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  1. I agree. Wasn't every single HC hired this past off-season an offensive guy? You cant hire a defensive minded HC for the same reasons. Use Jacksonville as an example, the second their offense explodes their OC is gone and they'll be playing catch up. Teams know this now and Schwartz has a big enough sample size as a HC for teams to look at. IF he leaves, I think its next season but not this year. If anyone leaves after this season its Reich and maybe DeFillipo
  2. I think there's even a much bigger issue as well. The thought is that Cleveland will just pick a QB this coming season. If Wentz continues to impress there wont be a day their new rookie QB isn't compared to Wentz. That's a pretty crappy spot to have a rookie QB in
  3. Doug even acknowledged this point this morning. He said (paraphrasing) when he first viewed Wentz that he liked him better than Goff and didn't care which school he (Wentz) went to, felt like he could be a good starter after a year of developing.
  4. Doug Pederson on Carson Wentz's obsession with film study and preparation: "It's Peyton Manning-ish."
  5. Doug Pederson on Carson Wentz's obsession with film study and preparation: "It's Peyton Manning-ish."
  6. Watch All of Carson Wentz’s Throws against the Steelers
  7. Watch All of Carson Wentz’s Throws against the Steelers
  8. Just some things I noticed from yesterdays game Wentz is just good to where I cant really put it into words. There was one point, late in the game, where Wentz went deep to Matthews on like a 3rd and 4 and we were already up 34-3…they originally called it a catch and then waived it off….anyway, Wentz comes over to the bench and Im like 3 feet from him, Daniel, Doug and they’re talking about the play….Doug rolls and Wentz says to Matthews “As soon as I saw the D I was throwing.”…this is a kid who had a week as the starter before the season and 3 games in he can call/ change his own plays…its unreal. Baldy (or maybe it was Anthony) said something this morning and it was just a simple question….”Have we even seen his best?” You cant possible say “Yes”, right? I mean its 3 starts in with one week to prepare as a starter….the answer has to be “no” and that’s scary Nice to see the running game pick up in the second half as well. I don't want to sound too much like a homer but when you just watch Smallwood, he seems to have "it" as well. Some great runs and moves by him. When you're on the field you just have such a deeper respect and appreciation for Sproles. I have no clue how a man his size, playing the position he does, does so well. Barner looks like he bulked up more from last season to this season as well. He looked very good running the ball. The OL did AMAZING. I also love them adding the extra OL on some if the early downs. Not just with the defense but you can just see what good coaching can do to a team. It's literally night and day. If I were Lurie I'd give guys like Swartz and Reich a blank check and tell them they're not allowed to leave lol That may have been Malcolm Jenkins' best game as an Eagle. There was nothing he didn't do great yesterday. The drive late in the game when the Steelers went for it on 4th and 5 after the running into the kicker--Did we almost pick all 4 of those plays off? Brandon Graham again....jeez this guy is great against the run and rushing the QB. The "kill shot" after Graham recovers the fumble on the sack was awesome. In fact, being up as much as we were and choosing to throw instead of running the ball knowing the D knows you're running is awesome as well. The tackling yesterday was incredible. The chants were great too. The best was the "beat the traffic" as all the Steeler fans were leaving Just a great win and a great feeling heading into the bye.
  9. It wont just be Schwartz. Detroit embarrassed us very bad last season on Thanksgiving. We have 2 weeks to prepare for a revenge game. Should be interesting.
  10. I think you're starting to see it this season. Just to put things in perspective....he wasn't the starter here after our 4th pre-season game and only became the starter a week before the season once we dealt Bradford. When you factor that in along with our skill players it's incredible what he's done. He'll have 2 weeks to adjust more to the pro game with our bye and come out against Detroit and Washington. Look out
  11. Well his times may be now with Langford out with an ankle injury. Even prior to the injury I think Howard had more touches.
  12. Only cost me $1 this week. I grabbed him and Washington (Detroit) and I'm hoping to hit on one.
  13. Any video of his carries from Sunday?
  14. I will be shocked if we win the game. Ben and AB are on another level and Williams looks like a stud...their going to be very hared to slow down.
  15. That would be amazing @Billy Bats...I'll just take a close game one way or the other. I want to know if we can hang with a team and offense like they have.