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  1. NBA refs have to easily be the worst of all the major sports. This Sixers game is just ridiculous
  2. Cool. Any other preconceived notions you’d like to spout about me? I agreed that I think some would have taken it that way but I wouldn’t have.
  3. I’d say it’s 20+ who would have wanted him to show up. Probably a lot more I also can’t imagine that the NFLPA invite would have helped since hes a FA. Not sure if he’s actually still in or not. I agree somewhat with the last paragraph in that it may have looked like a publicity stunt to some. But I’m sure it would’ve meant a lot to the people who are supporting him currently.
  4. You mean the players who support him, wanted him there and he didn’t show and never told them why. It’s a bad look, period.
  5. Carefully worded. Was not invited by “team executives or by any official of the NFL” He was invited by players. The ones supporting his cause and he declined to go and never gave them a reason until a couple minutes ago.
  6. First off....what? Lol ”wild assumptions” don’t do the over the top thing, it’s a bad look
  7. You’re right, he seems like a guy who does what he’s told to do....
  8. Carson Wentz is the MOST blitzed QB in the NFL! Blitzed on (39.3%) of his dropbacks! Wentz has thrown 5 TDs & 0 INTs vs blitz
  9. Shows a lot doesn’t it?
  10. And how long does that last for? Does the $10 cover you indefinitely?
  11. That just seems insane on so many levels.
  12. Freezing the credit reports do what exactly?
  13. at the people thinking he has any shot at winning this. This is the final nail in the coffin for him. Any hope of a mercy bang from an NFL team ended when he filed this.
  14. Does McCarthy generally split? I remember a lot of bellcows under him
  15. Eagles have the most 20+ point performances (19) in the NFL since the start of the 2016 season. (Falcons and Patriots are at 18 right now.) The Eagles have scored 20+ points in 10 consecutive games, which is the longest active streak in the NFL. The combined record of the Eagles' final 10 opponents is 18-30. Nigel Bradham said one of the Panthers told him he didn't know he was such a beast. Bradham's response, "Guess you don't watch football." Nigel Bradham: "We put the league on notice. We showed we're one of the top teams." 17 tackles on the day for Mychal Kendricks. 17! Love the butt slap for the ref by Rasul Douglas So it would appear the Eagles can win a game if Lane Johnson doesn't play. It'll be 39 days from now before the Eagles play on the road again. 3 home games and a bye upcoming. Jake Elliott's Last 10 FGs: NYG ?46: ? ?61: ? LAC ?45: ? ?40: ? ?53: ? ?47: ? ARI ?36: ? ?28: ? CAR ?50: ? ?48: ? **************************** A bunch of tweets form after the game I wanted to pass along.