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  1. wally82


    Not in a great spot for a keeper but in addition to Ertz for a 7th do I keep Ingram for a 4th or DJ Moore for a 6? I could also keep Guice for an 8. .5 per, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, Flex 6pt TD
  2. Yes but Leonard Fournette does not 😂
  3. Over Ingram or Lamar Miller? Not a fan of Thursday games...
  4. I agree, as a Fournette owner he is whom I would trade, that said I also agree I’d let the other owner decide if that is what it takes to get the deal done.
  5. wally82

    MNF help

    Thanks everyone! I am going to go Miller and hope for an average game from Hopkins.
  6. wally82

    MNF help

    Good Morning...I need some help, I am up going into MNF against Hopkins in a .5 pot, 5 pt bonus for 100 yds rec/rush. I need to start Lamar Miller or Coutee tonight with a 13 point lead. This isn’t a playoff game but it is probably an elimination game. Should I be conservative and start Miller per experts prediction or start Coutee as a high upside gamble. Thanks everyone!!!
  7. wally82

    Keep one

    Ertz or Alex Collins for a 7th rd draft pick. My other keeper is Mike Thomas for an 8th and I have the number 10 pick. start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex. thanks!
  8. 1st and Goal, 2 and Goal, 3rd and Goal and cant score. WTF...
  9. Does Bloom even look at these let alone answer them?
  10. Thoughts on Bernard v Vikes or Alf v Oakland with Mixon out?
  11. Bump I just dropped Dion Lewis for Zeke, and already have Alf Morris
  12. I already have clinched a playoff spot and I clinch a bye with a win this week so I am looking ahead to the playoff matchups before our trade deadline...who are you targeting? Discuss...