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  1. Completely agree with this. There is no way I could play in a league now with team defense. The first league I ever played in was an IDP keeper - I once tried a normal redraft league with team defense and it was just so boring. I don't know how people do it.
  2. The IDP side of things does feel a bit neglected, which is I suppose understandable since not many people play in IDP leagues apparently (I have no idea why). The biggest issue over the last couple of years has been the timing of content - the Eyes of the Guru column has tended to be later in the week and the podcast on the Thursday or Friday, making it basically useless for most leagues that do waivers earlier in the week before the Thursday game. Reading the Defense from memory is published earlier, but it's still later content. The upgrades/downgrades is published really quickly but like someone else said, it's very much focused on who did well or poorly the last week, mostly just taking the best and worst statistical performances and providing a very brief comment on them. I find this article useful in that it highlights some performances I might have missed if I didn't scour every box score, but the analysis is a bit lacking. On analysis, I'd like to see more discussion about WHY certain statistical things are happening (whether it be scheme, temporary opportunity that won't be sustained), not just that they are. This goes for all the IDP articles. My other personal gripe is that the content of the podcast (which is still good) has often largely mirrored the analysis in the weekly articles so in effect subscribers haven't been getting any 'exclusive' content. You could just listen to the podcast and more or less pick up most of the key player/situation discussion from the articles (maybe with some exceptions). In terms of something I would like to see in the format requested: 1. A team by team dynasty stash/forward looking analysis. 2. Maybe twice a year - weeks 6 and 12 for example. 3. I believe a poster in the forum started a thread along these lines that was a good addition- doesn't have to be set out like that necessarily, but that kind of idea. 4. Would be very popular - I think a lot of the IDP crowd also play dynasty and forward looking dynasty IDP content is very lacking across all websites.
  3. He already had some marginal value in deeper PPR (non return yardage) leagues last season - he's still a #3 option at best, but he goes to a better QB and a better team/offense that you would think will be at least somewhat committed to using him, since I'm sure he would have wanted some assurances along those lines as a FA looking for a better opportunity. It wouldn't take much for him to be relevant this season IMO and he's physically a different kind of WR to Cooper and Crabtree, which I think helps him. In short, I think he's gone from being irrelevant and misused in the Vikings offense to somewhat interesting and worth a late flier.
  4. Bears fans seem to be treating this signing as some sort of embarrassing disaster "because Mike Glennon"......obviously. I mean, it must be self-evident that he's terrible, even though he's barely played for 2 seasons. I'm not saying he's going to come in and tear up the league, because that's very unlikely. But I guess I don't understand why people can't at least be open to the idea that Glennon might be okay, at least a league average starter (or slightly below, which is what this money represents). There seems to be this attitude around the media (not just in relation to Glennon) that players aren't capable of improving or that if you have demonstrated flaws in the past, they can't be overcome - if your first 'take' in relation to a player is negative, then that's who that player is forever more. In the case of Glennon, he wasn't even terrible as a rookie. I would say that we don't have a big enough sample size yet to really know if he's a starter level QB or not - he's still young and unproven, but now he gets his chance. If he fails, he'll be out of the league in 2 years. The money doesn't seem ridiculous to me since QB is the most expensive postion. Others have said that it's a lot to pay a backup QB....sure, but he was a backup on another team that had Winston. How do we know that he couldn't have started last year for other teams (including the Bears) and performed well? I don't want to sound like Glennon's biggest fan because I'm not but I just don't think the verdict is in yet and this move seems fine to me, givne the other available options, and that there still may be some upside here.
  5. I really don't understand why there would be any kind of market for Cutler at the Jets or anywhere else for that matter. At this point, Cutler is a known "bad chemistry" guy and he's been pretty bad on the field lately as well. Why wouldn't a QB needy team just target Jimmy G, Glennon, Tyrod or Romo? Who on earth would want Cutler over any of those guys? To me Cutler is about as appealing as Kaepernick right now and I don't see teams rushing to sign Kaepernick. I just don't get this idea that Cutler will be handed a starter job somewhere when there aren't that many openings to begin with (even before taking the draft into account).
  6. Judging by these rankings, Michael Thomas is going to be the most overhyped player in fantasy this offseason. If I owned him, I'd be looking to cash that chip in if this is how he's valued.
  7. I agree with this. I'd take lower than 2.01 actually because I just see too many red flags. I think there's a reasonable chance he's almost worthless after next season so I wouldn't fault anyone for cutting their losses early. I know most people would say that's not how you do dynasty, but I only believe he's a fool's gold 'buy low' this offseason.
  8. Seems a bit pricey IMO. I'm not sure Allen is any better than Diggs so adding Coleman is a (great) bonus I think. I'd take the Diggs/Coleman side for sure.
  9. I listen to the following podcasts regularly: - Under the Helmet (probably the most consistently interesting/useful for dynasty players). - Dynasty Nerds (occasionally amusing due to rapport of the hosts, but not particularly great insight IMO - just two dudes talking fantasy, fairly superficial analysis/takes). - Dynasty Blueprint (Overally I'm pretty neutral on this one. They often have quality guests, which is a plus, but I'm not the biggest Williamson fan). - RotoUnderworld Fantasy Football (you need to be in the mood - the host (Matt Kelley?) is pretty damn annoying and loves the sound of his own voice and the pods are lengthy. But the content is less conventional and doesn't have the groupthink of some others if you're bored of the same tired takes from everywhere else). - Dynasty Tradecast (I like the vibe of this one and the discussions are interesting, though it's usually pretty short). I also love On the Couch, but it's become less useful/essential since I got more into dynasty, because it's very week specific. I might have to check out the Dynasty Trade Calculator Podcast one as well!
  10. So apparently Davis had some stats taken away today - a tackle and a sack it looks like. Turns my very close win into a loss. Anyone else affected by this?: Seems very late in the game for this to happen after playoff matchups were already set on MFL.
  11. I pretty much agree with this. Just be strict on yourself and let go the leagues that you feel less invested in (if you can differentiate). I don't think I've even been in more than 3 leagues in one time, but I agree with some of the other posters here - I just can't see the appeal in being in so many leagues. Quite apart from the time commitment, which is already significant if you really put effort into 1 or 2 leagues, where is the fun in the scenario above or in owning all kinds of different players generally? I always find it amusing to listen to dynasty pods where people say "I have a few shares of [insert player]" or whatever. It sounds like people are just building "investment portfolios" of players so they can look smart and spread their risk. It almost makes it less important that you even have strong opinions or convictions about players because you can own just about everyone relevant somewhere if you play in enough leagues. Being in so many leagues IMO also means that there is naturally less at stake and therefore it's all less enjoyable and meaningful. If you don't make the playoffs in a couple of leagues, it doesn't really matter because you might have 5 other leagues where you do so you get a few shots at a title. At the moment, I'm in one serious dynasty league and it's great because it feels more important. When you have a close win or get bounced from the playoffs, it means more, because you don't have a bunch of other leagues to fall back on.
  12. I don't have the stats on hand but I'm pretty sure Ramsey has been very stingy on #1 WRs this year. It's certainly something to think about with Diggs, but many (including me) won't have better options probably.
  13. I assume it would be to do with the presence of Jalen Ramsey.
  14. Clearly the injury is much more serious than it appeared, but there hasn't been any reporting on it as far as I can tell. If he didn't practice at all last week, he's probably unlikely to play this week too.
  15. As an aside, what happened to Elandon Roberts?! Dude has barely played since the Collins trade and I thought one of the reasons they were comfortable trading him was because Roberts had been impressive. Now he's seeing single figure snaps behind Van Noy and McClellin, with no apparent explanation. As an owner, makes me wonder about his dynasty prospects.