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  1. It could rise, you're right, but I tend to think his value is lowish because his outlook isn't all that great. I just don't see a scenario where he separates himself from the WR3 type mass. I'd view him as a sell if I could get a 2021 first for him, or if there are people in my league who still view him as one of the best WR prosepcts from that class.
  2. I guess I can see both sides here but I think I'd take Parker and Cohen in the first deal and the pick in the second (I don't think Miller will amount to much).
  3. I like him a lot as a receiving back in particular, but he feels like one of those guys that is so underrated they become overrated (I'd make asimilar comment about Akers and Moss honesly).
  4. Yes, IMO Taylor will be the consensus 1.01 after the draft. He'll test well at the combine and I believe he'll be the first RB taken in the draft.
  5. You may be right but it feels like Swift is getting picked apart lately and I think after the combine (and depending on draft landing spot of course) he will fall below Taylor and Dobbins in most dynasty rankings. It just feels that way to me.
  6. What an amazingly useless article. So you should try to sell DJ and Gurley? Great advice. Now I just need to find a sucker in my league who doesn't follow the NFL or fantasy football.
  7. I guess it's personal preference but I'd rate Jeudy at this stage well above Lamb, mainly because he looks more explosive to me. I'll be interested to see what they do at the combine.
  8. Taylor is an NFL-level starter, but a low-end one. Very low end. He's really pretty terrible and I think a lot of people forget that (although the direction the league is moving in with mobile QBs might suit him a bit more now).
  9. Agree. Probably works out fine for both, but I like the asset consolidation for Team A (plus the extra roster space). I've never liked Montgomery, Michel or Washington though.
  10. True. I've never been a fan of Gesicki and I wouldn't be keen to acquire him, but he'd still be about in the middle of this pack for me.
  11. Completely agree with this. Thanks for articulating better than I could!
  12. I don't see why Taylor should be ranked consensus lower than Swift or Dobbins. In the same tier or better IMO.