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  1. interested send info when available at a0055111@yahoo.com
  2. Thanks, I have burned a few times.
  3. Done
  4. I also submit in the Walsh Dynasty League I have not been affected by any trade or free agent acquisition. There are always issues with what one considers a fair trade. I thought the Jones trade was questionable. I made a trade for Jones in another league that might have been considered questionable. I felt I needed to make it as I want to win in 2016. Count your blessings that you are a secure person and do not have to resort to bad language and attacks on others when they disagree or question you. I wish more owners were that way.
  5. Rio, let's be up front. I am in a startup league which you commish. Already from some of the owners in the league there have been disrespect and language issues. Not from you but others. It cannot be controlled when you cannot handpick the owners.
  6. I agree with the language issue but sad to say I find this true in every league I am in. I also find it true on podcasts done on respected websites. It would be great if there were respect and clean language in Fantasy Fooball.
  7. There were some disagreements as the commish, son and cousin are all in the same league. The evidence is only circumstantial. I am not passing guilt or innocence on this issue. I am not a relative, have been in the league for nine years(took over a team)', have been in playoffs (I believe every year ) and have won it a few times. You be the judge as the five open team are in a good position. Different owners left for different reasons not just the one suggested here. Of course I am viewing this from my viewpoint. I respect the viewpoints of others. Good luck to all.
  8. See $105 startup this forum, great owners
  9. See $105 startup this forum, great owners
  10. Going to be a competitive and active league. I play with two of the owners who are top notch and love to trade.
  11. Solar Dynasty is the name of this league on MFL
  12. I am in. In the Bill Walsh League as the Breakers
  13. I will take the Vikings if they are open as Open2 appears to be back.

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      Sorry teams are filled,