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  1. Just a sad dynasty owner checking in....honestly thought he might break into the Zeke tier this season. Probably no point selling now either.
  2. Weird to me how much positive buzz he’s getting. I thought he didn’t look good at all when he came in for Rudolph last week (understandably). Not convinced he’ll be competent enough for anyone in the offense to produce for fantasy.
  3. Hard to start a guy who may not finish the game. Gotta wonder why he’s even playing it that’s the case. My only other option is Fant, which isn’t much of an option. Still....don’t think I can start him.
  4. I'd be interested to see these accounts (if recent) because in preseason there was a lot of talk about his struggles to pick up the blocking scheme and he really struggled as a runner in preseason. Agree on the receiving upside - it may not take many snaps for him to make a fantasy impact.
  5. Sutton by a mile. Take it and run. Over the long-term (and this is a keeper league) a high end WR should always be valued more highly than a LB.
  6. This is a guy to 'buy high'. Not sure why his value hasn't caught up yet to his production (compare and contrast with Godwin).
  7. Hard to see the Rams relying at all on Henderson even if Gurley is out, given how little they've trusted him to date. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. I know WRs can take a while to get going in the NFL, but I personally (as an owner) find it a bit alarming that (as a second round pick) he's playing behind scrubs and practice scrub types when the Arizona offense absolutely needs playmakers right now. He must look terrible in practice or be making mistakes constantly because there's no reason for a guy with his talent and profile o be so birued on a depth chart...on a team that utilises more WRs than any other team.
  9. Worth dropping Doyle but I wouldn't count on any kind of consistency from Everett.
  10. Has some Kittle type potential (though that's a very high bar). Pretty similar prospects coming out. Probably as good of a cheap dynasty TE stash as there is.
  11. Nup. Negative points and I lost by about 3 points. Brutal
  12. Pretty big admission of failure considering he was a second rounder just a couple of years ago.
  13. Commiserations to everyone (including me) who needs just a decent game from Baker to win their matchup.