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  1. Maurile's point #1 pretty much sums things up. It's the reason that I don't understand why anyone opposed to Trump wouldn't support any opponent. This has nothing to do with political policies. If you want to preserve a system that (at least theoretically) gives us some say in guiding our country's future political policies, there shouldn't be any hesitation about what to do.
  2. Not even sure that’s necessary (although probably better than empire stare). Marriott marquis has a rotating restaurant and lounge on the 47th and 48th floors. Not quite the same view, but probably good enough and won’t waste a bunch of time.
  3. Me too. We were eating donuts 2-3 times a day while we were in Portland.
  4. Wait..I'm confused. You're ending in Rhode Island, but where are you starting from?
  5. Also worth much as I dislike Ream at LB, I think it's very likely we're going to want him at LCB when Brooks is inevitably hurt.
  6. Pretty close to mine. I think Altidore is still pretty clearly our best striker. I almost put Llanez over Morris...just felt like I shouldn't base that on watching only one game from Llanez. I think Dest has to go at left back until someone else emerges...basically comes down to a choice between Dest+Cannon or Vines/Ream+Dest.
  7. Haven't given it a ton of thought, but 4-2-3-1...Steffen, Dest, Brooks, Long, Cannon, Adams, Swag, Pulisic, Reyna, Morris, Altidore?
  8. Isn't RB where Cannon plays? Not to mention, Dest's natural position. Doesn't really seem like an especially weak area for us, especially with Lima having looked decent in his limited opportunity.
  9. Pretty sure I remember at the time hearing her described as the best women’s college player ever. Not sure how accurate that was, but certainly suggests that she belongs in the hall.
  10. Points per game is a really bad measure of defense. At least look at points per possession if you want to get something closer to the truth, so that you're not misinterpreting the faster pace of the game as worse defense. That said, I'd expect even points per possession to be higher than it used to be, because offenses are so much better. I'm not just talking about the quality of the players, but the superior strategy that's used now. It's as if NFL teams went from throwing 5-10 passes per game to throwing 25-35. Of course, defenses would be allowing more points. Modern NBA offenses are much harder to defend against. It's nearly impossible to just play good man-to-man defense and shut down a good offense, so not only do I see players going all out on D, but they mix in a healthy dose of switching to limit the impact of top players being able to get free from almost any defender. It's actually hard to think of a really good NBA team right now that doesn't play pretty good defense. Maybe Dallas?
  11. Was going to post this the other day and forgot. There's even more evidence with your latest update... Good news: Your girlfriend broke up with her other boyfriend Bad news: The rabbit is at his house and she can't get it back now that they've broken up
  12. I really like the current style of play of the NBA. What I don't like is that the regular season doesn't count for much. Fix that, and everything is great. Looking at the current standings vs. subjective judgement of how good teams many teams have anything to play for? In the East, I'd say only the following: Boston may have a chance of catching Toronto for 2nd and thus earning one of the easy first round match-ups (Nets or Magic). Nets and Magic fight for 7th place and the right to avoid Milwaukee. 3rd through 6th don't matter much, and nobody else is likely to catch either the Nets or only 4 teams have much of anything to play for...and even those are simply for better match-ups, not playoff spots. In the West, maybe Denver or the Clippers could catch the Lakers and earn the only easy 1st round match-up. That said, with the Thunder ahead of Dallas, it's not even clear that moving up near the top of the standings helps a team, 2nd place might "earn" a match-up against Dallas, who are almost certainly the better team when healthy. There could be a real fight for 8th teams like Phoenix, Portland, New Orleans have a shot at the last spot...but not that great a shot for most of them. One possible solution that would make exact finishing position more important: 1st place gets all 7 games at home against 8th place. 2nd place gets 6 potential home games against 7th place. 3rd place gets 5 potential home games against 6th place. 4th place vs. 5th place uses the current home/away schedule.
  13. Actually, if you compare the betting odds to win the democratic nomination and the betting odds to win the presidency and you do the math...the odds tell a similar story regarding the relative strengths of the democratic candidates. They're all far worse than the polling would suggest, but Bloomberg is the strongest (looks relatively even with Trump head to head), the others are all about the same (roughly 60/40 underdogs) and Buttigieg is now the weakest head to head at something like 65/35.
  14. If you love your dog so much, why don’t you put a leash on it so it doesn’t run into traffic.