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  1. I'd sell him for Engram in a heartbeat.
  2. Jordan Matthews is a very good WR, underrated I would say. Jones could be good, we just don't know yet. They just aren't running an offense that passes the ball. I like Taylor too for the most part but if they are going to start him, I'd like to see them make more use of his running ability. Seems like they've installed an offense that doesn't really suit him, and WRs that don't fit with what he's best at.
  3. Buy low window just shut.
  4. I haven't seen all of the Bills games, but he's had a few uncharacteristic drops and it seems like this has affected his confidence. Some of those targets though have been near misses on pretty difficult catches that I don't think you can really blame him for not making. The bigger thing though I think is that Tyrod isn't the right QB for him - he needs someone who is more of a precision passer - accurate on short and intermediate throws. That simply isn't Tyrod's game, and the Bills are so run heavy now that there aren't many opportunities for the WRs anyway. When they actually get a target the pressure is probably heightened to make a play and that might be playing on Zay's mind right now. Just speculation, but that's what it feels like as an outside observer. . I still like Jones as a talent, but for me this is just a perfect storm of bad circumstances for him that means he's not going to produce. It's similar for Jordan Matthews - he's actually made the most of his limited targets to date, but he's just starved of opportunity. I'm optimistic for both of these guys longer term, but it's not going to happen with Tyrod there and running this ultra conservative offense.
  5. This is interesting on Wise - thanks for picking this up. In a lot of leagues you can probably wait a week or two to see if this snap increase is real, since he hasn't had much actual production yet (and he faces the Falcons this week, which generally isn't a great marchup for pass rushers), but if he's on your waiver wire in a dynasty league, it might be worth stashing him to see what happens.
  6. I don't think taking Watson makes any difference. We can't say yet that Watson will be a better QB than Trubisky (though I'm sure in our instant take environment many have, just as they decided Goff was a bust after half a season). If Watson was on the Bears he'd be handing the ball off 50 times and managing the hell out of the game too. He wouldn't have any WRs to throw to. Watson has been put in a position to maximise his abilities - they are running an offense built for him, not asking him to be a traditional pocket passer. Credit to them. Trubisky is in the worst situation imaginable in terms of making him look good. All I'm looking for from him this season are flashes of natural talent.
  7. The situation is disappointing for sure. It is what it is - Fox has a Ferrari sitting in his garage but he's not inclined to give it even a test run around the block. He has no one to throw to anyway so this year is just a write off for fantasy most likely. Hopefully Fox is gone in 2018 and the Bears acquire a couple of good WRs. Then Trubisky will be able to really show what he's got. Situation is everything. Look at Goff last year, Watson this year.
  8. I'm interested in any Swoope progress. Haven't seen anything.
  9. Yeah that seems pretty awful. Niklas and Alexander shouldn't even be rostered; Hill is borderline worthless at this point. That's robbery and I'd be pissed if I was another team in that league.
  10. 14 team PPR Team A: OBJ Team B: Cooks, D. Henry Both teams mid table currently. Seems a bit light for OBJ but maybe not much the more I think about it.
  11. I'm surprised there isn't more excitement about this guy. Even before the injuries to the Giants WRs, he was putting up usable back end TE1 numbers, with more consistency (aside from last week) than most options out there. For dynasty, I have him at #3 and I don't see how you can have him lower than #4 if you have Ertz top 3. TE is a wasteland and a player like this who can be an actual difference maker at the position has to be very valuable. I feel like he is still being undervalued - I think on the Dynasty Blueprint podcast last week they were briefly talking about him and someone said that they wouldn't pay a 2018 first rounder for him (I could be wrong but that's my recollection) which seemed weird to me. Owners probably already paid a late first this year, he's already producing well in a terrible landscape for TEs - why would you give him up for just a first rounder (unless you knew it was going to be top 3 or something)?
  12. In deeper leagues if you are hit with byes/injuries and need a flier, I'm a bit intrigued by Kasen Williams. Louis obviously the better choice, but Williams showed some rapport with Hogan last week....Britt out.... stranger things have happened.
  13. Team A: Jerick McKinnon, Cooper Kupp Team B: Evan Engram
  14. At least Gentry is probably an upgrade over Wheaton!
  15. In the short term I definitely think he's a good pick up for QB-needy teams in deeper leagues (and I'm picking him up myself). I would 100% start him over Eli this week. The great thing about him is that his rushing ability gives him a fairly safe floor and there's passing upside as well because they will probably play from behind in just about every game.