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  1. This guy is being slept on so hard in dynasty IMO. I know RB is in vogue right now but I can’t believe some of the RBs (and WRs for that matter) being drafted ahead of him in rookie drafts, given his profile and potential. Sure his situation isn’t great year one but it’s not THAT terrible...and after that it might be pretty sweet. I’d rather have him over anyone other than Barkley in this draft to be honest. Getting him late first is criminal.
  2. Chris Warren, Raiders. A bit concerning that it took a while after the draft to sign (which may indicate not much interest) but the guy has size and talent. Oakland’s depth chart isn’t too scary but he feels like a PS guy. As long as they don’t try to make him a fullback.
  3. I’m stunned that Adams and Lazard didn’t get drafted. When you look at some of the picks in the last two rounds....I just don’t get it.
  4. Yep the “drops” thing with Matthews is just something people repeat for some reason. It’s not really based on anything IMO
  5. I get that angle but Matthews is a smart guy and very professional in how he approaches the game. I don’t believe there would be any issues with fit. Certainly a cheap one year deal makes anyone’s roster spot a bit uncertain so I get that. Maybe I’m just a bit more optimistic about this than most - certainly it seems most of the fantasy community has written off Matthews already and it wouldn’t matter where he went or what he did.
  6. Why would he be cut? Rotoworld implied that too. Makes not much sense to me unless his injuries are truly chronic.
  7. I’m puzzled as to why everyone is going bananas over Mahomes (who I do like) but there’s still this caution with Trubisky. He was in the worst possible situation for a rookie last year, made some mistakes, but overall I think acquitted himself very well. He has a ton of talent and now has some weapons and a coaching staff who will give him a chance to thrive. The Goff comparison is obvious and well-work but it’s pretty apt. I’m expecting a huge leap from Trubisky this year and I don’t see why his standing in dynasty QB rankings shouldn’t be much higher this time next year. I think we’ll see plenty of fantasy analysts claim they loved Trubisky as a prospect all along after he blows up. I’d rather have him already than plenty of guys ranked ahead of him (e.g. Mariota, Winston, Carr). I just bring up Mahomes because to me their situations are pretty similar but all the hype is with Mahomes which should make Trubisky a great value. Trubisky has the advantage of having played a season already and IMO was a better prospect coming out. I think Trubisky is just one of those guys that people don’t like for whatever reason whereas Mahomes has this aura about him for some people.
  8. Yeah I think I acknowledged that in my post - that Moore had some real supporters pre-combine. But he’s basically gone to consensus #1 WR (admittedly in a relatively weak class) as a result of some great testing. I like Moore, I just don’t think he has the upside that Sutton does, especially early on in the NFL.
  9. Why is everyone assuming his career is basically over after this? Yes, this will stay with him for a while and if he badly hurt his leg there might be a problem. But from what I read before the draft last year, he seemed like a pretty upstanding, stable guy. What if this was a one off drug fuelled incident in the offseason (admittedly a pretty scary one) that got way out of hand? I’m not saying it’s not serious or there won’t be consequences but he’s really young and, if he isn’t dealing with severe mental or psychological issues and his team doesn’t give up on him, why shouldn’t he still have hope for a decent career? Maybe I’m being naive.
  10. Sutton feels really underrated to me right now and I hope it stays that way when rookie drafts start happening. To me he’s the only WR in this class with a legit shot at being a #1 WR on a team, and the type of elite talent that people go crazy about. Some of the players being taken ahead of him in rookie drafts just don’t have anywhere near his upside. DJ Moore is a nice prospect but the recency bias from the combine for him is silly to me. I know many liked him a lot before the combine but it seems like suddenly he’s the consensus #1 rookie WR in dynasty circles. Between that, and the focus on the RB prospects at the top of rookie drafts, I feel like Sutton is being forgotten about. If you can get him in drafts outside the top 5, that feels like a steal. The idea of guys like Jones, Penny, and even Michel and Ridley going ahead of him is kind of insane to me.
  11. 14 team PPR Team A gets: OBJ Team B gets: DJ, 2019 first (probably late) Team A was very weak at RB and is fairly deep at WR, with Tyreek and Diggs now as their top WRs. I think I’d still take the OBJ side but not sure.
  12. How do people value Robby Anderson right now? Based on production/talent/age he’s probably worth a late first but you have to consider the knucklehead factor....does that push him to say a mid-second type value (although I’m sure many wouldn’t be interested at a much lower price than that)? If you own him he’s probably a hold but I have a tough time deciding how to value him as an owner.
  13. I’m pretty weak at LB in my main league and he’s sitting on my wire too so I’d be interested to know what others think. Not sure about scheme fit but from what I can gather on fan forums, the expectation seems to be that he will start barring injury and with a cloud over Foster you’d have to think he might have decent opportunity at least this year. My fear is he’s a bit of a JAG and the Raiders didn’t seem to care about letting him go so his leash might not be long. But sometimes in IDP it’s just opportunity, not how good you actually are. I think he could be a sneaky depth pickup for a year at least (due to being out of sight, out of mind) and I’d say he has more upside than Davis or Gedeon (unless we get some indication that Gedeon might start).
  14. What’s McKinnon worth then? I can’t imagine anyone who owns him would sell for a 2nd at this point.
  15. Was just offered Sanu for my 1.07.....definitely the worst I’ve had in quite a while. I’m also loaded at WR already.