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  1. this. and aren't we all tired of seeing floyd "fight" for 12 rds any way?
  2. rare that a sporting event lives up to the hype but those might have been the best main card i can recall. granted most of UFC viewing occurs after many...many drinks, but still worth the price of admission
  3. oh no, this is turning into boxing with all those d-bags in the ring after a fight
  4. i'm ok with the live intro songs actually...just pick something with some energy for christs sake
  5. and that's why i don't want him to win. not a fan of most champs with wrestling bases. give me a striker any day of the week
  6. no kidding, and now the 2 fights i was most looking forward to (duh) eta: oops, mean 2 fights. scotchy scotch scotch scotch
  7. Yeah. But stop being a tight ###. How about you quit being a ##### and share a link, or ####? Finding a good feed is a pain. I'm sitting here on my couch with buddies watching the card in HD on or big screen. Why would I be looking for a feed to post here? Btw, you just missed a great knock out. of all the cards to actually buy, this is the one. $50 on youtube, just do it