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  1. I'm just impressed someone was able to include Cam Meredith in a trade at this point!
  2. Sure, that offer is well short in a value sense but I'm not sure it's eregious enough for this thread - some decent pieces coming back.
  3. Ideally they would dramatically increase Lindsay's role in the passing game, possibly at the expense of some carries (which could go to Freeman). The Broncos really under-utilised him in that facet of the game last year, which makes his season even more remarkable.
  4. How can Mack have top 5-7 RB potential when he's barely involved at all in the passing game? People are acting like he's a true workhorse back and he simply isn't. Mack to me is a lot like Derrick Henry - they should have very good years because they are the primary backs on their team and will get good volume, but they are very game script dependant, which for me necessarily lowers their ceiling.
  5. I do agree that's noteworthy - there seems a good correlation between having a (relatively) strong rookie season at TE and going on to be consistently fantasy relevant, at a minimum. A 700 yard season would be good for a TE, but I guess I just don't see the upside compared to guys like Goedert or Fant for example. At TE, I personally like to aim for true difference makers and Andrews to me just looks 'solid' I guess. A bit Like Austin Hooper, who I've also never really been interested in. Nothing wrong with that of course and I don't dispute that moving into the top 10 or so TEs would be in his range of outcomes, but I just think a lot has to break right for that to happen. As roster depth or a fringe starter he's fine, but it just seems like he's quickly becoming overrated (at least in dynasty) due to the wave of sleeper hype that has suddenly hit over the past month or so. I was listening to one of the dynasty podcasts this week (can't remember which) and they were saying that a 2020 2nd round pick wouldn't be enough to get Andrews in most leagues if you were trying to buy him - that he was in that grey area between worth more than a second, not worth a first. I know all leagues are different, but I think a 2020 2nd would pretty easily buy him in most of my leagues (assuming 1 TE), given the hype around the 2020 class. Certainly if I owned him, I'd be happy to cash out at that price.
  6. I find the hype on this guy a little puzzling to be honest. As a flier, I get it I suppose, but that passing offense is going to be pretty putrid and it's difficult for me to see how he's going to get enough volume to matter. If you need a TE2 type, sure, but I don't see the dynasty upside that's seems to be priced in here. People are also acting like Hurst doesn't exist - it remains to be seen whether he can get on the field consistently but he was a first round pick with some receiving ability. I think there's a decent risk he turns this into a committee situation, which would cut into the already low volume Andrews is going to see. Am I missing something?
  7. Interested to see how he fares in training camp and preseason - he seems to be a bit of a forgotten guy after some initial post-draft hype due to landing spot.
  8. I think it's a reasonable statement. Even when he's not been injured and missing games the past couple of years, he has only intermittently been a fantasy difference maker when he actually plays. If he comes back, you're likely not getting peak fantasy Gronk or even close to it. I don't think that the upside at this point is great enough to warrant using a roster spot on him.
  9. Does it really matter? I think he's going to be awesome and potentially a fantasy game changer but arguing whether he runs a 4.3, or is faster than Isabella or RG3 seems kind of pointless.
  10. I'm not sure why they basically ignored him down the stretch, after he'd had a couple of big games. He's very talented and a fantastic athlete. I'd like to think there's a plan to get him more involved consistently this year but I'm not holding my breath with this coaching staff. Having said that, well worth a stash to see what happens.
  11. I'm probably in the minority but I'll take the Mixon side.
  12. LOL, thank god Evan Silva is around to point us in the direction of obvious dynasty buys. Seriously though, I like Thomas a lot.
  13. Is it just me or does Reception Perception seem to basically like every WR? You never read that a player bombed Reception Perception.