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  1. Ertz has been such bust even prior to his injury.
  2. Depends on who’s available in your league. We have a small bench in our 12 men league. Hell, Sterling Shepard is sitting right there.
  3. Same here. I have Melvin Gordon, Matt Brieda, and Sony.😢
  4. Both of my cards are graded by Beckett. Hope they are not altered.
  5. Just bought a Jerry Rice Rookie card. Also bought a Tiger Woods Rookie card. I don’t understand how a 2001 Uppper Deck is considered Tiger’s Rookie card? ...both were graded, so I know they are legit.
  7. This series has made me fall in love with MJ all over again. I was a Jersey kid who had never been to Chicago and had no connection to the Tar Heels. I just wanted to “Be Like Mike”. I absolutely rooted for the Bulls because of Mike.