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  1. 1.05 or tyreek hill ,im not sure what to do with him,i have hill i was offered the 1.05
  2. you can sign me up for both of your start can take the money i won from your other leagues and deduct it when you get a chance.

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    2. Lemmy



    3. elitzer


      comcast has been blocking my emails from leaguesafe so when you get a chance resend the invites.sorry.

    4. elitzer


      i received the 007 invite but not the james bond one yet

  3. all i want for christmas is hamilton to be get 7 more points!!!
  4. come on hamilton....7 more can do it
  5. they do a big specal on lindsay before the game and dont play
  6. denver ####ting the bad....just like past 2 weeks from all the other players
  7. thats a bit much..hope santas brings everyone what they want as long as it includes lindsay and hamilton to be worth 30! 1ppr so doable. good luck everyone tonight and happy holidays
  8. well vegas agrees with me seeing it is a 14 point spread
  9. i just think why risk it.arz is a cake walk.