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  1. The frustrating thing is that the Bills beat Brady today. The Patriots offense wasn't the story of the game. 11 first downs is a triumph for the D. To still be in the game with less than 2 minutes seems like a miracle in itself. A lot of thoughts about what could have happened, but all in all I'm still not too upset with the outcome. There's a lot to like about this team. We're on to Tennessee.
  2. McCoy won't get traded or cut. What are they going to get for him? The Bills aren't in cap trouble. They have the money to pay him. Injuries will happen. It's pretty much guaranteed. It's much better to have the RB depth if needed. I'd be amazed to see Shady in another uniform this year.
  3. With this offensive line there won't be much time to be able to get deep. However, one thing that Peterman is good at is getting the ball out fast, which will be necessary unless the play of the line improves greatly. The problem with Peterman is he doesn't put a ton of mustard on the ball, so the opposing secondaries are gonna be chomping at the bit to jump on those sideline throws. But an 80% completion rate in the pre-season is a good start.