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  1. I consider Crowell a successful RB. Since he has been in the league, only McCoy, L. Miller, Gore, Gurley, Ingram, Demarco Murray, Bell and Elliot have more rushing yards, His best season was in 2016 when Cleveland was 30th in yards and 31st in scoring. Crowell had 198 carries for 952 yards and 7 TD's to go along with 40 receptions and 319 yards. He is a definitive upgrade over Doug Martin
  2. Spencer Ware seems like the obvious choice considering his history in KC with Nagy.
  3. I traded McKinnon for 2.2 right after the season because I thought he would be cut based on the season Breida had. Breida's season is better than anything McKinnon's done at this point. Coleman's signing confirms it for me.
  4. I expect Kamara's role to stay the same. Murray is a slight upgrade imo.
  5. Fred Taylor! My second favorite running back all time behind Barry Sanders.
  6. Followed what money? After his first three years, he was kind of a bust and was regularly outplayed by Pierre Thomas. It wasn't until his contract year, that he somewhat shed that label. It took him 4 years to develop into a pass catching RB, which was kind of surprising considering his dad was an NFL WR. I think the offer the Saints gave him was market value or better, and that is why he signed it. If someone offered him 8 million per year at this point, it would be a mistake.
  7. Dynasty PPR Flex 1QB 2RB 3WR 1Flex 1TE QB - Roethlisber RB - Gordon RB - Carson WR - Julio WR - Allen Robinson WR - Sutton TE - Kittle Flex - Jaylen Samuels I had a lot of luck with this one, minus Leveon all year, got in as the 5 seed. Used Ebron, Jalen Richard, Josh Adams, Gus Edward in the flex plenty. Weak at WR all year; S. Shepard, Moncreif and Cole are my depth. Dynasty PPR (1.5 TE) Flex 1QB 1-4RB 2-5WR 1-3TE QB - Luck RB - Zeke RB - Gordon RB - Kamara RB - Carson WR - Woods WR - Sutton TE - Kittle Regular season scoring champ. I started Cohen and Kirk plenty. Snead, A. Miller, and David Moore behind Sutton. Redraft PPR Flex 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex QB - Falcons (team QB) RB - Zeke RB - Mack WR - Adams WR - Hill Flex - Cooper TE - Brate With James Conner I was the #1 seed and scoring champ. I had OJ Howard before his injury. Standard 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE QB - Prescott RB - Mack RB - Chubb WR - Jeffery WR - Golladay WR - R. Anderson TE - Hooper Started with Cam as my QB and Hunt as my top RB, traded OBJ for David Johnson and Boyd early in the season. Standard 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex QB - Watson RB - McCaffrey RB - Chubb WR - Hopkins WR - Golladay TE - I. Thomas Flex - D. Williams I was drunk drafting and mistakenly drafted Hopkins over Fournette as my top pick. I also had Conner, Marvin Jones, and Burton at TE. I started slow until Chubb came on and made it to the 4 seed in week 14 as only 4 make the playoffs. I carried Ware on all five of my redraft teams, so I did get one week of use out of him.
  8. If it is true that there has never been a stat correction, there should be no expectation that the outcome would change. Why would there be a problem, unless team B is the commissioner.
  9. Odell ‘s rookie season playoff should be in
  10. Cam Newton's last two have been unreal to me. I was able to survive the first one, but not so much this week.
  11. I have too. And its a great matchup versus the Giants. I'm not sure I can take him out if Conner returns given the matchups.
  12. I need 64 points (PPR) from Cam, D.J. Moore and Ian Thomas. Strangely, I feel like Cam is going to get this done.
  13. I'm up 10 with Diggs vs Cousins and Rudolph Benching the Bears for the Broncos cost me 14 points and Cam Newton came up really small.
  14. This is what is most important to me. Is he playing at least 75% of the snaps? The results will vary, like Tyreek’s terrible game. If he is getting the run, start him with confidence.