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  1. What percentage of the public do you think we will watch more than 15 minutes of today's hearing?
  2. U17s look like they’re giving up. First time I’ve watched them play. Bello has been the most impressive to me. Ocampo-Chavez looks atrocious.
  3. This is wrong, other than in the sense that Trump is the single most likely to win candidate, because he's almost certain to be the nominee. Betfair currently has the Democratic party as 5/6 favorites vs. Republicans at 21/20. It's close, but the Democrats appear very slight more likely to win. All 22 sportsbooks that showed odds on Oddschecker had the Democrats as narrow favorites. I will say that the odds have barely moved since the Ukraine allegations became public, so not sure how much impact it's having one way or the other. Anyone who thinks that either party is a sure thing in 2020 at this point is clueless.
  4. Sounds like your son may end up with some interesting material that he can work into college essays. Might not be worth the risk at schools that he's likely to get into, but if there's somewhere that he's a long-shot to get into and wants to swing for the fences...
  5. It's been decades since I read them, but wasn't a version of this idea part of Isaac Asimov's Foundation books? Something along the lines of history generally following a predictable path that could be forecasted scientifically, except that certain rare individuals were 'mutants' who could alter/influence the path of history in unpredictable ways?
  6. The article has nowhere near enough detail to be able to determine whether anything sketchy happened and who was responsible. Normally, when the argument is "how could someone have possibly gotten lucky enough to time a huge trade that well", I'd be very skeptical whether it's anything other than a coincidence. With this crew, I'm much more suspicious than usual. That said, the article included virtually none of the data we'd need to evaluate common are trades of that size? How common are stock market moves of similar size? How many people (and which people) other than the President himself would have been likely to know about the upcoming news?
  7. I think we've pre-emptively done this by bombing the bases we're abandoning.
  8. Do the two people who you spoke with at the school actually know your son? If not, I'd think about how to verify that there isn't some kind of mix up or mistake. We've had three or four times that my daughter got inexplicably bad test results (some in class, some on standardized tests) and were always able to determine (and prove) that it was a complete error...a page of answers didn't get added to her score, her score was swapped with another student's, etc. Seems like there's a very slight chance that something like this could be happening here. Assuming that it isn't an error, I'd suggest focusing on finding out what behaviors of your son's are causing teachers to perceive him badly. It sounds like he's a good, hard-working kid who deserves to get feedback from his teachers that gives him a chance to improve himself going forward.
  9. Awkward Thanksgiving dinner for the Berhalter family. That's the downside.
  10. I'm afraid that it might not indicate that, but rather that some Trump supporters actually believe that he IS cooperating already and that it's therefore ok to say that he should cooperate.
  11. Currently at 6% yes, 90% no with 5,000+ votes in.
  12. Not sure anyone will know the answer to these questions, but seems worth a shot... For schools that give admissions preference to 'legacy' students, would this only apply if the relative (a grandparent in this case) graduated from the school, or would it still potentially help if they attended for a year or two before transferring to another school? I've seen stats on some schools that are easier to get into for girls (and others that are easier for boys). Does anyone know if there are schools where this is specifically true for engineering departments, and where stats on that might be available? My daughter is a high school sophomore. If I'm understanding what I read correctly, then from 1/1/2020-12/31/2020 is the first year of my income that will impact her financial aid. Will that year be the only one that impacts her for her entire time in collect, or will subsequent years' income affect financial aid for her 2nd-4th years of collect?
  13. As weak as the NBA response has been, it's nothing compared to Blizzard Entertainment's recent actions. An esports competitor spoke out against China during a recent competition and was removed from the competition and suspended for a year.
  14. Meh. Would have hoped that Holmes and Pomykal would at least have made it, if not any of the young dual nationals.