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  1. All in like emptying the wallet? As a first time using FAAB (playing FF for years) is it fine to spend it all by mid year?
  2. Game is on Thurs. So his designation will be tomorrow.
  3. Okay Dodds very funny why do you have AB projected this week for 4 rec 46 yards .4 chance to score this week?
  4. The Godwin finger injury and Arians' comments about the health of the current WRs does impact AB's immediate value. Their bye is week 13. I would think it gives them time to heal so the fantasy playoff weeks are muddy to me.
  5. We know Drake is not out for the year. Is the all FAAB on Edmonds based on the premise that given his talent/3 down role, he won't lose starting job in the fantasy playoffs which is when Drake is expected to be back? Or are we only looking at a 4-5 week rental?
  6. The line is a ridiculous -19 1/2 in favor of KC down from -21. Not sure if it will mean more workload for Bell.
  7. Week 7 looked more like a pass oriented game plan with less conservative running drives. I wonder if Lynn made the adjustment based on Herbert's strengths. Because Jackson and Kelley sure aren't effective running the ball - part of it is their oline. We'll see moving forward. If the pass heavy game plan sticks, oh boy.
  8. I’m assuming we are throwing all remaining FAAB on Chase?
  9. I don't think CEH is a complete bust. He's just not returning the first round value RB1 that many thought he would. Back to Bell. I get the notion many are calling to sell. I think he is a hold, no matter how they use him. We now have a clear picture of who the handcuff is. If something were to happen to CEH, and keep in mind he is a rookie they tend to break down (think Josh Jacobs last year), Bell would be RB1 given his all around talent.
  10. As I recall, Gordon did okay when he signed with NE. He was low end WR2. Why would Brady want this with Evans and Godwin there?
  11. The weather at Den expects 5-9 inch of snow. If Bell is active, it might be a run heavy game plan for KC. CEH and Bell could be very busy this week. Interestingly, it could be the CEH/Bell vs Gordon/Lindsey show.
  12. TB might be a darkhorse to sign him. We know how Brady can influence decisions like this and they were together for a short time in NE. 95.3 WDAE - "“Brady is pounding on the table to bring Antonio Brown to town... I don’t think the Bucs want to do it, I don’t want them to do it”"
  13. True and this looks like how it will play out. So for fantasy the question is when can he benefit fantasy lineups? If he signs after week 8. He isn’t playing week 9 due to COVID protocols. He can enter the facility to begin practice if he passes COVID tests ahead of week 10. But that’s his first week of practice so limited role if active. Realistically week 11 he may play 60% snaps. Holding him would be using a bench spot for 5 weeks. His value comes for those who are in position to make playoff push and beyond.
  14. I think the Cowboys should be making the call. Fitz is way better than Dalton making secondary reads. Cowboys need a QB who can utilize all of their weapons. Fitz also way more mobile than Dalton.
  15. I would think the sooner he signs the better. Even if he cannot step into the building, learning the playbook ahead of suspension ending is beneficial. Teams are conducting Zoom meetings too so he can attend. Not sure what the hold up is.
  16. Question - can AB sign right now or does he have to wait until suspension is officially over?
  17. Fellow FBG, just want to call out if you have shares of the KC @ Den game as of right now it's looking like 5-9 in of snow. Might be another run heavy day for both teams. Of course you're going to start your studs. The o/u line has moved though from 49 1/2 down to 45 1/2. Betters are expecting a lower scoring day. KC is still holding at -9 1/2, not much budge from the start of -10.
  18. Should I drop Parker and ride this train? I am stacked at WR and prob would never use Parker. I already have DK tho
  19. I think Bell will be active and play limited 3rd down snaps. Won't be a major factor this week. However, next week vs Jets I think his role will expand.
  20. Mixon is watching practice in a hoodie. The takeaway from this is that he isn't rehabbing and it could just be a Dudesday for him.
  21. Good read. My takeaway is that Tua impressed in practice. First 7 weeks is basically his off season to learn the playbook. I have shares of Mia skill position players so going to hold them and see.
  22. From the unseen footage of Tua throwing in practice who is he throwing to? Is it Parker?