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  1. Maybe I misunderstood something along the way but when we talked about injustices and murders I thought we were talking about blacks people. My main point is that while injustice is bad, murder is far worse and for some reason doesn’t generate a fraction of the energy. That’s a problem. A gigantic problem
  2. There’s not “many” others who have been killed by police. Or I guess it depends on how you define many. 10 last year. 10 black deaths by police. How many in Chicago alone this year?
  3. I’m honestly starting to lean towards you not listening to the Brees interview at all. This is why I asked which part you disagreed with. When you said everything I bailed. So when he gave his reasons for what the anthem means to him, that made you angry?
  4. Just the overall hypocrisy of all they we’re seeing now. Thousands and thousands of black lives taken before Floyd. Thousands and thousands after. How many will get BLM protests? Trends on Twitter? 24 hour news coverage? Thousands of peaceful protest? We know the answer. Now why? People wanted to “move forward but only with my criteria” while ignoring massive death all over simply because they’re not told to care.
  5. "Is everything right with out country right now? No, it's not. We still have a long way to go." - Drew Brees No BS. Could you imagine saying that and being crushed by people at the same time?
  6. So you’re telling me Wentz and Brees are two different people who handled situations differently? That’s not allowed now "Is everything right with our country right now? No, it's not. We still have a long way to go." - Drew Brees Literally what he said in the video. See but it wasn’t EXACTLY what Malcom wanted. So he must be attacked until he falls in line
  7. Get them to fear something they can’t prove Those Dems are some crafty MFers man
  8. It’s not an error. It’s normal. Over 7,000 people die every single day on average. That’s a lot of relating to or empathizing. Enough to drive you nuts and that’s just death. It’s just not possible to be that invested. As mentioned a few pages ago. Chicago’s crime is basically a curse word now. It’s brushed off with ease in favor of anything else. Why? Youre not told to care about them.
  9. It’s simply a way to get you off the point and into line. Nothing more. It’s happening in this thread already. How many people touched that Chicago comment you made a few pages ago besides me? It’s 2020 where emotion > facts
  10. How challenging would it have been for a high level athlete in any sport to hop on the radio for an hour or so every other day to spread their message? How many reporters and mics are they in front of weekly in the locker room or off the field. The avenues to bring awareness are endless for them. And here we go.....the elephant in the room that brings out the hypocrisy. Chicago has been mentioned so often that it’s almost a curse word for proving a point. Those are actual lives too correct? What makes Floyd’s death more deserving of attention than the thousands and thousands before and after him? If people want real change they’ll start with real issues that are happening every single day in every city that don’t get a single tweet or headline. But they won’t and we all know why—The ones who scream injustice don’t give a ####. They’re just too scared to say they don’t care unless they’re told to care.
  11. You’re getting closer. Everyone now will have to have an opinion (one opinion) or else. Which part of Brees’ video upset you the most?
  12. I’m not even close to being upset. Please stop deflecting. You don’t respect my opinion enough to tell me which part of a video upset you? That was complicated how?
  13. And teammates came to his defense as well. Did Marcus Davenports view make its round yet? I’m guessing no....