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  1. Already started David Johnson. Will start Chubb over either Ingram or Peyton Barber
  2. Kudos to those getting him in the 2nd and especially 3rd rounds. In my draft tomorrow, the owners of 1.6 and 1.8 are jockeying for position to draft him.
  3. My draft is this coming Saturday and I see him going no later than 1.8 (Ware keeper owner)
  4. But one may be a circumstance of the other. Is the foot injury on the same side as the ankle, is the ankle issue also leading to foot issues? As another owner of 1.1, I am also intrigued to know more detail.
  5. I am very happy and the app works great, I rated it 5 stars for what you advertised. But...... LOL..... The sooner that dynasty/keeper is integrated and feeds work from MFL, etc it will be the perfect app (I did not downgrade this because you explicitly said dynasty/keeper were not incorporated yet.
  6. Brees a 2017 4th rounder and a 2018 second-rounder for Russell Wilson.
  7. I am hoping to land him at 1.9. But with our draft happening in mid august, I think I need to prepare to move up 2 to 3 spots if I really like him.
  8. I wish him luck, I really do. I just don't see him getting more for Allen.
  9. I own him and am shopping him for nearly anything I can get. 2 lost years is enough for me. If I were offered Shepard and a 2nd I would jump.
  10. Is there a way, or will there be a way to do a MFL import of rosters for keeper/dynasty leagues? That would be a nice bonus. Otherwise I love this app!
  11. Team A Gave: Dez Bryant Demarco Murray Jordan Matthews Team B Gave: DeAndre Hopkins Doug Martin Davante Adams
  12. Team A Gives: Jamaal Charles Team B Gives Dion Lewis 2017 1st (I would guess Top 5 right now, team is weak)