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  1. Haaland will miss the game. Not sure if that helps or hurts his chances.
  2. Most years a play in would make sense, but this year the playoff field is pretty much set. The closest team in the East is 5.5 games out of 8th and the closest team in the West is 3.5 out with something like 15 to play. No real need to feel bad about anyone getting screwed out of their chance to make it.
  3. That was terrible. Shouldn’t have been any card, and arguably not even a foul. I was kind of rooting for Dortmund and it still annoyed me.
  4. Not quite sure how this would happen “inadvertently”.
  5. Yeah - we’ve tried to let her go at her own pace. Took a season off from rec soccer when she was 7 because she wasn’t that into it yet. She’s always played super hard in games, been very coach able, and loved practicing with her teammates, but never had much motivation to practice at home until now. Unlike our other daughter (who isn’t much of an athlete) this one doesn’t respond well to being pushed to do things before she’s ready. The payoff is that now she’s really excited to work hard and improve. Also helps having a team where she’s the least experienced player and really wants to prove that she belongs.
  6. Not really. In the last few weeks she’s started running a mile, a few times per week and since we went into quarantine she sometimes does two hour workouts+soccer drills. But she never did any of that until the last month or so.
  7. Since it looks like it's still going to be a while until we get to celebrate any new 13yo daughter plays travel soccer. She's pretty average, but she was always the fastest player when she was on the B team, seems like she might be the fastest player now that she made it onto the A team last Fall, and has always been the fastest girl in her class in school. She's been excitedly waiting for 3 or 4 years until she could try out for the middle school track team (in 7th grade). First day of tryouts, she was the fastest 7th grader in the mile - 6:53. 2nd day, she came in third in her heat in sprints, behind two of the fastest 8th graders. 3rd day she tied with one of her soccer teammates (who was pretty successful in fall cross-country) for the fastest 7th grade time - 6:40. 4th day we kept her home, so she missed the next round of sprint tryouts. The following weekend, remote learning started. Looks like she'll have to wait another year.
  8. Anyone know any way to check on @MikeIke? That guy was always one of my favorite posters, seemed like a great guy, and was in a really tough situation when he last posted about a year ago.
  9. Slated to start, then injured in warm ups.
  10. Looks like yes - can’t hear broadcasters at all, but Reyna seems to be missing.
  11. The approach we're taking with my daughter (soph in high school) hasn't been to push her to make a decision's been to push her to try stuff, learn about different options and take any opportunity to get a real feel for what she likes and doesn't like...while developing some skills and accomplishments that she can build on regardless of which direction she goes. Happy to share specifics of what that's looked like for her (math-y kid at selective engineering high school, who also has a creative streak) or what it could look like for kids with some other combination of traits and interests.
  12. Probably would be more fair to count this semester for kids who are helped by it, and exclude it for those who would be hurt by it.
  13. Stan Wawrinka. Whenever he plays tennis, he has the aura of some guy who used to play in high school and ten years later grabs a racket and is showing off at a picnic.
  14. Seems reasonable to think about re-opening stuff like less-crowded parks, offices, stores that sell non-essential products, etc. Seems completely irresponsible and willfully negligent to start opening things like hair salons, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. where people will be in close contact with strangers while there's still a high rate of infection in most areas, when we have little testing, no unified plan for taking temperature, etc. I think if we continue social distancing until the number infected is far lower than now and then re-open the safer things, that would be reasonable...and could probably begin happening in a month or so. However, there's little evidence that 'the worst is over' if we throw it all away by rushing to re-open everything without a solid plan. I suspect that things are going to get very ugly in states like Georgia and Tennessee and we'll all pay the price, between the avoidable spread of the virus they're going to cause and the likely overreaction (states that could have done a well-planned June reopening that will end up waiting until July or August out of an abundance of caution once they see what happens in those that move too quickly).
  15. This is incredible news, because we somehow ended up buying a total of 74 ounces of hummus a couple of weeks ago, and about 60 ounces are still in the fridge. We also bought a few cans of tuna fish, which we haven't used yet. This changes everything.