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  1. I don't think its ARians' scheme as much it is Arians' decision to make him a full time player. Godwin had great numbers last year for someone only playing 64% of the snaps. He is at 95% of the snaps this year. I think Godwin is going to continue to be a stud as long as he has competent QB play whether Arians leaves or not.
  2. He has had a couple balls clang off his hands this game. The hands are not that good. I think Brate is just a better player right now.
  3. This is his best chance to get in the endzone.
  4. Jameis does have the most yards against the Panthers (208), but they certainly weren't torched. The 208 is even more impressive when you consider they've faced Goff, Jameis, Murray and Watson. Now I expect Fournette to have a good game, so maybe he gets a play action TD, but Carolina pass D is tough.
  5. That is an easy reject, but I expect Fournette to feast today. Carolina has been a little soft against the run.
  6. I'd rather the Fournette side of this one.
  7. Easily the Hopkins side for me. Cooks is clearly the third option in LA. The WR upgrade more than makes up for the TE downgrade.
  8. I expect Damien Williams to return to his majority 55% role he had before getting injured. McCoy didn't get the work horse role while he was out, so I think nothing has changed and its right back where it started.
  9. He lacks patience. The play was obviously designed to go right, but he’s into line too fast. He reminds me of Ricky Williams when he was in New Orleans. Ricky’s first year in Miami he looked like a totally different runner. The vision can improve, so I’d buy.
  10. I would say you are probably confusing elite athleticism with elite receiving skills. Howard's production didn't match his elite athleticism in college and now we are seeing the same thing on the pro level. Maybe he hasn't put it together yet and needs to improve as his coach says. Brate and Howard have played together a little over two years. The snap counts is 1151 (Brate) to 1099 (Howard). Brate has 82 receptions 826 yards 12 TD Howard has 64 reception 1027 yards 11 TD Sometimes, these elite athletes at TE are not elite receivers and it takes some time for them to become productive. Vernon Davis and Jared Cook are prime examples.
  11. I felt that Godwin was better than an awesome #2. After some preseason McLaurin hype, I traded Kittle, McLaurin and Trey Quinn for Godwin and Olsen. I also managed to draft Godwin on all 6 of my redrafts, even taking him at the 2/3 turn in one league because I knew he wouldn’t make it back. With all the targets that left in DJax, Humphries and Jaquizz Rodgers I figured Godwin’s targets would approach Evans’ targets. Godwin seems more efficient in his catch rate and had more TD’s than Evans last year as a part time player. I thought he’d be better than Evans this year and he has the trajectory of a WR1.
  12. He seems to be in better shape than I recall.
  13. I have a lot of Allison, and even started him in one league. I wouldn't drop him over this one game. Given the TE usage, it suggest at least a third of the snaps were two tight end sets. It could be team specific. I need more information before I would outright drop him. What I did learn was that MVS has the early lead for the 2nd target to Adams and Graham is bigger obstacle than MVS.