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  1. I'd be ok with this but I honestly I wouldn't be expecting a lot in return. IMO he's pretty limited.
  2. What would you say Jordan does well to believe he could be very productive?
  3. Dude any good Wr is going to get a nice amount of money. We are not paying any QB, RB or WR money right now. Paying one will not make a difference. And the last thing i am worried about is a mentor for our young WRs. If we had a top 20-25 WR you and I wouldn't even be having this conversation. I wouldn't want Jeffery at all. As it stands now he's a must.
  4. Nelson Aghlor DGB Jordan Matthews Paul Turner Bryce Treggs Thats how. Advanced stats had that as the worst group in th NFL. The 04 thing really doesn't apply here. We went 7-9 with a rookie HC and QB, while facing the best schedule in the league with the worst WR's and CB's in football. We are a LOT closer than you're leading on. We have two huge gaping holes and they need stability. Every name besides Jeffery is not stability at all. It's a penny in a well
  5. As a casual fan this is one of the things I don't get too far involved with. Every year there's teams who are close or over etc and they seem to end up finding a way. The Saints come to mind a few years back. They were over the cap and still sighed Byrd to the richest deal for a FS ever. Out of all the things, our cap is what I trust Howie with the most. We'll be just fine and he'll erase those mistakes Chip made too.
  6. Just to nitpick a little--Youre going to have to find a spot for DL specifically the right side. Logan and Barwin are gone and Vinny Curry looks bad. We are going to have to find a place for DL help and IMO it's needed more than OL. We seemed to get a couple solid rookies last season on OL and with another season under their belt they should be even better.
  7. Under normal circumstances I would agree with you. We just have nothing at WR and we are in desperate need of two. Also, if we want Wentz to develop and move forward he needs weapons to grow with. If they don't get Jeffery, fine, but if not you HAVE to get one early in the draft.
  8. Odds on where Alshon Jeffery lands: Field -105 Bears +150 Eagles +900 49ers +1400 Titans +1500 Dolphins +2000 Ravens +2500 @bookmaker_eu
  9. The kid has zero speed and separation. If we're grabbing a WR late I'd rather have Josh Reynolds.
  10. It's close but yes, I have him over Williams at the moment. His speed and agility are phenomenal from what I can see. He also tracks the deep ball like Desean and looks to have damn good hands. The tweet I posted above was one of the more impressive aspects of his game too--He gets off the line very well. Outside of the injury issues and size, he checks a lot of boxes. It's going to be very interesting to see what order these 3 go in.
  11. If we ended up with Cruz and Lacy I would be furious.
  12. DB's always seem to be rated high before the combine. They usually fall while QB and OT's move up. I have probably watched a few hours of each of my top 3 WR's now and I have it as 1. Davis 2. Ross 3. Williams
  13. The ACL didn't seem to bother him last year so I'm not worried about it at all this year. Same with the shoulder if if hes ready by camp. He's also being listed at 190 from everywhere I can see which would have his body size at the same as AB and Beckham. He seems to use his hands very well and gets off the line great from what I've seen
  14. Peters has to take a pay cut. Ones that seem to be gone are Barwin (8 million), Kendricks (6 million), Kelce (6 million) and Ryan Matthews (5 million)...Im not sure what they can do with Chase Daniel either. The only one I want from that group is Jeffery. If they don't get him, get the cheapest one with speed you can get and draft one 1st. Right now there are 3 WR's I really like in this draft in Davis, Williams and Ross and I'd be fine with either one.