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  1. And the QB talent doesn't seem strong either. At least not at this point.
  2. One thing I have learned is that if you hear about us about to make a move than it's probably BS. Howie is like a ninja, you hear nothing until it's over.
  3. I love the attitude MIlls plays with actually. He doesn't come off as timid and I like that about him.
  4. All the pressure has to be on Dallas, right? I'm interested to see how this game plays out.
  5. "Surgical shot" is just funny, period Im using that one the next time I try for a kid
  6. Hell of a hit
  7. He also now leads the league in holding calls despite playing one less game than a lot of others.
  8. He at the very least has to catch it IMO. There's quite a bit of TE's in his price range that make that catch AND score.
  9. He is just very inconsistent in just about every aspect of his game. For the past could years now he finishes with a flurry...usually in the last 4-5 games of the season with 2 very big games, then is ready to "break out" the next season and its more of what you saw yesterday. For 3 years now he is ready to take the next step and pretty much stays the same. Im not blaming him for the loss. Just saying that he adds almost nothing to our offense. He may be the worst of the 3 as a blocker and he never seems to matter as a receiver. The slant near the end zone was a perfect example of his career to far IMO
  10. And Zach Ertz is making a run for the most overrated Eagle. He just doesn't seem to have an impact on the games in any way until its out of hand or our season is over Im 100% certain that next years headlines will read that he is having a great camp, no one can cover him, and that he will be breaking out this season.
  11. EAGLES PENALTIES BY WEEK 1 - 7 (46) 2 - 7 (60) 3 - 10 (99) 5 - 14 (111) 6 - 13 (114) TOTAL: 51 for 430 Gotta be more disciplined.
  12. #Eagles run defense last two weeks against RBs: 48 carries, 287 yards (5.98 yards per carry).