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  1. LittlePhatty

    Kiko Alonso out week 16

    Yes, knew that already. He was tagged as questionable all week. But then Sunday morning the questionable tag was removed and articles said he would play: For example He was active, but didn't play. Like others, I had someone on the bench waiting to substitute but I didn't.
  2. LittlePhatty

    Kiko Alonso out week 16

    Well that sucks. I checked the NFL Inactives page 10 minutes before the game and his name wasn't on there. He's still not on there. Was there any notification anywhere that he wouldn't play?
  3. Not sure, but I would guess HIS mean is above THE mean.
  4. LittlePhatty

    Heresy talk. Dropping Tom Brady?

    Gronk is back. Flash Gordon is...flashing. Brady's arrow is pointing up. But I totally understand. If I knew the Brady owner in my league was on this forum and needed some nudging to drop him, because I needed a QB and I have #1 waiver priority, then yeah, I might post something similar.
  5. Flash back to just a few years ago: The Rams were a 4-12 team, and Kansas City had recently ended a 659 day streak without a WR catching a TD pass.
  6. LittlePhatty

    Le'Veon Bell

    There's truly only one "guarantee" in this whole scenario: a pulled hamstring Week 1 of 2019.
  7. LittlePhatty

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    WIth Kupp headed to IR, that's probably the end for me in this contest, even if I squeak by this week.
  8. LittlePhatty

    Chiefs vs. Rams - Battle of Missouri - Week 11

    If that's the number of touchdowns, you might be close.
  9. Hello DJ, welcome back to Page 1.
  10. LittlePhatty

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    I'm saying this: for Gordon or any other player, predicting they will be mediocre or average, and then bragging about it - that is just completely useless. There's zero risk in that call. Instead, have some guts and offer up some alternative players currently in the WR3 range who you think will score significantly more that JG the rest of the season.
  11. LittlePhatty

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    Predicting mediocrity is a chump move because you'll be correct more often than not. Calling a simple coin flip would warrant more bragging rights.
  12. LittlePhatty

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    So the question of the day is, who is starting him this week against Buffalo? Tough matchup according to the stats (Bills are ranked 3rd toughest against the pass so far). At the moment I have him in over Doug Baldwin.
  13. LittlePhatty

    Mmmmm, this crow tastes delicious.

    Same here. And it cuts twice as deep since I'm a Titan's fan. They are hard to watch this year.
  14. LittlePhatty

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    This is not a question mark with Gordon. He has the skills to hang with the best defenses when they come around. The big concerns have been, and still are: Will he learn enough of the playbook quickly to increase his usage? And will he not screw up his (probably) last shot at the NFL?
  15. LittlePhatty

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Still going strong, but just like every previous year it seems I love my WRs and hate my RBs. Kenyan Drake and Derrick Henry as my top runners will eventually knock me out.