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  1. Should I put E Sanders in my lineup (late game) vs K Stills (early) and risk the 0 or re-injury? PPR and no other options. Very important week. Thx!!!
  2. PPR, where I already have M Gordon, should I accept Ekeler for A Jones?
  3. The discount on the holdout RBs will be more interesting.
  4. A strong season by Fournette could be the deciding factor if it makes the playoffs or not, along with Hill having a short suspension then having a great year. The WR corps isn't strong enough to perform without him. If it does get into the playoffs (and you're without Hill in week 12...) there are a few potential upside guys to help in the championship weeks - Sutton and Allison, Henderson, Reed that needs to still be healthy weeks 14-16, and Olsen to get hurt. The odds are less than 50% of making the playoffs. I understand the desire to draft an all-risk, high upside team for fun but it's just not my style. Bottom line - this team was drafted for the championship run - the challenge will be to get there.
  5. I always start off by looking for 10 solid starters. I only see 8 here, so the final two will need to be chosen among Penny, Eckler, Hines, Washington, Hockenson, etc.... Not a good situation. Either a couple of those guys will surprise significantly or you'll need help from the waiver wire. I like Hines, Thompson and Richard as best ball contributors but don't want to start them except as bye week fillers. I also expect significant regression from Ebron which could even cause a problem with your #1 TE if it happens.
  6. The RB corp is a bit of a cluster after McC. Michel is a big ? at this point and the Carson/Penny thing will be a problem. They may end up splitting carries, so who will you be starting? Both of them or neither? I can't see one or the other dominating the role. Other than that it's ok.
  7. 4th Pick: QBs - Ryan (10); Wentz (12) RBs - McCaffrey (1); Fournette (3); J White (5); Lat Murray (6); J Richard (13); A Blue (20) WRs - M Evans (2); R Woods (4); T Boyd (7); M Jones (9); J Crowder (14); D Hamilton (14); A Wilson (17) TEs - T Burton (8); K Rudolph (11); J Witten (16) PK - J Elliott (19) Def - NO (18) Thoughts? Would appreciate feedback. Thx.
  8. PPR TE Premium - Highest UPSIDE - Gus E, J Howard, Jeffery, Brate or McDonald? THX!!!
  9. Riddick has been very consistent. You don't know what you're going to get out of Thompson. If I was going to start Thompson over Riddick I'd need to be way down, hoping for one of those explosive games you can get from him. But if you need to be assured of a higher floor, Riddick is the guy.
  10. I'm starting guys like T Boyd and A Jeffery over him in a PPR. Both those guys are risks but perhaps to a lesser degree than Edwards.
  11. PPR - Higher UPSIDE between P Barber or J Howard? Already trailing badly....