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  1. I would love to see 225+ carries and 75+ catches, but I think the more realistic carries will be 150+ and if I was the coach, that is where I would want it, definitely under 200. Bush will probably get close to 300 over all touches as it is because he will probably be returning some punts as well. I think he will have an awesome year, I think you just need to look at Kevin Smith when he was starting and his numbers and Bush is better than him at everything and it's not close. Bush has potential in my opinion to be top 5 in ppr leagues.On the conservative side I will say: 175/850/8 75/800/5
  2. I doubt it will happen, but I would love to see Dom Capers fired. His game plans suck, as I have stated many times, he is living off past success and it is really time to move on.I personally would like to see us go back to a 43 defense, Raji and Pickett are a great start to the interior of a DL and there are some good UFA that will be available. Bishop in the middle and Matthews/Perry/Walden/Smith outside, Walden and Perry can also play DE. I know, just a dream, but I honestly think the 43 will be coming back in fashion or maybe some new hybrid to help stop the running QB's. When O-lineman are blocking OLB, your OLB will not be making plays, I saw Clay get pancaked twice at least and he is one of the best OLB in the NFL. I like the 43 to take up blockers, rush the passer and then allow your LB'ers to make plays. I also agree our secondary seems pretty solid and hopefully our rookies improve next year and that area should not be a concern.Anyone who read the other GB threads, knows I think Jennings should be kept, have said all along he is the best WR on the team, but it does not seem like that will happen. Jordy and Jones are good and Cobb is very good, which really is not a bad start to our receiving corp. I think Harris is a solid fit for our offense, if Benson comes back, that may not be a bad 1/2 punch, Reggie Bush would look pretty good in GB also in mho or maybe Mike Goodson who is a poor mans Bush I think. Obviously we will go on and not sign many, if any FA's, which is just how we roll. I still think we are a very good team, obviously we have some holes that need to be addressed, O-line per usual and maybe after another 50 sack season for Rodgers TT will sign a O-lineman at least. All we can do as fans is sit back and hope for the best.
  3. Mora's statement goes both ways. You claim no coach would keep his best chance to win on the bench. But the game is full of egomaniacs. You have to be an egomaniac to be a HC in the NFL. And egomaniacs tend to think whatever they do is right--no matter if it's right or not. You have no idea if Tebow has earned his shot or not.I absolutely do, 1 simple question to you, is Tebow a starting QB in the NFL? No, is the only response acceptable since he did not start a single game this year. He clearly has not EARNED a shot, at least for the Jets he didn't, which should tell you just how crazy bad he is, he couldn't beat out Sanchez in practice, to me that speaks volume about how bad he is.
  4. I think you needed one more choice, who cares?Nobody on these boards, including Tebow supporters are in every practice, or meeting or anything else that involves Tebow. There is a reason he is not being given a shot, it's because he sucks as an NFL QB. Do you really honestly think ANY coach in the NFL (Since Al Davis is no longer involved) would keep his best chance to win on the bench? If you do, I gotta say, you are a fool. The NFL above all else is a business, and I do not care how much a coach likes a player, if another player can do that job better, and most times this is proven in practice, which we are not privy to, that player will get his chance if he has EARNED it. The argument that coaches let the media sway what they do is just silly, Jim E Mora said it best,"You don't know. You just don't know. You may think you know, but you don't know. And you never will". Which is probably the case with 99.9% of fans as well.
  5. You are welcome.
  6. Hawk played 63% (53 plays) of the defensive snaps vs Det. Edited to add: Login - media Pass - media Click on PDF, Snaps/percentages are at the bottom. Someone posted this in the shark pool, but I don't recall their name to give them props.
  7. Some dude in one of my leagues posted a "That's tragic" on our message boards then rushed to pick up Belcher's replacement on the WW. Bad, bad, karma.Why? That move was karma mentioned in the last line of that cbs blurb, and based on a crappy match up, I'm pretty sure this will turn out to be karma negative.or maybe a karma Chameleon in wait? oh no i didn't go all culture club up in here.
  8. Poor thing. What an ugly situation.if family takes that kid in, what age do you think they break the news?Hopefully they will have the help of professionals that are trained to handle such situations. Whenever they do, there is never a good time to hear that daddy shot mommy and then killed himself. Given the child's age, do you even bother? Just wondering. Tough situation there.probably better his family tells him considering it's all over the would you like to google that news up when you're 9?Not trying to read into another persons thoughts, but I think they mean don't mention it at all. If it is only an infant and another couple take over raising the child, raise it as their own. That may seem wrong, but I am sure it happens all the time.
  9. I also missed on Lloyd. They need to have the drinking and crying emoticon, because that's what Lloyd and Hillman have me doing.
  10. Noticed your from P-Town, I am from VB myself. Nice to see another Virginian on the boards. :)

  11. Good point.
  12. Hi, just wanted to say great Clint clips. I been meaning to watch them and finally took the time to do so today. He's one of my all time favs and really loved those spaghetti westerns. Thank you for sharing :)

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed Mutant League Football. That and the Road Rash series (particularly 1 and 2) were my all-time favorite gamesSame here on all accounts....... don't play video games anymore but if mutant league football was reprised I'd buy it and whatever system tomorrowSorry to be a dope, but was it Cadet who had a 45 yard run called back ?I did see Ivory have a long run called back on a penalty.Yes that was Cadet. Too bad on that fumble, and I think he went outside when Brees thought he was going inside and Brees couldn't get rid of the ball and was sacked. But I think that is a read route and obviously having not played much with the starters, he read it poorly.
  14. I am surprised they just didnt grab Plax, he is easily better than these 2, maybe they wanted to look like they are trying without spending money. Also agree that a wr won't help that terrible o-line. Alexander may be the more talented of the 2 they added, but clearly he just can't stay healthy, I wouldn't be surprised if Seyi doesn't turn out to be the better 3rd/4th option over Alexander, just because he can stay on the field.
  15. 6min longer than the average replacement ref game. Will the media give them shi!t?The best was the review of the Cribb's fumble. After waiting for him to leave the field and a tv timeout they decide to review the play. Not really sure why it was reviewable as that wasn't explained. Per the rule mentioned on TV that shouldn't have been a turnover even though it looked like a fumble.It definitely was a fumble and every turnover is reviewed automatically by the booth. Just because he got the crap and the ball knocked out of him, that didn't change the fact that it was clearly a fumble and was clearly recovered by the Ravens.Do you say this because his helmet came off? Yeah...per Mayock. Of course he screws up more than the fake and real refs combined. Supposedly the helmet coming off ends the play. Who knows what the definition of "off" is. Antoher stupid NFL rule. That is a good point because it was pretty bang bang, helmet off to fumble. I would have to see the replay again to really be able to say how the events took place, but according to the rule book here: it is pretty cut and dry, the play ends when the helmet comes completely off the player with the balls head. WTH does that even mean? Is that SFW?LOL, I typed that late, and when I re-read it this morning I was lmao at myself. I suppose I could have worded that a little better.