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  1. Chip is too good to be a college HC abut fine with being a NCAA analyst
  2. That may be a stretch. The only thing this does is confirm that Feltcher may not be very bright. Scheduling a vacation when you should be at OTA's and wanting steak well done? Yeah, he's not bright.
  3. Oh plenty will remember the Pig socks and Fidel Castro shirts and the cause the supported as well.
  4. I understand the meaning but it's painting with a very broad brush. Player wise it will affect some, or just a few or none at all. His distractions will more than likely bother every owner though.
  5. And Sean Payton was considering Johnny Manziel a few weeks ago too. In the unlikely scenario he signs, makes the team and even plays its not worth it for teams. That tweet is, well, awful. Players (like a Tebow) can be a distraction for their team without having an impact on the teams record.
  6. No employer wants drama, of any kind, from an almost meaningless (back up QB) person. It's that simple.
  7. I couldn't really put a grade on the draft. I just looked at the picks and positions. We hit key areas and we'll see how that plays out. As far as FA we did fantastic as far as I'm concerned. That's from both a player and contract perspective. Kept OL and surrounded Carson with weapons while seemingly losing nothing.
  8. Now that our off season seems to be pretty much over, how do you think Howie and Co. did? I give them a solid A
  9. He doesn't seem like a scheme fit but it's nice to add a veteran bruiser until we see what we have.
  10. Blount signed to a 1-year deal
  11. Mack Hollins seems to be getting really good reviews from what Ive read.
  12. Had he been coming off a 12 sack season you wouldn't hear a word from me. And the second paragraph is what Philly fans often do and that overrate what we have. When you think of Von Miller, Khalil Mack and JJ Watt you're actually putting Graham in that class. That's madness. He's not even the focal point of our DL I like him as a player. He's a good player. There's nothing wrong with being good but he's not worthy of a holdout IMO.
  13. It seems like reaching to make him look better than he is IMO. He's good but that's it. If he's as disruptive as perceived he's going to have way more sacks than 17 over 3 season playing next to a guy drawing constant double teams.
  14. My point was that in order for us to even consider this there would have to be a benefit for us. I like him as a player but he's not the type/ caliber of player deserving of a hold out IMO.