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  1. I was the seller of Campbell and it was Campbell and 5.4 for 2.6 and 3.5. The initial offer was 2.6, and I was on the fence about it even though I didn't feel good about Campbell's long term value. Getting the 3.5 made it a very easy decision for me. I got McLaurin at 3.7 last year. Ironically, I gave 2.7 for Devante Parker last April to the same owner.
  2. Yes. Eli nearly beat Philly in Philly. I think Daniel Jones gets it done at home in a close game.
  3. Just saw it looks pretty clear. I'm playing Higbee. Original plan was to stream Hollister, but Higbee has earned my trust.
  4. Does the weather concern anyone. I know it’s rainy. Can anyone say how bad it is. I’d bench him because of the weather.
  5. Stay true to your draft board. I had some really good draft spots in my 6 redraft leagues. In the order they were drafted, I had #2(PPR), #4(Standard), #5(PPR), #8(Standard), #1(PPR) and #1(PPR). In my first two drafts, I got McCaffrey as my first pick. So, in my 5th draft with the #1 pick, I took Barkley to change it up. I'm 3-6 and need to win out to make the playoffs. Its my only redraft team where I'm likely to miss the playoffs. Had I taken McCaffrey, I'd be 6-3. With my last #1, I changed up again and took Kamara. I'm currently 7-2 and the #1 seed, so it hasn't hurt in that regard, as I would have likely had the same record with McCaffrey, but I'd gladly swap Kamara for McCaffrey right now.
  6. Got Baker Mayfied for a 2020 third, albeit a very early third rounder.
  7. The Giants are going to likely get Rosen for the semi-final and Haskens for the final.
  8. I didn't watch this game, but I did watch the Miami game and I thought Gore at 50 years old looked like the better runner.
  9. Not crazy. It is what I thought immediately after they said he wasn't injured.
  10. I don't think its ARians' scheme as much it is Arians' decision to make him a full time player. Godwin had great numbers last year for someone only playing 64% of the snaps. He is at 95% of the snaps this year. I think Godwin is going to continue to be a stud as long as he has competent QB play whether Arians leaves or not.
  11. He has had a couple balls clang off his hands this game. The hands are not that good. I think Brate is just a better player right now.