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  1. Missed calls will grab the headlines I guess. But that Ram oline was unbelievable most of the game. The amount of protection they gave Goff was something else.
  2. Never would have thought back in September, that if I made my SB, my starting lineup would contain only 2 players I actually drafted. I suppose this probably happens a lot but still seems weird to me. Mayfield, Chubb, Dam.Williams, Kittle, Fairbairn (plus Conner), all FA or waiver pickups. Only T.Hill and M.Thomas drafted, DJ on my bench also. I definitely learned this year to ignore "names". Got very lucky in the playoffs, avoiding the 1 seed in week 15 and facing the team with Rivers, Gurley, Adams and Kelce in the SB, all 4 players were dominant all year and only one showed up this week.
  3. Part of my winning team, averaged 20 in standard over the two games, lucky to pick him up after losing Ware. Miles better than DJ, my first rounder.
  4. This is why I wouldn't bench him for most of the names in this thread. I can vividly recall going against him in my superbowl 3-4 years ago, Chargers were playing Niners. He had done virtually nothing going into the 4th and ended up with over 30 points. Apart from Mahomes and one or two others, i'd start him. I have him on quite a few of my teams, I think I benched him for Luck in one but that's about it and i'm still debating that one.
  5. Same decision, DW or DJ to go with Chubb. Never thought back in September i'd be considering benching my first rounder for a third string KC RB.
  6. For the big one, standard scoring: Winston or Mayfield (lean Mayfield) Need 2 from the following to go with Hill and Thomas: DJ, Chubb, Conner (if he plays), Ware (if he starts) or Damien Williams (if Ware doesn't start). Would you start any of these over Hill or Thomas? I only ask as Thomas has been bad lately. DEF - Colts or Broncos?
  7. Start QB/RB/WR/2 Flex/TE/K/DEF - Standard scoring QB - a complete Carousel of Wentz or whomever is starting for TB but using Mayfield for week 17 RB - DJ, Conner, Chubb, Ware/Dam.Williams WR - T Hill, M Thomas TE - Kittle K - Fairbairn DEF - Broncos
  8. Another absolute dud. They don't lean on this guy like, say, Adams in GB, NO just have too many ways to win. MT hasn't had a double digit week in standard since week 11. Not good, can't bench him but hardly inspires confidence for FF bowl week.
  9. I was starting Chubb all week but now i'm wavering a bit. I can still plug DJ in tomorrow if the news is not positive on Conner.
  10. Wrestling with Chubb vs DJ, think Chubb has a higher floor.
  11. I am starting Hill tonight as well. I think it's a bit unlikely both are standout performers and there's a decent chance both suck for varying reasons, injury, usage etc.
  12. Never ever thought back in September, i'd be considering benching my first round pick for the third string KC RB come play-off time. Such is FF.
  13. This is the problem when attempting to evaluate a player like Williams versus an under-performing player who is likely to receive the bulk of the touches (DJ in my case). You use him, it's a 3-way mess, you bench him, he gets 20 carries and 7 catches.
  14. Have to consider him over DJ and Conner for varying reasons, apart from anything else, neither may play. Wish this was a Sunday game, incredibly annoying.