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  1. Seems very likely. If Burfict plays though, you'd have to downgrade him a bit.
  2. Happy to be proved wrong and if you have the room and no one else appeals then I agree why not, but Green seems like just a warm body with no upside. I can't imagine the Lions giving him a significant role next season, barring injury. I know metrics aren't everything but his profile is HORRIFIC. I'm a believer that, as a general rule, you need at least a baseline of athletic talent to be successful in the NFL. Guys like Green to me are just roster cloggers in dynasty.
  3. Not a great advertisement for PFF grades I guess..... The thing is, it wouldn't matter if he was just an average or below average QB starter, except that he was drafted #1 overall and the media has pushed him as the future of the QB position poised for a breakout (although this year there have been shinier objects like Wentz to focus on, so he hasn't had that much attention). I agree that sometimes we are too hard on young players too early (see Goff), but in this case it doesn't feel like there has been enough scrutiny - there is the odd "is Winston actually good?" sentiment in the media, but it hasn't really caught on. He's still given a pass to some extent. It's scary that he hasn't really shown signs of improvement, I don't care what his stats are.
  4. Brown is actually carrying a pretty serious achilles injury - he shouldn't even be out there so it's not surprising he's struggling to get through the last two games. You can't count on him at this point.
  5. I've been thinking about this as a Vigil owner in dynasty. It's tough to know - I don't put any stock in PFF grades, and all the Bengals LBs seem to grade poorly outside of Burfict, so I don't know if that means they're all terrible or the scheme makes them look bad for whatever PFF are doing. In any case, I have liked Vigil a lot and viewed him as a key dynasty piece, but reading through some Bengals fan boards, most fans think he's pretty bad and want him replaced (or moved to the weak side, where he performed better). He's seen as a liability. I haven't watched many Bengals games so I don't know if that's true but you kind of don't think about it as long as a guy is racking up tackles. I don't know what the Bengals think of Vigil, but from what I've been reading the last couple of weeks, they do seem pretty high on Evans and plenty of people liked him pre-draft and saw him as a value pick, so I'm trying to find a way to keep him on my roster in the off-season, even though I own Vigil as well and there are other LBs I'd also like to stash. I do like it when guys get a brief opportunity and they put up IDP stats though - not everyone does that and Evans has. Whether he's actually played well doing that from an NFL perspective, I don't know. Having said that, It's hard to see a path to consistent IDP value for him, at least next year. I expect Minter and Rey won't be kept, but Vigil and Burfict you'd think will be there and that's plenty of competition for tackles. So it depends on where he plays I guess. He at least would have good injury value if one of those two missed time - but as always, depends on the depth of your league.
  6. This could be a lot worse than it is for the Eagles - obviously you can't replace what Wentz does for that offense, but Foles is one of the best backups in the league, with proven success in the NFL. Most teams have pure trash behind their starter, but Foles is competent at worst and could probably start for a few teams to be honest.
  7. There's definitely something here. When you consider where he played in college and as an UDFA, for him to come in and have the rookie season that he's had, it's pretty remarkable. It's not easy to come in as a rookie, catch 3-4 balls a game and earn regular targets. We forget that I think. Reminds me a little of Robby Anderson last year - had a mini breakout towards the end of the year but most people weren't paying attention or dismissed it because of his UDFA status. I'd certainly rather have this guy stashed in dynasty over guys like, say, Treadwell or Carroo
  8. Despite Carroll's comments on Carson, I'm not concerned as a Davis owner. Carson isn't going to practice this week I thought I read, so Davis is fine this week. You'd think next week would be ok too, given that Davis isn't practicing yet and Carroll might be being overly optimistic. I think at best he's back week 16, but more likely they are looking at a return in the playoffs. Just my feeling on it.
  9. I'd make Trey Burton top of that list if Ertz doesn't clear the concussion protocol.
  10. Jameis should be at the back of this tier now, if at all. I don't know how you could take him over any of those other guys in a startup, especially Goff and Dak.
  11. I’m pretty torn on Washington - I still think he’s worth a stash and you can argue he hasn’t really had an opportunity yet but when he has been in, he’s shown a lack of vision/instincts. The physical profile is there but it doesn’t translate on the field. There’s something there but part of the problem is the lions seem to just want to run him into the line which isn’t his game and he gets stuffed most of the time. If they got him into space and used him in the passing game I think he could really be good, but unfortunately they have Riddick for that.
  12. For some reason (I guess it's purely draft pedigree) Parker is like Sammy Watkins. Doesn't matter how underwhelming the production is, people will always make excuses for these guys and hold out hope that a breakout is just around the corner - it's nothing to do with the player, it's just situation, coaching, whatever.....and talent will always rise to the top if you are patient. Certainly dynasty is a long game and these guys were drafted high for a reason, but at some point maybe it's just not going to happen.
  13. I'll feel more confident about him is Shepard is playing.
  14. I'll second the Switzer call, though I'm not as enthused about him as I was earlier in the year. Darboh might be interesting - I didn't like him much pre-draft, but he's at least flashed a couple of times this year so might be worth another look. I agree with McNichols to some extent - I liked him pre-draft, but he had such a bad pre-season that I don't know anymore. I think three TEs might have a chance to increase value - AJ Derby now that he's in Miami, Michael Roberts in Detroit (although he's less of a priority to me now that Ebron has been more involved lately), and Trey Burton who I see as a guy who could catch on somewhere as a Jordan Reed-type TE. I would say Trent Taylor and Reynolds too, but I imagine they're owned in most leagues at this point. I really believe Chad Williams and Chad Kelly are red herrings and not worth stashing. By all means if you have the space, but they aren't interesting to me at all, especially Kelly.
  15. Even with Geno, hard to believe there are many better options.