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  1. Hi Sig, hope you're well Cousins or Rivers? Non-ppr flex, please pick one: James White, David Montgomery, Michael Gallup, Damien Williams Thanks
  2. It was him or Tyler Boyd and I went with Boyd, oh well, they both sucked and it made no difference to my week at all.
  3. Standard scoring, horrible mish-mash of WR flex options, need 3: Chark, Tyler Boyd, Gallup, Lazard Kittle or Andrews? Cousins or Rivers? Thanks!
  4. Mayfield is just a dumb pudding, this offense should run through Chubb. They need the BYE week to figure this out apparently.
  5. In redraft, outside of McCaffrey and Barkley (when healthy obviously), i'd only put him behind Cook and that's a coin-flip currently.
  6. Mayfield hurt? Saw something that he went to the locker room
  7. Pretty good return on all of two touches. What a mess at that position.
  8. Man, the play-calling of the Browns is horrible. Up a ton, run chubb for flips sake. Nah, let Stay-Puft throw picks instead. So stupid.
  9. Holding but benched until he shows something, his stats have been awful when he's played.
  10. Feeling a letdown game coming, a lot are touting Westbrook as the better start today due to Lattimore. Come on DJ, prove them wrong!
  11. Hey Sig, real quick non-ppr Andrews or Kittle (both gimpy)?? Also, with Hill back, does Damien Williams become more trustworthy with a more open offense to the point he'd be startable? Thanks
  12. Got to decide between gimpy Kittle or gimpy Andrews