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  1. Need one WR: Diggs w/ Keenum @ QB or Dez against the ARZ defense. Thanks my man!
  2. The news on Bradford came about 12 hours too late - I have Sammy Watkins sitting on the bench! That being said, I need to decide between Diggs w/ Keenum or Dez against the Cards. It will probably come down to the wire for me like last week to make a decision (likely the wrong one ?)
  3. Seriosly, WTF? That's like 2,500 miles from Chicago. The least you could have done is sent some rattlesnake our way ?
  4. By the way, does anyone else think "48 Hours in Chicago" has the feel of an awesome movie? Maybe a bit like The Hangover mixed with a mob film. Oh, the possibilities.....
  5. Portilos I cannot wait for the new one to open in Mishawaka. Less than 10 minuets from my house - life is going to be be good!
  6. I wouldn't say the pizza is terrible - Chicago deep dish is freakin' gold. Having said that I do second DL's thought on the italian beef - go out of your way to get some. A lot of would be looking dives have some of the best around. Make sure to get it "wet" and thank us later.....
  7. Playing CJA over Miller this week. Holding Miller for now Maybe more willing to trade him to a RB needy team if the right offer was presented.
  8. Gotta give Monty / Sanders for OBJ - too much stud potential that can overcome good but not flashy RB's.
  9. I dropped Corey Davis for Snead to sit on him. Bonus: Davis was just dropped again and now I am debating whether to pick him back up (drop Zay Jones). Also considering Russell Wilson so not sure yet....
  10. I cut Forte after week 1 (for Baltimore DST)- he was a very late round flier as RB 5 so no big loss. I do not believe he has been picked up....
  11. PPR league, 18 total roster spots: WR Davis and QB Wilson both landed on our WW this morning, next chance to pick up will be early Friday morning. Davis would be bench depth (WR5 or 6) but could surpass Watson. Other WR's are Julio, Dez, Hopkins, Diggs, Watson, Snead, Zay Jones. I hope to use this strength to entice a trade for a better RB2. Wilson would be platooning at QB with Winston and Rivers. Who is the better pick up? Really only have Zay Jones as someone I would drop unless Willie Snead or Rivers.... TIA and will help with yours
  12. I don't know, maybe there is something to this 2 QB idea.... Didn't Fox see Glennon lay that monster block out of the wildcat formation last week to secure a TD? He may have created an all new position utilizing a QB who no one wants to see throw the damn ball...
  13. If it wasn't so asinine I would swear this was fake news. But considering it's Fox speaking, I can only just laugh and wonder what game he was watching. Unless he was referring to the coaching staff as a significant factor. Then maybe he is on to something... At least I have my Boilermakers (the collegiate kind, not the drink which I think I need after this game).
  14. Yeah, these are the two I am tossing around. CJA is an outlier but worth considering to some degree....