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  1. Couple breakdowns and you can see where the coaching all over kills simple plays. Play 1 Play 2
  2. 2017: HC- Doug Pederson OC- Frank Reich QB Coach- John DeFilippo RB Coach- Duce Staley WR Coach- Mike Groh 2020: HC- Doug Pederson Assistant HC/ RB’s- Duce Staley OC- None Pass game coordinator/ QB coach- Press Taylor Assistant run game coordinator/assistant running backs – T. J. Paganetti Wide receivers – Aaron Moorehead Assistant wide receivers – Matthew Harper
  3. The going for 2 stood out to me because normally he’s always been cool under pressure. He was always good at deciding on when to be aggressive and when not to be. While the loyalty is a huge flaw, that decision was just another domino that fell and was it for me. Even his aggressive decisions seem stupid and manufactured.
  4. Watching Derek Carr last night is why I still have hope for Wentz. It shows you what a good coach and scheme can do for a player. There’s so many other examples of this around the league. And if he is done hopefully we covered our ### with Hurts.
  5. The biggest difference is that Chip lost the locker room. I don’t get the impression yet with Doug, but give it 3-4 more losses in a row and we may be there. Hes been declining ever since the SB. The second he went for 2 down 4 that was the final nail for me. You are so far removed from any rational thought at that point you are beyond saving.
  6. It’s just the Doug way. Its why we kept Sproles as a player than coach Its why he told coaches they’re safe Its why he says he has to get Jeffery in Its why Agholor kept being ran out there. Why JJAW is still on the field If he picked you as a starter in July/August you are locked into that spot no matter what. He is Mr Loyalty
  7. You’re too into this. We’d have to have a much more nuanced conversation. Who’s coaching, OC, depth etc. As it stands now you have some awesome skill players and OL lead by Daniel Jones and a defense that seems to be more name recognition than production at this point for a decent amount of them 🤷‍♂️
  8. Jordan Mailata in 273 snaps as starting LT against Pittsburgh, Baltimore, 49ers, and Giants: - 3 sacks, 3 QB hits, 8 total pressures allowed Jason Peters in 47 snaps at LT vs Browns: - 3 sacks, 3 QB hits, 7 total pressures allowed Oh, and that Garret guy didn’t play
  9. Here’s what you missed: Doug Pederson was asked why Alshon Jeffery is on the team. “He’s part of the offense. He’s coming off injury. We have to get him in the game a little bit more. That’s on me to get him in the game.”
  10. Yep. Start with the HC and see what we can do. We have seen what Wentz is capable of with good coaching. Maybe he fell of a cliff and is beyond repair but we have to start with a coaching change first IMO
  11. Dallas is the worst team in the NFC and a half game out of hosting a playoff game Sounds about 2020 to me 😂
  12. And I stand by my position that you could combine all 4 teams and still produce a losing team lol
  13. Yeah well he looked very Doug’ish yesterday trying to lose his game ’17 happened like a lot of Super Bowls IMO. You have a new coach who doesn’t have a lot of tape for other teams, a couple hot players and some luck along the way. It took a ball going right through Julio’s hands, in the end zone, to win that game. Foles and Doug are hot in the next two games and it’s history.
  14. You don’t get the choice if you want to keep your job. The day Peters said that should have been his last as an Eagle. Think the guy in NE would have tolerated that?