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  1. Callahan was the assistant head coach there right? Why is assumed he didn’t feel the same was as Gruden? Seriously asking.
  2. Personally I was thinking it would have ended up like Golden Tate again. Get a weapon and hand it to an inept OC who can’t get them into the offense and waste pick and everyone’s time.
  3. Not following this one. Beat Atlanta at home and smoked Minnesota the week after. Or do you mean lucky to overcome the loss of Wentz? Either way that’s coaching and a damn good job by him and the staff.
  4. You have to cut the cancer out. I’m fine with seeing these young guys play in place of a WR who talks like he’s in HS and runs like a 3rd TE and one that can’t catch a cold. Start developing a chemistry with these young guys and start feeding Howard, Ertz and Goedert more. He definitely played a part. Same with Defilipo. It’s not a coincidence they’re doing well with trash at QB. Damn McDaniels killed that for us
  5. I’m still in on Doug but if guys are late and not showing up (think Bradham earlier) etc than a lamb has to go to slaughter. There’s being a players coach and than here’s being a doormat. It’s a thin line. If you think Jefferey is the talker send him to Miami or Cincy for pennies on the dollar and just cut Aghalor period. People need to fall in line.
  6. Yeah. The D from a scheme, talent and depth standpoint is a damn disaster. It’s unbelievable how bad they are at EVERYTHING
  7. Howie is gonna get the axe first I think. He’s great with the cap and trades but is just flat out awful with the drafting. Maybe add another “football guy”? I don’t know man. Either way we HAVE to hit this next draft. Have to have 4 contributors who show talent and that they belong. Also have to weed out these talkers too. Send Alshon to Cincy or Miami and see how much he talks than.
  8. And it’s things like that which give me pause about firing Swartz. It doesn’t matter who you have as DC, that play doesn’t change.
  9. What’s scary is that what do you do when the good guys like Brooks, Kelce, Cox, Graham, Jenkins, Jeffery etc all break down completely or slip? What do you have than?