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  1. Khatchup..dont feel bad bro..a guy in my league drafted Arod/Brees and immediatley posted that he wanted to trade a Qb..Id say he was a bit upset when he was told he couldnt trade
  2. hitting my head on wall....i am trying to deny the fact that it was a bad gonna go look at what i passed up right now again update: i looked at what i passed up by taking brady and stafford on my back to it is, i dont like majority of them at all: nicks, ivory, stevie j, desean jackson, steve smith, kembrell, ronnie hillman, cook, rudolph, golden tate, chris givens, julius thomas, miles austin, brandon meyers, martellus bennet, owen daniels, ben tate, ty hilton.... let me know what you think Nicks,Djax,Ty,Tate,Givens,Rudolph,BEN TATE..any of these guys would be better than two QBs
  3. Overall I like this team with one glaring hole..rb3.I do like woodhead but feel you could have been deeper here by not taking 2 qbs so much better would your team have looked to you had you chosen someone like Drich,Bell or Deangelo where you took Brady? Considering you have 2 starting Qbs I think your team looks good.Helu and Micheal could be HUGE for you but you'll need an injury to Lynch or Morris for that to happen. Shorts and Roberts represent great value where you most likely got them. Not real sure about the Celek pick. Good luck bro!
  4. Id love to get some objective opinions on this team..drafted 2 weeks ago from 11: Stafford,Tanny Trich,Lynch,Ridley,Pierce,PT,Joique Bell,Christine Micheal Nicks,Britt,TY Hilton,Mike Floyd,Broyles,Patterson Gonzo,Housler Prater Giants Obviously I went rb heavy early and decided to risk taking some later WRs that Im pretty high on. Thanks in advance for any/all comments.