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  1. those of you who voted 8 or above need to get out more. she's a good looking woman. a 6.5 or so. i gave her a 7 because 6.5 wasn't an option. 9, 10 is reserved for bar rafaeli, brooklyn decker, etc. 8 is some of the WAGs in the SI issue. Vonn is phsyically fit, but perhaps too much so. That affects her figure.
  2. people aren't going to pawn shops because they are in a position of strength. they're in a pickle and they need money - fast. so they take what they're offered. i'm surprised more people don't see this show and use it as a chance to get a free appraisal of something they may not know the value of. and like rick always says, he's buying something to sell it and make a profit. there has to be a profit margin to make him make a deal.
  3. Kristen Kreuk was supremely annoying in Smallville. So far, that isn't the case on Chuck, luckily. She was very likeable, and I'm looking forward to see where it goes, but I still prefer Sarah. kristen kreuk was downright perfect in this episode. ridiculously cute.
  4. did what i think happened at the end of episode 3 happen or is it just a cliffhanger? i don't want to ruin it for others, so i won't post what 'it' was
  5. i have been saying this for weeks about alex smith. i don't know if he's the future in sf or on my fantasy team because of the lack of options, but ... i'll bet he led the league in 2-yard completions. there was very little verticality to that passing game.
  6. Sun at 9PM EST on NBC and another monday
  7. Why? Personally, I think that's a pretty airtight argument right there. You mention DeAngelo Williams as some sort of counterpoint, but you're really just reinforcing my point. Williams had 20 TDs last year. This year he has seven. SEVEN! Yeah, Williams is still an awesome talent, but his TDs are way down because... everyone say it with me now... "nobody has those types of seasons with any consistency".Desean Jackson will in all likelihood never again approach 6 TDs of 60+ yards in a single season, or 8 TDs of 50+ yards, or 9 TDs of 48+ yards in a single season ever again. Why not? Because the NFL has been around for a long, long, long time, and there have been a lot of very, very talented WRs, and none of them have ever managed to do what Desean did this season, let alone do it with any regularity. Will he always be among the league leaders in long TDs? Absolutely- that's what he does. He might even manage to pull off a miracle season like this one once more before he retires. But you can't count on him having a season like this again. like Chris Johnson will likely never have 2000 yards and/or 6+ yards per carry ever again in his entire career. Or how Vernon Davis probably isn't putting up a dozen scores again anytime soon. Can Desean still be a very valuable fantasy asset without replicating this year's success deep? Absolutely. In fact, I could see him possibly surpassing this season's fantasy totals if he continues to develop his short-to-intermediate game (which is not at all out of the question- remember, Jackson is only in his second year!). I'm just saying, don't see this year's success deep and take it for granted. This type of season comes along once a career. So would you trade Chris Johnson or Desean Jackson now? or DWill after his 2008 season? The logic is that any monster season is outlier and unlikely to be repeated, so the player's value is at the absolute highest. Basically, is an amazing season evidence of a player's great talent and therefore a reason to hold? Or a signal that value is the highest it will ever be for his career and therefore reason to sell?Examples: Priest Holmes 27, Shaun Alexander 28, LT 33, Moss 23, Manning 49, Brady 50. CJ's season should be in the same context. DeSean in 2009 and DWill in 2008 had great seasons, but not record breaking. You would've done well selling most of these guys after the monster year. And Faulk after he set the record that CJ is now breaking, and DWill, too, as 20 TDs is probably the ceiling for his career. But CJ and DSsean are different. Both are younger than most of these, and both have great talent and situation. For CJ, another 2k+ combined/12+ TD season is possible, but duplicating the sort of season he's having now is unlikely. DeSean certainly hasn't reached his ceiling. You could expect him to repeat or improve on 70/1200/10. OK, you decide Johnson will not match 2009 ever again. Fair enough. But is it unrealistic to expect him to have 1,600 yards and maybe another TD or two? Maybe more receptions for more yards? And, let's be honest: What are you trading him for? For Adrian Peterson? For MJD? One of those and something else?
  8. what do you call it when she goes out with her friends? tell her at least you're not going to the mall to run up huge bills.
  9. if i've said it once i've said it 100 times: i think there's a chance, a chance, that kolb is the 2010 starter in philadelphia. i think vick has played well enough to garner a draft pick. so i'd be shocked if the eagles didn't deal him by draft day. they got a 2nd for aj feeley. i'd think vick would fetch that. reid signed a 3-year extension - that means 1 of 2 things: either he's willing to make the change or he's going to keep mcnabb for the entire 3 years. if it's b, i could see kolb getting traded and them signing a backup (feeley again, lol?) and drafting another 2nd or 3rd round pick (another houston guy, keenum maybe?).
  10. i would target adrian peterson and chris johnson in 2010.
  11. meachem: 29 catches, 544 yards, 8 TDs, 39 targetscolston: 50-854-8-80.meachem is on the streak of his life and he still isn't as good as colston. colston takes the opponents' no. 1 DB. he takes double coverage. i need to see a lot more before i make the leap that he's better than colston.
  12. i was one of the last to jump on the holmes bandwagon, even coming off last year's SB MVP. and to be honest, through his bye week, he was pretty mediocre this year, save the 1 big game vs. the titans. he's now run off probably the best 6-game stretch of his career - 38 catches, 583 yards, 2 TDs, 60 targets. he's now on my team and will be for a while. as for robert meachem - take out the major flukes that have happened to him lately. he had FOUR passes thrown to him in weeks 10 and 11 combined. he caught 3 of them for 3 TDs. he stripped a guy and returned it for a score against the redskins. he has had exactly 1 game of studly proportions - last week against the redskins. is it a sign of things to come? maybe, who knows.
  13. I didn't have time last week to re-do the whole list.For what it's worth, I aim to update all of the positions all the way through this week. I know I've been lax on tight ends in particular ... though travdogg's and SSOG's lists are going to be awfully similar to mine. Sorry Where are these guys rankings? is always in F@L's sig