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  1. Gotta admit I miss seeing those Rodgers bombs for TD.
  2. Other than that sweep there has been no passing TDs between Rodgers and Stafford. Times have changed.
  3. MVS just made a huge play. But let’s keep throwing it to the dumb nut who muffed a punt earlier.
  4. As if throwing it to stone hands Graham is any better. Way to develop the young players.
  5. Almost traded for Rodgers in week 2 thinking he was a buy low. Glad I didn’t.
  6. I’m not a Carson owner. Drafted Penny in my 12 team league thinking he will have standalone value. Not the case. And he keeps popping up with injuries. Is he droppable?
  7. He was dropped in my 12 team .5 PPR league and I picked him up. I’m joining this therapy group. I just need DM to be a flex.
  8. .5 PPR. I’m a touchdown+ favorite. Right now starting Tyreek and Lockett. I need a WR3 and a flex from this list assuming Tyeek is a go: MVS vs Det P. Williams vs Was Hardman vs Hou M. Brown vs 49ers Duke @ KC
  9. Is he a hold? I get the upside but the risk level just shot way up to Danny Amendola concussion level. And I have no idea how long he will be out. What is the typical protocol for a player who suffered a 2nd concussion in less than a month? Redraft league.
  10. I don't understand how a quad bruise can lead to missed games. I get that a strain can. Now he hasn't been ruled out and coach is calling him day to day. But I hadn't even realized that a bruise can lead to something concerning.
  11. No slam dunks this week. I'm looking at: Wash @ Miami Miami vs Wash Denver vs Ten Seattle @ Cle Pitt @ LAC
  12. It was a bad game for him and all SF WRs. He also drew a holding penalty. We're in week 6 and I'm going to drop him for Sanu or Preston Williams. From watching last night's game the target order is: Kittle ... ... ... Any SF WR/RB
  13. What the #### is going on with Gould? Thought I had a set and forget kicker.