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  1. He hasn’t been anything in the return game for quite some time now. He’s also only played 9 games the past two seasons and at 36 I can’t imagine he has much, if anything left. I have the opposite take for if he makes the team too. If he makes it, it will be because he’s a veteran guy IMO. I’d much rather let some of the younger guys battle for that 3rd and possible 4th spot.
  2. Great job getting the deal done now. The longer we waited the more expensive it would have been and this also points to his back definitely being 100%
  3. First teety bar I ever went to and I’m pretty sure it’s still there.
  4. I have no idea how you come to that conclusion. He has power to his game for sure but he makes a lot of people miss. You can see it in any highlights and I don’t recall seeing a scouting report anywhere saying he’s more power than making people miss.
  5. I don’t know that he’ll be the next Shady, but when you watch his highlights there’s a lot of Shady in him. There’s no question about it. He makes people miss a lot.
  6. And the list of backs not as agile as McCoy is a pretty damn long list. Im excited to see the kid in our offense. It seems like a perfect fit.
  7. Can someone find a spider graph of LeSean McCoy and Miles Sanders? Thats who Sanders reminds me of when I watch him and going off of memory I think they would have tested around the same. I have zero issues with Sanders being picked. None. He seems to have everything you want in a 2019 NFL RB. Fumbling issues can be corrected. We have a potential 3 down RB who looks like he could be a nightmare in space.
  8. Correct. After Howard and Sanders we have a bunch of 3rd-4th RB’s. Let them battle it out.
  9. They have to get Seamolu off the field. I’d kick Peters to LG and start Dillard. Then let everyone else compete for RG until we see what’s up with Brooks.
  10. Love the first 2 picks. Dillard and Sanders will pay immediate dividends. Sanders may be on the field 60-70% of the time as the season moves on. Going to hold off on Arcega-Whiteside until I see how he’s used though. We have Jeffery, Jackson, Agholor, Hollins (hopefully) Braxton Miller and Charles Johnson. Arcega-Whiteside could be a 4th or even 5th WR air Hollins is 100% I’m good with Miller and Thorson. Can always use a potential pass rusher and Sudfield can walk soon. We’ll have to see how they look. All I wanted was 3 guys who would get on the field and help. I’m sure we already have 2. We’ll see on the rest
  11. Harris is a 1st down RB. We don’t need or want that. I love Henderson Montgomery and Adderly’s speed worry me Love probably won’t get drafted at all.