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  1. There’s no excuse and it would be malpractice to not add Cooper/Anderson and draft or trade up for one this year.
  2. Funny thing about this too was that many people (I think Jimmy did too) bashed Eskin when he said he knew who it was who was talking to Josina. Either way he’s gone which is good. Now sigh Cooper and draft Lamb/Ruggs/Reagor and our offense is incredible
  3. WR Jalen Reagor Height: 5-10 5/8 Weight: 206 Hand: 9 4/8 Arm: 31 3/8 Wingspan: 74 3/8
  4. Watching tape of all the rookie WR’s and we have no excuse for not getting Jalen Reagor in this draft. This kid looks like he’s going to be amazing.
  5. Where the Eagles' 2019 season went wrong, part I: Big pass plays allowed Video of every play can be found in this thread.
  6. If the health doesn’t do better this year I have no clue what it could be. These guys come with good resumes across the board. And Sproles must have some damn good pics or texts from someone in the front office 😂. Nah, all kidding aside I’m happy to have him and Celek on board
  7. Love this thread. Keep up the good work!!
  8. Scangarello (whatever is role is) has had 12 jobs since 1998. With the turnover we’ve had he’ll fit right in. Hope he doesn’t unpack lol
  9. Team needs fresh eyes and promotes from within....again. Either Press is a budding star or Doug is too loyal. It will be interesting to see which it is.
  10. “Scangarello is from Kyle Shanahan tree, was OC for the Broncos in 2019. "Ideas" guy especially for run game w/pre-snap motion/misdirection that Shanahan does so well. Breiner worked under Joe Moorhead, who was Penn State's OC when McSorely/Saquon were shredding Big Ten defenses.”