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  1. 14 team PPR Team A gets: OBJ Team B gets: DJ, 2019 first (probably late) Team A was very weak at RB and is fairly deep at WR, with Tyreek and Diggs now as their top WRs. I think I’d still take the OBJ side but not sure.
  2. How do people value Robby Anderson right now? Based on production/talent/age he’s probably worth a late first but you have to consider the knucklehead factor....does that push him to say a mid-second type value (although I’m sure many wouldn’t be interested at a much lower price than that)? If you own him he’s probably a hold but I have a tough time deciding how to value him as an owner.
  3. I’m pretty weak at LB in my main league and he’s sitting on my wire too so I’d be interested to know what others think. Not sure about scheme fit but from what I can gather on fan forums, the expectation seems to be that he will start barring injury and with a cloud over Foster you’d have to think he might have decent opportunity at least this year. My fear is he’s a bit of a JAG and the Raiders didn’t seem to care about letting him go so his leash might not be long. But sometimes in IDP it’s just opportunity, not how good you actually are. I think he could be a sneaky depth pickup for a year at least (due to being out of sight, out of mind) and I’d say he has more upside than Davis or Gedeon (unless we get some indication that Gedeon might start).
  4. What’s McKinnon worth then? I can’t imagine anyone who owns him would sell for a 2nd at this point.
  5. Was just offered Sanu for my 1.07.....definitely the worst I’ve had in quite a while. I’m also loaded at WR already.
  6. John Simon caught my eye too.
  7. Pretty good showing for Ballage. I wonder if his buzz will increase a bit. Freeman too.
  8. The Bears need more than one WR. Landry would be a massive upgrade over what they have (although I'm hoping for a strong Meredith comeback) and he fills a need. I don't think it would be like the Glennon signing at all.
  9. Not only is it not horrible, I'd take the non-Zeke side pretty easily (although I'd drop Joe Williams right away after accepting). I might be in the minority - I'm not high on either Agholor or Ebron and I'm a big fan of Cohen and Diggs, but I would have thought the value was on the Diggs side.
  10. He's #1 for me - I think he's going to be a great value in rookie drafts.
  11. I don't get the hate for Perine. I understand that he didn't set the world on fire as a rookie, but it's overstated how "bad" he was. Everyone seems to talk about him like he doesn't even belong in the NFL. He had a couple of good games in a situation where you could tell that the Redskins never really committed to him or put trust in him. I think the perception of him is pretty unfair - yes, he's somewhat limited and maybe not the all around great back that you're ideally looking for, but I don't think he's any worse than a number of backs in the NFL who are viewed as decent starters.
  12. I can't see why a team would be interested in him as a starter - at most, I imagine he'll be brought in to compete for a job. A few of the teams that are QB needy have high picks and may as well just go with a rookie. Then you have guys like Cousins, Keenum, Bradford, Teddy, Tyrod....maybe even Foles. I don't think McCarron would be preferred over any of those guys. It's just hard to see any real market for him.
  13. Amazing how the NFL works isn’t it? Fired from the Chargers OC position in 2016. Wentz and Foles light it up and suddenly he gets the credit and is a hot HC name. I’m not saying he won’t be a good HC but the NFL is such a recency bias league.
  14. That's a really nice offer - I'd like to think that would get accepted in most leagues. The hype is definitely insane.