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  1. GECKO

    FBG IDP Content

    I feel the FBGs commitment to DFS a couple years ago spelt doom for IDP. Unfortunate.
  2. Morning Sig! With Engram out do you like Kaden Smith on MNF or Fells vs DEN. NYGs get some weapons back so I hesitate even tho Kaden is getting targets. Thanks and Good Luck this week!
  3. Sig, Your latest tweet my sway me from Mack to Brian Hill. Good move??
  4. Seattle is Dying documentary when I first moved to the area I initially thought that the local news caster who produced this video was kind of a hack. This video is pretty much spot on, I've witnessed everything he addresses during day visits to the city.
  5. Rivers Kupp and Diggs Collins Good Luck!!!
  6. No Abdullah today so don't start him. PHI has been playing better D lately so without a running game SEA will dump to McKissic a lot. He is my sneaky play out of these guys, Good Luck
  7. Tough call, must win for Buffalo so I see a lot of passing playing from behind. Think I would go with Zay, Coleman would be my #2. Don't trust Bortles Good Luck
  8. Yeah Roberts with Cooper and Crabtree out of the way. Figure in several targets to Cook and that the Raiders could actually be playing with the lead. Hard to trust any Miami WR not named Landry Good Luck
  9. Wilson and Mixon would be my choices Good Luck
  10. They are all good options. I would sit Evans only because Winston is returning and if he struggles (he wasn't playing well before the injury) at all Fitz would likely be back in. my .02 Good Luck
  11. Standard scoring big underdog Josh Gordon @ LAC or Ted Ginn v. CAR