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  1. Shot 6 - Perfect play call or a well-executed sight adjustment from QB/WR? Regardless, it's a first down for DGB
  2. Shot 6 - Perfect play call or a well-executed sight adjustment from QB/WR? Regardless, it's a first down for DGB
  3. With what we have he's going to be featured down there. He may be able to have 8-9 this season.
  4. Our D and the Giants D are going to do a lot better than last year IMO
  5. Zeke is going to be a beast no doubt but if Romo misses a lot of time it's going to hurt his value. This is just pre-season and having a rookie QB and RB starting may be to much to overcome. Remeber, it's just pre-season.
  6. Is this just limited to WR's too? I mean, if it's known that the LG may not be bright then the team probably can't check out of plays ever....and if Belecheck knows that he will make the team check out of plays all day and when an offense attempts this he will know it's BS. Its like picking someone's play in Tecmo i undersand what you're saying and you're overstating a lot. Depending on the team/staff they may have limited checks anyway. Depending on the play and formation his route/responsibility may not even change.
  7. Oh yeah. You're reasoning was ridiculously far fetched. Seems like the theme in here though....I mean DBG is obviously the stupidest football player ever. Im surprised he can even spell his name with all those letters. We should probably give him his playbook with everything written in crayon...
  8. So Belicheck would just make a team with DBG check out of plays all game? Or adjust his D when he thinks a team checked out of a play to do what exactly?
  9. This is going to get interesting after he catches a TD this week
  10. Even though he played Center we should be putting a claim in for Bryan Stork--Young enough and could help at guard
  11. Interesting. Doe anyone know where this same info can be found on MFL?
  12. Its a conditional 7....I don't care if we get it or not...
  13. Good to see the "done" crowd back for season 3!
  14. It depends on the next week or so but Braman could very easily be gone. Means is making the team.