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  1. Made it by 4 points. This week will be real tough though. Good luck all!
  2. 6.6 points above the cut with Breida, Lockett and Deebo to go. Hoping to keep going. Longest I have ever made it.
  3. I picked him up and promptly put him on my trade bait. Crickets so far. Not enough news on Gurley yet it seems.
  4. I am a DJ owner that got beat to Edmonds but was able to land Brown. Might reach out to the Edmonds owner as I like that matchup also.
  5. I sat him for Ridley. Ended up close to the same in my non-PPR.
  6. Team A Traded: Leonard Fournette, Stefon Diggs Team B Traded: Sony Michel, Calvin Ridley, 2020 1st rounder (not sure where)
  7. I dropped Antonio Brown for him in a 10 team 10 player keeper. Ready to see what he can do.
  8. I am trying to drop Mariota for him. I am rooting for him.
  9. Not crazy at all. I put in a waiver claim to drop Mariota for him.
  10. Me too. Grabbed him at 2.2 in my 10 team 10 player keeper league as Ingram handcuff and eventual successor. Giddy up!
  11. Standard scoring: I need three David Johnson, Leonard Fournette, Mark Ingram Nick Chubb Right now I have Chubb, Fournette and Johnson, but with no PPR I was thinking about switching Johnson and Ingram. Thoughts?
  12. Gurley owner in my league passed on him at 1.5. I GLADLY took him at 1.9.