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  1. NFC East - Philadelphia North - Green Bay South - New Orleans West - Seattle Wild Card - Chicago and LA Rams AFC East - New England North - Baltimore South - Indianapolis West - San Diego Wild Card - Tennessee and Pittsburgh Super Bowl Indianapolis over Green Bay
  2. 12 team PPR Flex started on 6-28-19 1.01 Harry, N'Keal NEP WR (R) 1.02 Jacobs, Josh OAK RB (R) 1.03 Montgomery, David CHI RB (R) 1.04 Sanders, Miles PHI RB (R) 1.05 Henderson, Darrell LAR RB (R) 1.06 Metcalf, DK SEA WR (R) 1.07 Campbell, Parris IND WR (R) 1.08 Hockenson, T.J. DET TE (R) 1.09 Brown, A.J. TEN WR (R) 1.10 Singletary, Devin BUF RB (R) 1.11 Fant, Noah DEN TE (R) 1.12 Brown, Marquise BAL WR (R) 2.01 Murray, Kyler ARI QB (R) 2.02 Samuel, Deebo SFO WR (R) 2.03 Hardman, Mecole KCC WR (R) 2.04 Arcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WR (R) 2.05 Isabella, Andy ARI WR (R) 2.06 Harris, Damien NEP RB (R) 2.07 Butler, Hakeem ARI WR (R) 2.08 Hill, Justice BAL RB (R) 2.09 Mattison, Alexander MIN RB (R) 2.10 Smith Jr., Irv MIN TE (R) 2.11 Thompson, Darwin KCC RB (R) 2.12 McLaurin, Terry WAS WR (R) 2.13 Haskins, Dwayne WAS QB (R) 3.01 Johnson, Diontae PIT WR (R) 3.02 Sternberger, Jace GBP TE (R) 3.03 Harmon, Kelvin WAS WR (R) 3.04 Boykin, Miles BAL WR (R) 3.05 Love, Bryce WAS RB (R) 3.06 Hurd, Jalen SFO WR (R) 3.07 Armstead, Ryquell JAC RB (R) 3.08 Anderson, Rodney CIN RB (R) 3.09 Williams, Dexter GBP RB (R) 3.10 Oliver, Josh JAC TE (R) 3.11 Snell, Benny PIT RB (R) 3.12 Ridley, Riley CHI WR (R) 4.01 Jones, Daniel NYG QB (R) 4.02 Anderson, Bruce TBB RB (R) 4.03 Knox, Dawson BUF TE (R) 4.04 Pollard, Tony DAL RB (R) 4.05 Johnson, KeeSean ARI WR (R) 4.06 Williams, Preston MIA WR (R) 4.07 Warring, Kahale HOU TE (R) 4.08 Lock, Drew DEN QB (R) 4.09 Ozigbo, Devine NOS RB (R) 4.10 Weber, Mike DAL RB (R) 4.11 Hall, Emanuel CHI WR (R) 4.12 Jennings, Gary SEA WR (R)
  3. Pretty sure I couldn’t get Godwin and a 1st. I owned Kittle on all 4 of my dynasty teams and have traded him in three. Public opinion has me on the wrong side of all three. He was a luxury to me because I got him cheaply all 4 times, well ahead him becoming a thing. It was much easier to trade him than Gronk (during the season), Ebron, or Njoku to transfer the value out of the TE position. Gronk’s retirement has been the only hiccup in the plan. In this latest one, I think Olsen/Njoku will do just fine. Godwin slides in with Cooks, DJ Moore, Parker, Deebo, Paris Campbell and Marvin Jones.
  4. Gave: George Kittle, Trey Quinn, Terry McLaurin Received: Chris Godwin, Greg Olsen
  5. Gave: C. Carson and Sutton (to the Penny owner) Received: N. Harry
  6. 12 team PPR (1.25 TE) Flex Gave: Courtland Sutton and George Kittle Received: Amari Cooper
  7. I made this trade right before the season last year. I’ve always been high on Mack and feel like his injury suppressed his value. I think Golladay is a low end WR2 and Mack is a low end RB1.
  8. I acquired him straight up for Charles Simms after the Rams signed Sammy Watkins. He is one of the most consistent WR’s there is. Almost a lock to finish WR 10-18.
  9. I have had a hard time quitting too. He seem poised for a third year breakout with 56 reception 744 yards and 4 TD's after year 2. Then Jay Cutler happened, so I didn't lay most of the blame on him, but he followed it up with another dud with Tannehill/Osweiler. I still own him in one league and traded 2.7 for him before the NFL draft. It turns out I would have been able to get JJ Arcega-Whiteside or Damien Harris at that pick, so it better work out.
  10. Marvin Jones - a top 30 WR that is currently being drafted in the 50's.
  11. I like the Anderson side. I think Ingram is and has been overrated.
  12. Trubisky's supporting cast was much worse, Kendall Wright, Dontrell Inman, Josh Bellamy and Markus Wheaton. They combined for 84.2 PPR points in his first 7 starts. His last 7 starts to end his rookie season they had 149.8.
  13. Trubisky Goff L. Jackson Not sure what the takeaway is though. Jackson's top 4 WR targets (J. Brown, Crabtree, Snead and Chis Moore) totaled 115.3 fantasy points in PPR scoring during his 7 starts. As bad as Goff was, his top 4 targets (Britt, Quick, T. Austin and Pharoh Cooper) totaled 173.9. I think most would say Jackson had better targets than Goff. The Ravens have a good team and control the clock with their running game, so even though Jackson was more efficient than Goff, it produced less fantasy points for his WR. The landing spot is terrible to go along with his size being an issue. Hollywood just went 2.6 (pick 18) in my latest draft. I too wouldn't consider him until early 2nd round.