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  1. His rookie draft ADP is insanely low. I don't really get it. I guess just lack of hype and people want to take more "upside" guys....maybe it's his age too for a rookie but some of the guys going ahead of him consistently are just baffling.
  2. That's true - I guess for me that's all there is to it. The hype doesn't seem to be driven by any kind of analysis of what type of RB he is, whether he's actually good or not. Now, the counter to that is that what you've pointed out is really all that matters and that may be right. It'll be an interesting one to watch in preseason. The hype train will get abandoned pretty quickly if he does nothing in preseason.
  3. Yeah I can get on board with most of these, with the exception of Joe Williams. He just feels like all narrative hype to me and not much else. Now, maybe that's enough and it gets him a foot in the door in terms of opportunity and he runs with it, but it's quite possible that he's just not very good and is simply a JAG who got some preseason/draft hype. It's not like he has crazy measurables or anything to back up the hype. I can't recall anyone singing his praises pre-draft and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we look back next year and he's seen as a wasted second round rookie pick. I find it interesting that people seem to assume that he's some awesome receiving WR and he has the edge over Hyde immediately due to that skill - from there (given the narrative) it's easy to assume he's in line to overtake Hyde. But from what I've seen and read, it seems like he isn't really all that great in that area either.
  4. I actually think he might be a bit over hyped this off-season. He seems to be a very popular sleeper candidate already (lots of people on podcasts dropping his name) and it will only ramp up I imagine.
  5. I find it weird that the idea of "manufacturing" touches for a player is generally viewed as a negative thing. Touches are touches right? If a team is "manufacturing" them for a player it means they are actively trying to get the ball in that player's hands, which seems to me to be a good thing. The implication seems to be that this is occurring outside the flow or design of a "normal" offense or that the player can't function in such an offense but a smart team will adapt to personnel. I don't see why such manufacturing for Tyreek can't be a central part of an offense.
  6. I imagine that it's just harder to project a guy who didn't play last year to suddenly being an IDP factor simply because of a position change and I kind of agree with that. It's easier to project Hughes because we've seen him be somewhat productive. Lawson is a complete unknown - he was a high draft pick and a hyped prospect but now he needs to translate that to being a productive pro. Not to say he can't do it, but it's no guarantee, especially at the DL position. To me he's still just a longer term dynasty stash and I'd be surprised if he was startable this year.
  7. Completely agree with this. Rather than him simply being "terrible", isn't it possible that the Vikings staff had no idea how to use him or what they had? The great thing about a guy like him is that he doesn't even need huge volume to be a fantasy factor - if the Raiders smply make an effort to get the ball to him on a consistent basis he will have decent value, with upside if Cooper or Crabtree go down. Hard to see Roberts as a threat. Zamora has the physical profile but is just as likely to bust out of the league than do anything - he's just benefiting from that "rookie glow" at the moment, where we imagine his best case scenario when thinking about his future (we are all guilty of this to some extent with certain players who we like!).
  8. I don't think that this really changes anything in terms of how people value Tyreek. You're either on board or you're not. Pretty much the entire dynasty community has been lazily saying sell this guy all offseason because "gadget player" and he won't get enough volume in the KC offense because it's KC/Alex Smith and also Maclin will be back. Now Maclin is gone and for many, he's an even bigger sell now because of the increased hype now that he's the assumed #1. I'm seeing more excitement about Conley and even people saying go pick up Chesson in dynasty because people want the sleeper, rather than the stud staring in them in the face because he doesn't fit what they think of as an elite NFL WR. For those of us who already thought Tyreek was undervalued and has WR1 upside this year, Maclin's departure is a nice bonus, but I suspect his role was going to increase at the expense of Maclin anyway.
  9. 6 26 Vance McDonald SF 27.2 (16) 6 27 Ladarius Green 27.3 (10) 7 28 Julius Thomas MIA 29.2 (25) 7 29 Zach Miller CHI 32.9 (23) 7 30 Dennis Pitta BAL 32.2 (24) 7 31 Jared Cook OAK 30.4 (32) 7 32 Gary Barnidge 31.9 (22) 7 33 Maxx Williams BAL 23.4 (20) 7 34 Austin Seferian-Jenkins NYJ 24.9 (26) 7 35 Charles Clay BUF 28.5 (31) 7 36 Clive Walford OAK 25.9 (21) 7 37 Jesse James PIT 23.2 (36) 7 38 Antonio Gates LAC 37.2 (35) 7 39 Jason Witten DAL 35.3 (37) 8 40 Bucky Hodges MIN 22.1 rook 8 41 Jake Butt DEN 22.1 rook 8 42 Seth DeValve CLE 24.6 (29) 8 43 Jeff Heuerman DEN 24.8 (34) 8 44 George Kittle SF 23.9 rook 8 45 Eric Saubert ATL 23.3 rook 8 46 Michael Roberts DET 23.3 rook 8 47 Vernon Davis WAS 33.6 (30) 8 48 Jordan Leggett NYJ 22.6 rook 8 49 A.J. Derby DEN 25.9 unr 8 50 Jace Amaro TEN 25.2 (33) 8 51 Lance Kendricks GB 29.6 unr 8 52 Richard Rodgers GB 25.6 (38) 8 53 Darren Waller BAL 25.0 (49) 8 54 Crockett Gilmore BAL 25.8 (58) 8 55 Stephen Anderson HOU 24.6 (53) 9 56 Jermaine Gresham ARI 29.2 (41) 9 57 Jerell Adams NYG 24.7 (43) 9 58 Erik Swoope IND 25.3 (44) 9 59 Troy Niklas ARI 25.0 (45) 9 60 Nick Vannett SEA 24.5 (46) 9 61 Jacob Tamme 33.5 (47) 9 62 Virgil Green DEN 29.1 (57) There are some interesting rankings here. I'd be curious to know why Maxx and ASJ are so high - I can only assume it's residual draft pedigree because they have done exactly nothing since coming into the league. Williams in particular to me wasn't even a top level prospect, though it was a weak TE class so perception of him is elevated. I'd rather own a guy like Swoope than either of those two. Others that jump out to me are Richard Rogers and Amaro - I know they are way down, but there doesn't seem to be any real path to production for them in either the short or long term. Miller, Pitta, Cook and Barnidge (who doesn't even have a team at the moment) all likely have their best production in the rear view mirror, so also seem a bit high based on remaining upside and even current production. Ladarius's career must be in real doubt. Are they really better assets in any sense than some of the guys furthre down the list? I realise nitpicking here at this end of the ranking is a bit silly, but it's interesting to know what other people think. The last notable one for me is AJ Derby - I can't think of any reason except residual draft capital (which probably doesn't matter much at this point) for him to be below Heuermann, or even Jake Butt at this point, given that he's recovering from injury. He's likely the starter in week 1, and I would say has more receiving upside than many of the guys ahead of him on the list. Leggett, Saubert and Kittle especially stand out as guys ahead of him who are really just fliers and have I would say limited avenues at this point to any kind of production that would make them dynasty assets.
  10. I feel that people tend to overrate Henry a bit, simply because he was the consensus "best prospect" in a fairly weak TE class. He also had some decent production in a few games in his rookie year. The combination of those two things I think makes people view his upside as higher than it actually is. I see him as a solid top 6-12 guy but not in the "elite" range.
  11. Sorry - Martellus Bennett....
  12. Was recently offered: Demarco Murray, Jack Doyle, Enunwa and a 19 first rounder for my: OBJ, Marty B, 18 second rounder This was received after I expressed interest in Enunwa and also a minor deal revolving around a Marty B for Doyle swap and was prefaced by the owner saying he was going to send me a "YOLO" offer for OBJ. I responded saying for me to consider trading OBJ, he'd need to include Gurley or Cooks as a starting point, probably both. He said that was too much since Cooks is a good chance of overtaking OBJ this year.......OK cool. Maybe not the worst ever but I thought it was pretty terrible - and this is from a guy who apparently really wants OBJ. I think he's just one of those waste of time guys who won't do a trade unless he's robbing you blind. Seems like a lot of people approach trading like that unfortunately.
  13. I wasn't talking about you specifically - apologies if it came across that way. I'm not saying it's wrong to like Kelly or to think he might have a future in the NFL (even if I don't agree) - I was just reacting to the lazy 'analysis' that tends to happen in dynasty content in particular - not just in relation to Kelly, but I think he's a good example of many people just following the herd with a 'hot take' on the Broncos QB situation. Just my opinion of course.
  14. Kelly has stupid hype right now. It's fashionable on dynasty podcasts or wherever to say he "might be the best QB in this class" when it's all said and done - an easy thing to say, you won't get proven wrong or right for a few years. If you are right, you can pat yourself on the back and say "he was my guy" or "I liked him coming out" and if you are wrong it was just a long shot and no one will remember. Most of it is just people repeating what they heard somewhere else, from Waldman maybe. I wonder how many of those people claiming he's a sleeper have actually watched him play. Too often people think they are smarter than NFL teams with picks like this - he was drafted with the last pick in the draft for a reason and there's a very small chance he will ever do anything of note in the NFL. Just seems like a roster clogger to me, even in 2QB leagues.
  15. Breida not in the MFL database?