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  1. Thanks! Looks like it may have been due to temporary traffic conditions. It's now showing that way as the fastest - almost half hour less than when I looked the other day.
  2. Yeah - going to Buonconvento, a bit South of Siena. Looks like there are three main routes we could drive. We probably don't want to do the the most direct one (through Orvieto), because Google Maps shows it taking 15 minutes longer and we'll be going that way on the way back to Rome. The other two routes both start out along the coast. One turns inland fairly quickly, and the other stays near the coast for a longer stretch. They show identical drive times on Google Maps. Trying to figure out which has the better combination of easy driving+nice scenery.
  3. Question for anyone who has driven in Tuscany and knows some of the major routes. Trying to figure out which route to drive from Rome to our hotel (near Buonconvento). Google Maps is showing both of these routes as almost exactly 3 hours. We won't take the third option of a slightly longer route through Orvieto, because we will do that on our return trip to Rome a few days later. This will be during the afternoon after an overnight flight, so I expect we'll be tired and eager to get to the hotel. Probably won't be stopping to eat or do any sightseeing along the way, although pleasant scenery is always a plus. It'll also be my first driving in Italy (or anywhere other than US or Canada), so easy driving would be a plus. Route #1 - E80 to Rusellae, then SS 223 and other local roads to our destination Route #2 - E80 to Montalto di Castro then SR 312 to our destination Anyone have any insight or suggestions which would be better? Or just do the Orvieto route (which is showing as 15 minutes longer), even though we'll be returning that way a few days later?
  4. If you think you'll be one of the front-runners (even if only because few people apply) then play it safe and just be as competent as you can. Practice. Get feedback. Learn the players' names. If you think you're a longshot (lots of competitors for the job) then be different. Take risks. Maybe learn a borderline-creepy level of detail about their players and team history. Maybe do something distinctive like rolling all your Rs. Maybe mix song lyrics in with your announcements. Anything distinctive is good in a large field...either they love it (and you get the job) or they hate it (and you don't). Play it safe, and you're on even footing with 20 other people.
  5. I'll be in Italy (Rome and Tuscany) for 8 days soon. Will report back with tips. One tip I got is that the Google Translate app (which is free) does live translation using the camera. Been playing around with it, and seems super-useful for menus and road signs. Accuracy is just good enough to be useful and just bad enough to provide endless entertainment with errors.
  6. With my usual investment timing I would have bought stock in them around 2008 and sold at half the price by 2012.
  7. We are witnessing the dawning of a golden age of brussels sprouts. For most of my lifetime brussels sprouts were an earthy, bitter, mushy vegetable that nobody liked except health-crazed hippies. Suddenly, in the past year, every restaurant is serving them as a crispy, salty, bacony plate of yumminess.
  8. I agree. I think most are predicting that the Hound will kill the Mountain though, while I think the Mountain will kill the Hound (then likely be killed by Arya).
  9. Omaha Beach won two major Derby prep races, Roadster won only one (I think). OB also seems to have more tactical speed than Roadster, which most people consider an advantage in navigating the huge field in the Derby (although I'm not sure I agree).
  10. Why is that? The idea of the approach is that (especially for someone with strong experience, but a background that doesn't fit neatly into typical job descriptions) it gets you into situations where you're not competing with anyone for a job. If the person you speak with likes you, they simply hire you when they need help in the areas you excel in. Success certainly may vary depending on industry, experience and other personal characteristics, but it's worked well for current full-time job was from someone I contacted this way and it's led to 10-12 consulting clients either as side jobs or to fill in the time between full-time roles.
  11. Going to share my approach, which is a bit unconventional, but has worked well. That said, I don't want to be responsible for ruining your life if it doesn't work, so do what others are saying too. The only thing I'd add to their comments on more traditional job search techniques is that recruiters/headhunters who specialize in your industry will be WAY more useful than those who work across numerous industries. I'm also going to say that since you don't seem to know what you'd enjoy more than what you've been doing, keep doing something that's an incremental change rather than starting over. Basically, my strategy has been: Don't worry if a company is currently looking for someone with your qualifications. If they are, it just means you're going to have more competition. Avoid HR people at all costs. Identify companies that could use your specific expertise. I'm guessing that those will fall into a few buckets for you: companies doing something similar to what your old employer did, companies similar to your old employer's clients and start-ups in the same general industry. [Note: Sort of obvious, but actual clients you worked with in the past should be at the top of your list]. Identify the role at each of those companies that you'd likely be reporting to. That'll probably be some kind of department head. Never reach out to anyone below that level, but don't be shy about reaching out to people above that level...especially at smaller companies. Invite anyone who fits the bill to connect on LinkedIn. I'm usually a bit lazy about it and don't customize the message included with the invite, but still get around 50% acceptances in my industry. Once someone accepts my invitation, I send them a private message on LinkedIn...First paragraph I thank them for accepting my invitation and sometimes will mention a connection or someone we know in common (but usually not). Second paragraph is 5-6 sentences explaining the parts of my background that they should care about. Third paragraph is generally something very specific to show that I'm worth talking to - could be a question about their plans/business that shows insight into what they do, could be something unusual that we have in common, etc. Last paragraph I let them know that I'd love to talk if they have time, to learn more about their business, to share anything useful I know from my experience in the industry and to explore whether there's anything I might be able to help them with in the future. The key to the message (and the conversation) is that I'm doing this with businesses where my knowledge and opinions are valuable - they're going to get as much out of the conversation as I am. When we talk, I ask good questions, I don't hold back on giving them useful insight and I don't have an agenda for the conversation. In the back of my mind, my goal is usually to generate interest in part-time/temporary consulting work, but I usually don't bring that up unless they ask.
  12. Major highways where the lane markings have been moved, but the old markings have only been partially erased, causing confusion and leading people to take up two lanes while driving. School anti-bullying rules that are applied primarily to those who retaliate against bullies or defend victims of bullying. School bus drivers who stop ON the train tracks, rather than before they reach the train tracks.
  13. 1988...Semi-finals of High School Ultimate Frisbee East Coast Championships...we've traveled from NY for the weekend...we're match against Sidwell Friends in the semis...We go out on the field and look across at the seven guys on Sidwell's starting team. WTF?!?! They look like they're 30 years old...several of them have beards. And one guy who just showed up is introducing himself to his "teammates". I knew those !@#$%ers were cheating! Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  14. Pretty decent chance that the Nets and Heat will be playing the last game of the season (in Brooklyn) for a spot in the playoffs. Right now, tickets to that game are pretty cheap. Anybody know whether prices are likely to skyrocket if a playoff spot is on the line?