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  1. Pretty crushing finish to the season. Started out 0-5, got back to 6-6, then lost this week in a fairly close matchup, needed Dez to score 20. Landry killed me, as did losing Eifert and starting Stafford over Tyrod. Was fourth highest scorer, just a frustrating season.
  2. Stuck to my guns and benched Dez, even though most analysts seemed to be saying it's more risky than usual but you have to start him. No you don't as it turns out. That decision made me feel smart. Also had Stafford in the early game so great day overall!
  3. In the upgrades/downgrades article, Bloom still can't bring himself to give this guy any credit. Apparently his upgrade isn't really to do with his actual play, but the great game scripts that KC is giving him.
  4. Ryan is better long term pickup, Palmer isn't very good and they don't many options. Anderson may lose the job when Mcclellan is back and that may be this week.Would they really go back to McClellan?
  5. Price check on this guy in redraft or dynasty? He's had a couple of tough matchups lately but seems more boom/bust than some other players in his approximate value range, e.g. A-Rob, Landry, J. Brown and not someone you can rely on as more than a WR3 with upside at this point. Is this a good time to buy, especially in dynasty/keeper formats?
  6. Surely....unless they go with the "McFadden has been given workhorse usage for 2 games so he's closer than ever to breaking down" angle. Can't see a reason to hold him any longer and I'm one of the suckers who held for a few weeks, dropped, then picked back up when Randle was cut. I don't even think there's much upside anymore, even if McFadden got hurt and C-Mike got on the field. At this stage, there probably isn't much reason to think he's good at football, let alone that he could be some fantasy saviour.
  7. Congrats to those who managed to snag him (I missed out unfortunately) - looks like you've got a real advantage at DB for the rest of year. Watching the game today, he was absolutely everywhere.
  8. He's killing me. 32 total team tackles so far and he doesn't even have an assist??
  9. I think I'll just roll with Barth the rest of the way unless he starts missing a few.
  10. Where's Karlos Williams in your mind? Lots of potential, but this concussion is very concerning. I read today that it is getting worse not better. Is his career already in jeopardy? I hope not, but it will be almost a month very soon. I can see the team putting him on IR fairly soon if he isn't showing progress. Cite? TwitterZach Jezioro ‏@ZachJezioro_9 Oct 29 Now Karlos Williams concussion is now worse than normal according to @BillsFanaticsBF. Not good. #Bills This doesn't seem to be actually news or reporting, just speculation on a Twitter account, based on the fact that he's already been out of action as long as he has.
  11. Me too.....just when I thought I was out.....the Randle stuff pulled me back in. Actually, I dropped him in my 16 team keeper league and nobody put in a claim for him. I figure that says it all really. At this point it's more likely he's just not good, than a guy who will do anything meaningful for the Cowboys or your fantasy team.
  12. Don't think I can bring myself to start him of C. West or Moncrief. Especially if he's on a pitch count - I hate those two words.
  13. It's actually getting pretty tiresome to hear FBG dump on this guy at every opportunity. Cecil is ranting about David Cobb like he's the second coming of AP and clinging onto the C-Mike dream, while at the same time going out of his way to make excuses for why West had a good game last week. To hear Cecil tell it, he only took advantage of the worst defensive performance in the history of the universe by the Steelers. But he's still not good at all and we shouldn't give him the time of day, as if he's no better than Jackie Battle. Bloom has been dismissive of him on three consecutive waiver wire shows, reluctantly acknowledging that he might be a flex play going forward. Here we have a legitimate three down back with no competition for touches in an offense that features the running back. Sure, it's not a good offense and West's talent might not be elite, but with RBs being what they are this year, West has significant value to a lot of teams. On volume/opportunity alone, I don't see why he's not an every week RB2 going forward, with upside for more in good matchups/game scripts.
  14. Bloom and Lammey couldn't have sounded less impressed on the recap show. I really don't get it. Here's a guy who is a legitimate three down back with no real competition for carries on an offense that runs through the RB, and everyone is underwhelmed? I get that the KC offense isn't inspiring, but the guy was good in preseason, has some talent, and has as much opportunity as he can handle. I don't see why he's not an RB2+ the rest of the way in PPR. That may not be "season changing", but it's pretty valuable for a lot of teams.
  15. So where are we ranking this guy in dynasty/keeper leagues? Feels like he's in the same general range as Moncrief, John Brown, Allen Robinson and Landry.