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  1. Based on what? Statements like this just seem like wishful thinking or an attempt to get out ahead of the curve before a prospect blows up. Miller had a decent rookie season, with a handful of fantasy relevant games mid-season, but he in no way lived up to his pre-season hype. I recall there was a week or two around training camp where it was trendy to say he was the best WR in the draft class, because he looked ok in a couple of practices. If you'd sold him then, you would have been able to cash out for more than what you would get for him now. Robinson didn't have an awesome year but he improved as the season went on. I don't see any reason to think that he will take a back seat to Miller in the offense next year. At most, maybe the split between the two becomes more even? I'm just not sure what he showed that would make anyone think he's more than a complementary piece in an offense.
  2. RushHour

    FBG IDP Content

    There's some decent content at At least it's updated regularly. Not all of it is useful, but I think it's one of the better sites out there.
  3. I honestly didn't realise anyone played in Yahoo leagues! That TE designation would be sweet - pretty funny though because he's clearly a RB and has no relevance to the TE position since the pre-draft process (the Steelers drafted him as RB). Quite the loophole.
  4. RushHour

    Sam Darnold - USC. Convinced?

    He's flat out bad. He'll be given a pass for quite a while because he's super young and the media anointed him after one game, but I don't think you can say definitively that the Jets have their "QB of the future" just because he was drafted top 3. I wouldn't be shocked if his ceiling was in the Alex Smith/Tannehill range, which is noting more than competent. If I was a Giants fan, I'd be pretty happy they didn't draft him.
  5. RushHour

    Eli Manning: Does Anyone Still Believe?

    Why would any other team want him? I doubt he's an upgrade even over Bortles.
  6. RushHour

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    It’s probably about right, maybe a slight underpay but as a Sutton owner I wouldn’t take it - I think most who have him drafted him with this scenario in mind, ie. minimal early production, then WR1 upside when his situation changes. I just see no reason to sell now if you drafted him, right when his value might spike.
  7. It’s a shame but I’m pretty sure he’s not eligible to return this season as he wasn’t on the initial 53. Not even sure that he has an injury and I didn’t see any specifics. Seemed like they just wanted to stash him.
  8. RushHour

    Official Jared Goff bandwagon

    Still underrated.
  9. RushHour

    Waiver Wire Gems - Week 3

    Swoope if both Doyle and Ebron don't play (which seems like a possibility)? Could be a decent one week play.
  10. RushHour

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    There's no way I'd buy Freeman at this point. He's a huge risk. I suppose if you're into 'value' and buy lows he might be worth the risk if you're not giving up much but I'm personally not into buying declining assets. I know I'm in the minority but I wouldn't pay a first rounder for him.
  11. @Biabreakable sorry I couldn't quote the relevant part of your text for some reason. You said: "Getting early action on a rookie player makes them a better trade asset than a guy who isn't doing anything". This true but the error I think for a lot of drafters was assuming (presumably based on 2017) that all of these rookies would get not only early action, but early action that would make them a productive asset with more value than the WRs. Now hindsight is great but the RBs haven't provided that at all. I wouldn't count Guice, but the action so far that Chubb, Michel, Penny and Freeman have got has arguably been underwhelming. Jones has had no action at all. Kerryon has been OK I guess. Miller, Washington, Moore and Pettis haven't done a whole lot either to be fair. Sutton, Ridley and Kirk have shown a bit more. We've probably just been spoilt by the instant production of previous recent classes, but it seemed (to me anyway) that the obsession with rookie RBs in drafts was a bit too reactionary and ignored the genuine high-end talent of a few of the WRs. That has played out to some extent.
  12. Trade 1: I'd take the first and Connor but I'm pretty low on Dalvin Trade 2: Gordon pretty easily IMO
  13. 14 team PPR: Team A: Diggs Team B: Golladay, Drake I think I'd still take Diggs, but Golladay is making me think twice and he is basically the same age as Diggs. Drake is still a decent RB2 in my eyes, with upside. I'd probably want a 2nd or 3rd added to the Golladay side but I though it was pretty fair.
  14. I guess it depends on scoring - I've only ever played in larger 6pt TD leagues where QBs are pretty valuable even in a 1QB league, but I've never understood this blanket devaluing of them to the extent that they seem to be. In drafts, people routinely take players over QB who won't score as well and also won't have equivalent trade value in season. I know it's a question of value relative to the position, but it really helps your fantasy QB to have a high scoring QB. In my main league, 6 out of the top 10 overall scorers are QBs. As for Mahomes, I don't think I could pull the trigger on trading him for any player in dynasty right now, even in a 1QB league. You might say it's a no-brainer but he might redefine the position from a fantasy perspective and be a true cheat code/championship winner.