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  1. Yeah I think he's being slept on a bit. A first round pick, team is committed to him, had a pretty nice rookie season, and most people are like meh....he won't catch passes. I don't see any reason why his receiving numbers won't tick up a bit. Strong buy for me and I'd have him right around Mixon/Dalvin/Chubb (I know that's not a hot take but I think he's often ranked a tier below those guys).
  2. I don't understand everyone fading Diggs now with the Bills. I get the Allen stuff and I am probably lower on him than most, but he's going to be the CLEAR #1 in the passing game (which is a rarer commodity these days), he has proven ability to have huge fantasy weeks and will likely have a few of those if he's being fed targets. There also seems to be this narrative that he won't get the volume he needs because of the presence of John Brown and, um.....Cole Beasley!? That's about as little competition for targets as you can have in an NFL WR room. I actually think that the numbers for Brown and Beasley are a positive indicator for Diggs - I mean, if those two can get targets and yards to that level, then why can't Diggs do more? He's not capped by what Brown did as a de facto #1 WR last year - Brown got those targets I think because they didn't have any alphas. It's perfectly reasonable to think that Diggs will significantly eat into those targets (and Beasley's too). My only concern is that there will be some cold weather football in there and the Bills look like a run first team with a really good defense, so you're not going to have a lot of shootouts. But in my mind that is offset to some extent by the target volume he will get.
  3. Zero, sadly. I think I gave my thoughts on this in another thread. It will just be logistically impossible, and we don't even know what the NFL is planning in terms of isolation, testing, hubs, playing games in limited locations etc. There are a lot of factors that go into it. As someone said earlier, the AFL in Australia is having a lot of difficulties and the virus is much more contained there. To think the NFL is going to somehow be able to play a meaningful portion of the season when new cases in the US are actually increasing rapidly is fanciful thinking IMO. I have little doubt they will attempt a season (depending on how bad things are if/when training camps start), but there will be multiple positive tests, mini outbreaks, that will require changes in scheduling and ultimately I think it's just not going to be feasible. If the US was in a better position with the virus, then I'd have much more hope.
  4. If they want to have at hope of a season, they can't seriously be considering having fans in attendance. You'd think no crowds is a baseline requirement at this point.
  5. I don't want to get in a back and forth, but how do we even know this? My point is that there is a lot we still don't know about how this virus spreads and its effects.
  6. Totally agree, talk of a "second wave" is a complete joke. How can anyone say a first wave is over when daily infections never got below around 15,000 a day (I can't remember exactly but I don't recall it getting lower) and are now back at 30,000+ The fact is that the country didn't do enough (early enough) as a whole, as part of an organized, coordinated effort, to bring the virus under control. There are many factors that went into that, but that's the reality. Some individual states have done better than others but, all in all, we're pretty much back where we started, except with 122,000 people dead and no plan to bring things under control - in fact the opposite, people are engaging in behaviour now that will likely only makes things worse over the next couple of months. I don't see any reason to think the situation will improve substantially before NFL kickoff. The only positive thing I've seen recently is a declining death rate (compared with total new cases), but it's unclear whether that might be due to weakening virus strains, or better treatment/knowledge of how to handle patients etc. With that context, it's hard to imagine how the NFL will complete (or even meaningfully start) a season. Part of the issue is that we don't know what they are planning behind the scenes in terms of isolation, testing, contingencies if players/teams test positive etc. Maybe things are being worked out by some very smart people, but it's easy to see how this will be a logistical nightmare to pull off. As for player value increasing or players being 'safer' if they contract the virus now, that is complete speculation. We don't know enough about how the virus works to say that with any degree of certainty - on the contrary, there have been concerning reports of people getting the virus more than once. You would expect antibodies to develop in people who have already contracted it, but IMO it would be silly to claim that they can't get it again or are out of the woods as far as the season goes.
  7. Like others, I would've wanted more in a package for Barkley (particularly because I'm much lower on Akers than consensus), but I understand the general approach of trying to cash out for multiple assets since there's a point where one player is simply overvalued in the market relative to the advantage they actually give your team. It's pretty rare that one player is making such a huge difference to your weekly results that it justifies paying multiple high end productive assets for that player. The flipside is to sell that player when they have that high value. CMC is maybe in a different category because he has been so impactful and a genuine league winner but Barkley to me hasn't separated himself enough in the same way in terms of production - his value is still propped up to some extent by the insane hype he came in with. Not so say he couldn't get to CMC's level but there's a fair bit of projection there IMO. Of course there's also something to be said for hanging onto assets that the market values highly and that have value insulation, and Barkley is the poster child for that. From that perspective, it was a very risky move because the value of Akers and Reagor could stagnate or even fall if they have ordinary rookie seasons.
  8. I'd be interested to know what the NFL is actually planning to do re the season. I have no doubt they will do everything they can to make sure it goes ahead, but everyone seems to be acting like it's just going to go ahead like a normal season. There's almost no chance that can happen, given that 20k + people are still being infected in the US every single day. Here in Australia, our Australian Rules season started back up again this week (after a 2 month or so cancellation) with no or minimal crowds (i.e. in the low hundreds, spread out), and the players have been training in isolation hubs basically where they aren't in contact with family, friends etc, with all games being played in just a few locations, and players being tested regularly. The NRL (Rugby League) is doing something similar. The conditions that they are operating in are really strict and being enforced tightly, and the only way that these leagues have been allowed to start up again is because Australia has largely been able to contain the virus, with cases down in the single figures most days recently, with some states having no cases for many days consecutively. Obviously, the scale is different to the US, but we are in this situation now due to pretty strict lockdown measures and high level community buy-in. We are still getting minor outbreaks here and there in a couple of states (and will likely have more due to recent BLM protests), but things are opening up and there is a good tracing and isolation structure in place to prevent further issues as much as possible. Obviously the US is in a much different situation. Not looking to compare apples and oranges, but I just would have thought that you'd need to be in a much different position in terms of the virus being contained and managed to consider being able to have the season go ahead safely. It's just difficult to imagine how they are going to do it and I wonder what is going on behind the scenes in terms of logistics and planning because it seems incredibly naïve to think games are going to start as scheduled and it's all going to be fine.
  9. Sorry I meant college. Thinking about it more vs Henderson maybe it’s just a size thing - three down RB profile vs someone who projects more as a complimentary back.
  10. It’s kinda funny how in the bag those guys are for Mattison. I’ve just listened to some of the podcasts and don’t subscribe so may not get the full picture but it seems they advocate drafting certain prospect profiles and weighting draft capital heavily over situation. The argument for Mattison is that he’s a day 2 RB (barely mind you) and the direct backup on a run centric offense. That’s fine and I get it, but Mattison as a prospect is a bit sketchy - he has pretty low level athleticism for the NFL, was productive but in a weak conference. One of the more appealing things about him to me is his age actually - he has enough time on his side that there are multiple scenarios where his value could increase. But overall he seems like kind of a JAG in a great situation so it’s a bit odd to me the enthusiasm of Chad and those other guys about him as a long term play, based on what they seem to look for in players. He doesn’t tick a heap of metric boxes and I’d say he’s not that dynamic on film either. I was just thinking about this and comparing it to Darrell Henderson who was also a day 2 pick (a higher one, who cost an additional 3rd to acquire), a better athlete and in a worse but somewhat similar situation at the time he was drafted. I recall them being really down on Henderson and actively avoiding him. Now perhaps that was just due to lack of value (when he was going in the first round of rookie drafts) but it seems a bit inconsistent in terms of process and rationale. I still think Mattison is a good dynasty target - it’s a cheap gamble on RB2 type production (maybe even RB1 some weeks) if something happens with Cook. But I’d be trying to move him on pretty quickly and I wonder how successful that would be since many league mates may view him as a JAG who just happened to produce for a few weeks due to opportunity and volume.
  11. I’m hopeful because I like his talent but with Stefanski running the show it’s a bit hard to imagine him breaking through for an elite season. Back end QB1 would be good but that’s not moving the needle in 1QB. Superflex a different story and he’s probably a solid buy there.
  12. Geez, didn’t think my innocuous post would hit a nerve but whatever. I’ll stay out of it. Just thought it was weird to say Akers is undervalued when it seems like the majority of the dynasty community is very high on him, that’s all. Not seeing much, if any “negative” commentary about him to me is an indicator that people aren’t undervaluing him. Don’t see how that’s adding something that’s not relevant to the discussion. If you think he’s in the conversation with Taylor and CEH for top RB then you obviously would see him as undervalued. That’s fine, carry on.
  13. I've barely seen anything negative about Akers, and when there is some doubt expressed about his prospects it's usually excused away by the offensive line issues. I've seen more than one analyst on Twitter or elsewhere claim he's their #1 back, basically no one has him outside the top 5, so it's hard to see how he's undervalued. I like his landing spot, but I liked Henderson too last year so who knows. I don't think he's the special talent many make him out to be but he's going to get the chance to be 'the guy' it seems and that's valuable. He's a pass at his ADP for me though.
  14. Me neither honestly. I’m baffled by the hype for him - looks like an average, competent backup to me but you can’t argue with the draft capital I guess and he has name value. I like Henderson more but it’s clear the Rams don’t. Still, he’s well behind those other top backs as a prospect for me.
  15. Hype is kinda insane now IMO. No longer any kind of value