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  1. Our draft last night went as it should. CEH, then Taylor. I happily "settled" for Dobbins at 3.
  2. Me too, unless Jeudy is also there. Then it becomes a tough choice for me.
  3. I agree here. I draft 1.3 this weekend. If I have the choice, I take Taylor. If CEH and Taylor are gone, I gladly take Dobbins.
  4. Very similar to what I just did. I just traded what will likely a very late 2022 2nd for Mostert.
  5. I agree with this post. I am drafting at 1.7 and 1.8 in our rookie/FA draft and if the "Big 5" RB are gone I will take Moss at 1.8 just so I get him (caveat, I have no 2nd round picks).
  6. 10 team No PPR. Team A Trades: Nuk Hopkins Team B Trades: 2020 1.1 rookie pick
  7. Just curious though..... In a day in age where most teams only carry 4 RB, will Washington keep 6 (assuming Love is the #6 RB)?
  8. Team A Traded: Russell Wilson/3.3 for Team B Traded: David Johnson/2.3 I am Team B getting Wilson. 6 pts for all TDs 1 pt 25 yds pass 1 per 10 yards rush/rec. I was good at RB and best QB is Danny Dimes.
  9. He was drafted ahead of Lamb? Interesting. If I have the choice between Lamb and Jefferson when I pick at 1.7 in mine I will scoop Lamb as well.
  10. Did not read the entire thread but in comparing Jeudy with Lamb and their short and long term situations.... Sutton's contract ends after 2021. Could he potentially walk? Amari Cooper just agreed to a long term deal, but has a potential out after 2021 as well. Does this affect where you would rank or take one over the other? I have been a huge fan of Jeudy since he committed to Alabama, and nothing has changed that. I am a huge fan of Lamb as well and think it is real close between the two.
  11. If you are curious to see what empty stadium games look like, go to youtube and pull up video of any Chicago White Sox game the last 10 years......
  12. I was a Henderson owner last year in a 10 team, 10 player keeper. Had to reluctantly drop him for a healthy RB in our playoffs last year. I am hoping to grab him back with the 1.6 or 1.7 that I own or that him going before that will cause another top tier rookie to fall to me. I was always higher than most on Brown though as he was a blue chipper coming out of HS. The talent is there with both, so could be a strong time share.
  13. Made it by 4 points. This week will be real tough though. Good luck all!
  14. 6.6 points above the cut with Breida, Lockett and Deebo to go. Hoping to keep going. Longest I have ever made it.
  15. I picked him up and promptly put him on my trade bait. Crickets so far. Not enough news on Gurley yet it seems.
  16. I am a DJ owner that got beat to Edmonds but was able to land Brown. Might reach out to the Edmonds owner as I like that matchup also.
  17. I sat him for Ridley. Ended up close to the same in my non-PPR.
  18. Team A Traded: Leonard Fournette, Stefon Diggs Team B Traded: Sony Michel, Calvin Ridley, 2020 1st rounder (not sure where)
  19. I dropped Antonio Brown for him in a 10 team 10 player keeper. Ready to see what he can do.
  20. I am trying to drop Mariota for him. I am rooting for him.
  21. Not crazy at all. I put in a waiver claim to drop Mariota for him.