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  1. The Min run first offense plus easy matchup and at home is factored into all this.  I’m trying to decide Boone over Conner or Washington at flex even as a PPR option.  No don’t give me any advice.  If I hear Cook and Mattison are out by Sun morning then I’m all in on Boone.  These fringe RB2s have nowhere the upside Min has.

  2. .5 PPR I'm a slight underdog this week

    QB:  Wentz @ Wash or Rivers vs Min

    Please pick two:  Montgomery @ GB, Mack @ NO, Laird @ NYG, Westbrook @ Oak, Conner vs Buf (I do have Snell if he's inactive, yuck)

    TE:  Cook vs Ind or Hooper @ SF

    Def:  Phil @ Wash or KC vs Den


  3. 10 minutes ago, [scooter] said:

    I thought I had it all figured out with Philly, but they were so abysmal this week that I'm having second thoughts. I also have Buffalo, and I grabbed KC off the WW.

    I feel like KC is finally gaining some momentum. And Drew Lock is going to regress now that other teams have game film of him.

    Same boat.  Have Phi and KC leaning Phi cause Haskins is terrible.

  4. 3 hours ago, JohnnyU said:

    What the hell was I thinking playing Snell over Brown?  Looks like it's going to cost me.  👇

    Wouldn't get too down on that decision.  Basically depends on if you were the favorite or underdog.  Favorite I would have leaned Snell.  Underdog I would have gone Brown for upside.  Bloom had Brown ranked higher than Snell in his rankings.  Dodds had them ranked about even.  Either way it was a tough call.

  5. They are getting hot do not drop Brown.  Take advantage of this situation that is overly underrated.  Tannehill entered mid year and he’s reaching full potential.  Plus matchups first two playoff weeks @ Oak, vs Hou.  Tenn as a whole getting hot.   Offense is indeed built to run but the base design is run/slant routes.  And that’s what Brown does though he also has great jump ball skill set in the redzone.  Excited to see what happens leading into playoffs.