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  1. No risk involved when you're only giving up West and you have RB depth.
  2. Yeah sorry, I didn't mean you personally - your post just triggered that thought!
  3. Wow....this trade illustrates the problem with buy low/sell high discussion generally - it tends to assume that you play in a league of idiots who only look at box scores, don't pay any real attention to what is going on and exist just to facilitate helping your team get better. This type of thing works in those leagues I guess.
  4. What does he do specifically that you would call elite?
  5. I don't understand this sentiment that Trubisky should be brought along slowly until he's "ready". Ready for what? The guy was drafted to be a franchise QB and has a lot of talent. If you're waiting for his situation to be better then you might be waiting a while. He's your guy - put him out there and let him work through it. He doesn't need protecting from anything - this is his job. He may even surprise with how ready he is. Did anyone think Dak was "ready" last year? When you have natural QB instincts, it doesn't really matter. Watson isn't ready, Kizer isn't either. That doesn't mean you can't start football games if the other QBs on the roster aren't any good. Rolling Glennon out there is pointless and I don't know what it achieves.
  6. In a deeper league I'd take a look at Zach Zenner. Dwayne Washington got hurt last night, not sure if it will keep him out or not, but if it does, Zenner would move into the #3 role and would be in a position to get early down work if AA is inefective or injured. I thought Zenner did pretty well at the end of last season and they trusted him with big workloads. I'll also repeat my Markus Wheaton suggestion from last week. Maybe waiving Gentry is an indication he will actually play this week.
  7. I'm pretty confident that when Trubisky gets in, he will elevate the offense. Now, there's a ceiling on how much he can do that with the personnel he has at WR, but I think the whole tone of the season would change with him at QB. There would be optimism, rather than just resignation and pointlessness with Glennon.
  8. I need Eli to be the worst version of Eli he can be.....and even then it might not be enough.
  9. I think at this point there's a legitimate question to be asked about whether he has "elite talent". Everyone assumes it to be so, no doubt in part because of college hype and his draft position in 2014. He's certainly a very good receiver but I don't know what he has shown that makes people put him in the OBJ/AB/Julio etc category (this is often stated to justify his high dynasty ranking). He's had a few big games with Tyrod throwing him the deep ball, but he doesn't have any amazing physical traits. He's benefited from the "if he could only stay healthy" excuse for a while so it will be interesting to see whether he can put together a full season on the field. If his output isn't great, there will be some who say that it's Goff's fault or he never was integrated into the offense enough. I have no doubt he will have some big games here and there, but it's quite possible that he's closer to a high end WR2 than a true focal point WR1 in the NFL.
  10. Are you from the future?
  11. I hear you and it's easy to say but what are people giving at this point? In my leagues he's simply not valued as high as his "market value" seems to be in articles, podcasts etc. It's league dependent of course but I think it's very hard to get 2 firsts value for him.
  12. Over Tevin Coleman. Probably not that amazing really.
  13. 14 team, ppr: Gave: Sammy Watkins Got: Jordan Matthews, 2018 1st (likely mid-late) I know I'll probably get killed for this one and I know most wouldn't have done this, but I'm pretty down on Sammy and had been trying to deal him for a while, with no one willing to pay for the upside. I'm strong at WR, think Sammy is a bit overhyped and doesn't have the top 5-10 dynasty upside that I keep hearing about, and really just wanted another liquid asset in the first rounder that I can package later to fix another area of my team. Who knows? It may even be higher than I'm projecting now. I also like Matthews still as a talent and think the dynasty community is too down on him - I think he has a chance to produce in Buffalo as the #1 target (or 1b with Zay).