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  1. Carson sprained a knee a few weeks back and it went from being a likely 2 week absence (us mere mortals would have had our feet up for weeks) to him not even missing a game. If the foot injury keeps him out, it must be borderline hanging off, the dude is nails.
  2. Seems to happen every single year. Stud RB goes down, backup gets great matchup, ranked top 10 everywhere, owners can barely wait to put him in the lineup, proceeds to do nothing. Game script or not, that was freakin pathetic. My opponent benched Ronald Jones for this chump.
  3. Regardless of the bad injury luck involved, one of the very worst first round picks ever in redraft. Half the season shot after a stupid accidental injury by his own teammate and now this. Useless.
  4. I'm trying to figure out Hines vs Brown in standard also given I have first waiver pick after a terrible week 1. Tough, Brown's numbers are hard to ignore but does it continue? Hines appears to have a very solid pass catching role but rushing numbers may not be there. As a Connor owner who neglected to draft Snell, he's a consideration too.
  5. Chris Carson might end up with 32...carries and 32 receiving td's
  6. Same but I hope he gets more than 2 rushes at the half most weeks 😲
  7. Non-ppr, AJ Brown or Tyler Boyd? Also, cut Coleman to pick up Mckinnon or hold for now? Thanks and welcome back!
  8. Hi Sig, biggest week of the season, need 4 from the following: Chubb - I know he's a stud but awful matchup, is he fully trustworthy over the other options? Adams - again, stud, but matchup looks tough to say the least R.Mostert (enough volume?) B.Perriman (tricky as he plays Saturday, high ceiling, bust potential) M.Boone (obviously only if Cook and Mattison looks to be out) Chark (if fit) QB - Cousins or Trubisky (yikes on both), could pick up Minshew or Fitz (gulp!) TE - Kittle or Andrews (prefer Kittle generally but Andrews matchup seems better) Thanks and good luck to you!
  9. Hi Sig standard scoring flex, need 4 from the following Chubb (stud but losing goallines) Mostert (playing great, good matchup?) Montgomery Adams (if he even plays) Landry Slayton (producing and best matchup of the lot) At QB Cousins or Lock? or could pick up Minshew or Trubisky?
  10. Hey Sig, hope you're well. Mish-mash of confounding flex options this week. Standard scoring, starting Chubb and Adams, need two from the following: Chark (falling off and tough matchup) J.White (came alive last week, purely due to game script?) D.Guice (good on limited touches) Landry (producing every week) Penny (no idea on this guy) Also Andrews or Kittle? I seem to pick the wrong one each week Thanks!
  11. Standard scoring, one flex quandary this week, need 1 from the following: Landry (going great but down to earth time?), Darryl Williams (usage unknown), Will Fuller (bad matchup) Thanks!
  12. Standard scoring, some flex quandaries this week. Starting Chubb and Chark, need two more from this list D.Adams - I know, stud and all but still dinged, horrible match-up, benchable? Montgomery - horrible offense and poor usage but match-up decent? James White - safe floor? Guice - great match-up but will he get enough work? Landry - doing well and match-up couldn't be better Also at TE, stay with Andrews or risk Kittle?
  13. Hi Sig, hope you're well Cousins or Rivers? Non-ppr flex, please pick one: James White, David Montgomery, Michael Gallup, Damien Williams Thanks