher on the depth chart?Im sure. The others arent good "space" players. Well Benn might be but Chip loves desean in this offense so...
  8. Damaris Johnson is the play here
  9. I'm beginning to get a real "LenDale White" vibe from Lacy...
  10. Just got off the phone. (My contract was expiring this year.) Said FIOS was offering a better deal and we needed to save money. Also said we needed to view the games mobile since we travel. Right off the bat they offered: Free ST Free Max $20 credit/month for 12 months I only had to agree to extend my contract for 12 months. DONE
  11. Has any team ever stared 3 rookie skill position players?
  12. Wright and Hill will be overdrafted due to their speed (or perceived speed).
  13. Lewis has looked outstanding IMO. He makes the first defender miss constantly. Loved when they drafted him and still love it at the end of preseason.
  14. And you believed that??? Nobody will charge you retroactively 6 months after a service has ended. He pulled one over on you dude.