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  1. I’ll be very curious to hear about his pro-day. If he posts really solid agility drills his value could jump up a good bit IMO
  2. NFL Paid Under $10 Million to Settle Colin Kaepernick Grievance
  3. Meet the Prospect is back with a breakdown of versatile RB Josh Jacobs.
  4. Definitely super cheap. Just hope he has something left. Apparently he was abysmal in TB
  5. We don’t have what I would consider an average RB though. I agree it’s a replaceable position but you need some talent there.
  6. He played this year like he wanted a payday too. He looked very, very soft last season.
  7. The more I watch the more I want Devin Bush. This kid is a player and would be on the field all 3 downs. He’d pair really nice with Bradham
  8. I also saw an odd tweet form some ex-player telling Ronald Darby to just “break the news already” that he signed with us for 1 year and 8.75
  9. I just want the cheapest most talented FA RB and one drafted in the first or second round. Howie HAS zero hit on a RB, LBer and one other position in the draft this year. 3 none rotational guys. We need 3 contributors from this draft.
  10. He’s all volume now and seeing what they’re doing now makes his pick last year even more puzzling
  11. I was going to say desperation but win now works too. This FA will have some of the worst deals in a long, long time IMO.
  12. KC gets rid of Houston and Ford I don’t understand the NFL right now lol