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  1. Sutton is ranked 19th this week in standard on FBG rankings. Plus he is 6-4 and the Browns CBS are 6 feet or under. We’ll see if they give him a chance to make some plays this week
  2. Anyone have a handle on how serious his foot injury is? Just popped up midweek.
  3. For fantasy purposes, the comp I’ve been using is a starting Conner is somewhere between Jordan Howard and a Carlos Hyde, although he’s turning out to be a much better receiver than anybody expected.
  4. Not like anybody can figure out whats in Bell or his agent's head the feeling that the Steelers winning or losing would prompt an earlier return? Like if they're 3-1-1 or 4-2-1, he'd be more interested in being a part of that. Or if they're 2-3-1, his importance will have been underscored and he can play the hero role. Or is he just Team Le'Veon and nothing else really matters?
  5. In a super deep league where this matters. Kelly got the preseason hype but Brown was active week 1 and got a few touches. Neither, of course, is close to a poor man’s version of Gurley. But...non-profit, if you had to roster one if them in case of emergency, who should it be?
  6. When is the cutoff for him reporting to get a paycheck? 4 pm? And if he lets that deadline go and gives up one paycheck, is it a stretch that means he’s willing to stay all the way out until Week 11? Seems like one plan is show up just in time to get paid for the whole year. The other is show up just in time to qualify for a year of service time.
  7. Hopeful Ekeler owner here. Play in a league that starts 30 RB so any RB that is even sniffing close to double digit touches each week matters. What is it about Ekeler’s skill set vs Gordon means he’ll be Colemanesque and get those kind of snaps? All I know about him is I owned Gordon last year and Ekeler in the second half continued to be an annoying vulture! I want to believe.
  8. In FBG Power Grid pod they said pretty confidently that Rhodes will be on Golladay so Jones an underrated DFS play this week. Is this really true?
  9. I’m debating a trade for Travis Kelce. Does anybody have any insight on his remaining schedule? It seems like in weeks where the Chiefs face a monster pass rush like the Chargers, he’ll have to block more. But overall looks like some favorable matchups going forward. Is he still the #2 TE? Weeks 4 thru 16 Was at Hou Pit at Oak Den at Dal at NYG Buf at NYJ Oak LAC Mia
  10. Clement is coming.
  11. So when they are in the 2 yard line they are going to hand it to notorious goal line vulture Darren Sproles? Preseason but you can see the red zone chops Power Vision
  12. Corey Clement. By default he starts taking over the carries in the Eagles backfield.
  13. 2 that I added last night... Corey Clement They need a between the tackles guy to go with Sproles. Blount and Smallwood are not good at football. Clement reportedly mixing in with the 1's this week in practice. Kasen Williams Matt Walkman turned me on to him on the Audible. Said his sidelines skills a nice fit with Kiser. Britt seems in the doghouse. Also getting more practice tine.
  14. Half your budget if RBs really matter in your league. He's potential RB15-20 non ppr
  15. A healthy Thomas Rawls>Chris Carson. And right now, Rawls is healthy. The coaching staff loves the guy as Beast 2.0. Look up the tecent Tom Cable quote about "violence" I think the the people banging the drum for Chris Carson are just really wishful and still in preseason August dreaming mode. Now if Rawls gets hurt again, sure, diff story. But for now the cowching staff is dying to feed Rawls and establish the run. Maybe Carson mixes in from time to time.