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  1. Anything where positions on a leaderboard or standings don't skip the numbers following ties. If we tie for 1st, the next person is 3rd...not 2nd. If there's an 8 way tie for 4th place, the next person is 12th, not 5th. To think otherwise, is a crime against math...or more like a crime against counting.
  2. If I wanted to scour a list of stats for all Swedish LBs, including 17 year olds who are riding the bench in the Dutch 2nd Division...Fotmob would allow me to do that? I haven't registered, so I might not be seeing all the features, but looks like I can either get info on National teams or Club teams, but not search clubs by national eligibility.
  3. Are there any websites that let you track players' club activity by nationality? For example, if I'm a fan of the Swedish National Team, I'd be able to get a list of all the Swedish national-eligible players in the top couple of levels in leagues around the world, view their stats and game logs, sort by stats or by position, see who has upcoming games in the next day or two, etc.
  4. The way soccer scoring is discussed drives me crazy. Maybe too late to change terminology now, but there's no way that the guy who kicks the penalty kick goal should be credited with a goal rather than the guy who drew the penalty. Just saw an article "Chelsea fight back thanks to Abraham and Barkley". I see that those are Chelsea's two goal scorers...but both on PKs. Based on the headline, I'd assume they drew their own penalties...but no...Mount and Kovacic drew the penalties. Why are on earth do the guys who succeeded on an 80% kick get credited over the guys who created that 80% chance? And why should we talk about goal scoring as if the guy who scores 20 goals without ever taking his team's set pieces isn't far better than the guy who takes every PK for his team and gets a similar number of goals?
  5. We went in North Creek. It was fun and scenic, but not spectacular. I'd probably do it again in another location, but wouldn't repeat the same location. That was last year, and I think a location in Saranac Lake was about to open a few days later on a portion of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad track. I forgot to check this year whether that ended up happening. If it did, maybe there's some kind of combined route with railroad + railbike...unless the railroad is no longer operating. The most interesting part of the North Creek route was a high crossing over a river. I suppose if you're VERY afraid of heights it might be uncomfortable, but I'm mildly uncomfortable with heights (won't go on roller coasters, won't stand or even watch my kids stands on the glass floored part of observation decks) and I wasn't at all afraid while railbiking across the river.
  6. I happened to see a sign advertising a 52 acre plot of land for $191K while I was up there. I suspect it was a mosquito-infested swamp, but still...
  7. Good stuff to do in Cape Cod: Tons of great bike trails. Best view of water as you ride seems to be from the one near Falmouth..I think the name has 'seaway' in it. Longest one goes up the middle of the Cape near Brewster, Harwich and other towns. Unique bay beaches. Very flat, so when the tide goes out it goes 2-3 miles out from the shore, leaving all sorts of interesting pools and streams. Nothing more relaxing than using your feet to dig trenches and canals in Cap Cod Bay or having hermit crab races with the cute little buggers that are scurrying around in the water here. Unique ocean beaches too. Find a way to get out to the barrier island beaches near Chatham. You may find yourself completely alone...other than the seals and great whites. I don't recommend swimming here, but still probably my favorite ocean beach anywhere. If you stay at Wequosset (sp?) resort, it's super expensive, but one nice benefit is a free shuttle boat that goes out to the barrier island every hour and gives you a chance to see thousands of seals on the way.
  8. One bonus to staying at Mohonk Mountain House is that you get easy access to this unbelievably fun, amazing hike: If you don't stay there, you can choose between cheaper parking with an 8-9 mile (round trip) semi-boring walk through the woods to get to the 1 mile of awesomeness or more expensive parking and a 5.5 mile round trip. If you do stay there, you can walk about 50 yards to the start of the awesomeness. The pictures hardly due justice to how much fun it is. And because it has a very safe/curated feel to it, you'll be very comfortable doing a far more challenging, interesting hike than you might be in a more 'wild' location.
  9. The food in Lake Placid (and I think the Adirondacks in general) really isn't the best. The crowds and difficulty parking in town at peak times just add to the problem. That said, what we've found so far: There are surprisingly many bbq restaurants in Lake Placid. Most aren't very good, but we thought Smoke Signals was MUCH better than the others that we've tried (Pickled Pig and Delta Blue). It's on par with some of the better bbq in NY/ plenty good enough for me, but maybe not for anyone who's spent much time in the South. Pickled Pig is ok if you're really hungry and have low expectations. The food in the restaurant at the Crown Plaza (short walk up hill from village) is very average, but the view is amazing...especially if you sit outside. The one really exceptionally tasty thing there is the chipotle chicken sandwich, which is really good. There's a crepe place in town that we ate at a couple of visits ago and I think it was good. Main Street Pizza was fine, although nothing special.
  10. If anyone is interested, I can elaborate on any of the following: Why Lake Placid > Lake George Railbiking Island hopping on Lower Saranac Lake in kayaks Driving up Whiteface Mountain Food in Lake Placid Crane Mountain hike Best hike in NY State (which I haven't done, but have been researching)
  11. Adirondacks - See my Adirondacks thread for more detailed discussion, but...stay in Lake Placid. Kayak or paddle board on Mirror Lake if you're a newb or explore 100s of other lakes if you want something more adventurous. Thousands of places to do hikes of all lengths and difficulties. 1980 Olympic stuff in Lake Placid. Railbiking in at least one location. Drive up to top of Whiteface Mountain.
  12. Finger Lakes - Stay in Ithaca or Watkins Glen. Visit some wineries. Take 1 mile-ish walk at Watkins Glen State Park and visit at least one of the other waterfalls in the area (I'd suggest the upper end of Robert Treman State Park...which is the less popular and more spectacular end..looks like something from Lord of the Rings). Do lake stuff (swim, kayak, ferry, etc.). Visit Glass Museum in Corning, which is way more interesting than it sounds...kind of has the vibe of a cool, very high tech/industrial game company's office.
  13. You wouldn't think this was a dumb comment if you'd ever had an emergency 3am phone call with a co-worker with a Glasgow accent, where the two of you needed to troubleshoot a site outage and decide whether it was necessary to wake other people up.
  14. Thought I’d start a thread for all things Adirondacks. Looks like no thread on the topic exists, and a small amount of info is scattered around in other threads. There must be a fair number of people on here who spend time there or have done so in the past...and if not, then there definitely should be! The Adirondacks are an awesome place to do all sorts of outdoors activities. I spent a lot of time there as a kid, took about twenty five years off (which I regret) and have started going there at least a few days each summer for the past few years. The place is huge - nearly the size of Yellowstone, and you could spend an entire lifetime exploring I’m definitely a newb. That said, if there’s interest, I’ll share what I know and hope others can do the same. Going to start with a tip on something we didn’t discover until our third short trip to Lake Placid. Swimming in Chapel Pond is a great experience, and is the type of ‘secret adventure’ that makes the Adirondacks special. If you’re coming from NY, Boston or Albany towards Lake Placid (which is where we generally stay) you’ll be going North on Route 87 until you exit on Route 73. Chapel Pond is hard to miss - it’s the first of the spectacular lakes that you’ll see on the left side of the road with huge cliffs dropping straight down to the water. The "secret" part of it is that you can swim there, and you may find yourself completely alone if you go at the right time. There’s at least one parking area at the side of the road just past the pond and cars will sometimes be parked along the side of the road (although it’s not supposed to be allowed). Don’t be discouraged though...most of those parked are there for the nearby hiking trails or rock climbing. If you follow the unmarked trails at the left (facing the pond) end of the pond, you should be able to find your way onto a beachy area less than 100 yards away. Parts of it are a bit muddy, but don’t let that stop you. There’s a small area that’s mostly kind of sandy...and the water gets deep FAST, so you won’t be standing a whole lot anyway. We spent an hour swimming there in mid-July, and only saw two other people (who left about halfway through) go near the lake. Other than that, we had the lake to ourselves, able to enjoy a swim with the amazing cliffs looming on either side of us.
  15. I don't understand the lack of aggression on capping players at all. If this was a professional team in any sport, they'd be happy to dump a few games at some point just to cap the top 15-20 up and coming players with dual eligibility. It's insane to me that we aren't getting these guys capped when they're 16 or 17 if they show any promise.