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  1. I played alot and never finished the game. With that said I LOVED IT!! I'll be finishing the story very soon.
  2. He got the nomination pretty much the same way Obama did and it was mainly due to their timing. "Change" versus the "Anti- political correctness" that Trump is going with.
  3. I drove to what I thought was magic kingdom and im now in a long line waiting for a monorail. Was there to a faster, better way to get to the park? We're going back Friday as well and I don't want to have to wait this long again.
  4. The house we're staying at is for sale and we considered it while drunk and I couldn't imagine with this heat. I wouldn't leave the house lol
  5. How long does a full monorail loop take?
  6. Yeah there's no way he told him 3x to get his hands up unless he was yelling it from the car as they pulled up. The cops history in this is a major issue. No way should he have been able to have a job, as a cop, after his history. Thays just a damn shame.
  7. I can't say how much I underestimated the heat and humidity down here. I have dealt with 95+ before but this is completely different level.
  8. I can't really see, it looks like when the cops pull up he reaches into his waste band to me. Do you see the same?
  9. Yes, it's a mixed bag and that in itself is my point. To me, it's silly to expect all humans to act in the same situation as another person in that situation. Take 10 people and point a gun at them and you will probably see 10 different reactions. Also, you keep adding things that weren't present at the time as far as I know. "Toy gun " seems to come up a lot from you. Was it known, by police, that the kid had a toy gun before they shot him? If they knew, you and I agree. If not, I don't see why interjecting it after that fact is being done. Someone else pointed out that Ohio has an open carry. I wasn't aware of that. I also didn't file any of the story afterwards. What were the officers stories?
  10. Having a gun out and in a park is in itself menacing I disagree with your second paragraph as well. They have lives and families too. When they respond to a call of a kid/person openly waiving a gun in a park you or anyone will be on edge. Some react to that different. I personally have no clue what I would do in that situation. You're in a lose-lose. If you hesitate and he shoots your partner in the face, how do you explain to his wife and kids that the reason he is dead was due to you "wanting to see" if the gun was real? The flip side is equally as bad. How do you explain to a family that you killed a kid who was playing with a toy. People generally feel the need to pick a side. Sometimes the situation is just facked up and you do what you feel is the best.
  11. You know this after the fact though, correct? Going in (unless I'm wrong) the officers didn't know that. They were responding to a kid with a gun in the park.
  12. So far I didn't think any of the crowds were bad, however, I don't have anything to compare them to other than Busch Gardens or another park. I have found Disney to be so much easier to park in, get around and leave without any traffic at all. Even when the masses left after the final show at Epcot I didn't hit a single bit of traffic. BTW, we are going to MK all day tomorrow and for like half the day on Friday before going to dinner at Shutters for my daughters 18th birthday
  13. Yet, those 2 seconds would have been enough for an officer to die. The disconnect (IMO) is that people are never willing to objectively look at the other side, they say they do, however, it always seems to be with a slanted eye. Had both officers taken the wait and see approach one could have been killed. It's just an overall bad situation and I couldn't imagine being in a situation where I had to make that call. Maybe. I'm white and was once surrounded by police officers and ordered to the ground because the police thought I had a gun. It was a Mountain Dew in my pocket. Turns out the Sunocco employee I purchased the soda from pressed the panic button and said he thought I was armed. Sometimes things happen... I never thought of what would happen had I been Puerto Rican, black, etc. Something in that employees history made him think I was carrying or dangerous. Same with your situation I assume. Something made him think you were potentially dangerous. Was I mad? Sure. However, I guess I rationalized it by putting myself in their shoes.
  14. Went to Animal Kingdom on day one and spent a total of 9.5 hours in the park. The shade in that park was a huge help for my little guys (7 & 6). We fast passed Dinosaur, Rapids and The Safari. The safari we fast passed started at like 4 and it was SOOO hot! As soon as we hoped in the truck it started to POUR and we loved it. The rain seemed to energize a lot of the animals as well which made for an even better experience. The thunder and lightening seemed to scare the elephants and they started to run away which was cool and somewhat scary at the same time lol. The dinosaur ride was pretty good as well. We were a little disappointed in the rapids though. We barely got wet and the ride seemed to be over pretty quickly. We also met Donald and my girls met Pocahontas. The shows we saw were Nemo the musical and The festival of the Lion King. These shows IMO are a must see, they were SO good and get you out of the heat for at least a half an hour. Day 2 we went to Epcot and unlike the above there is NO SHADE ANYWHERE! There is a lot of walking as well. We were there 9 hours. We all went on Test Track, Soren, Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, Nemo and some little boat type of ride in Mexico. We didn't fast pace Frozen and the wait never dipped below 70 minutes so we just scratched the idea of going. We met Baymax, Belle and Mary Poppins. Test Track and Soren are just amazing. I can't say enough how great these rides were. We saw a couple other street shows as we were walking around as well. Serveur Amusant in France was pretty good. It's an acrobatic show. The other was in Italy and it was a juggling show called Sergio. He picked me and youngest son to participate. Everyone made the ball into the big net he had except me, of course lol. Speaking of Italy we stopped at a place called Via Napoli Ristorante E Pizzeria. We got their biggest pizza (I forget the name). We got a half of pepperoni and pancetta and the other half cheese (awesome) anyway, the entire pizza was $70 including gratuity and fed all 6 of us. Pretty damned good deal for eating in the park IMO. Also, Germany has this grapefruit beer that I won't attempt to spell and it was AMAZING. I'd highly recommend you try it if you haven't done so already. We left the park at 5 after 8 hours and crashed. We went back at 8, went to France for some ice cream (cinnamon ice cream with roasted pecans and apple crumbles was very good) and went to watch the fireworks show after which was also very good. I underestimated just how hot it would be down here but we have all avoided any sunburn. My only real complaint so far would be the seats. Everywhere is either cement, stone or wood which sucks. Today is one of our off days before heading to Magic Kingdom tomorrow. All in all this has been an amazing 2 days.
  15. Made it to Savannah in 11 hours. Didn't hit a bit of traffic leaving at 7:00 AM. GPS took me around 95 in DC so I guess that's why. Stopped at Whileys for some BBQ and am getting a hotel now. Thanks for the help guys.