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  1. This the reason why his throws look like noodle arm lately? To pick up an elbow injury from the QB's throwing arm in practice is rare. It's not like he's being tackled in practice. Unless someone accidentally knocked him over or bumped his elbow? Could be Evil Bill playing mind tricks again and Brady throws for 400 yards 3 TDs. Who knows.
  2. Get well Bloom! 12 team .5 PPR and playoff bound. I lost Stafford and have Wentz as backup. Rivers was dropped this week. Worth a pickup hoping he will stop throwing int’s? Second, I cant find a WR3. Have Hill and Lockett. Who should I stash? Sanu AJ Brown Westbrook Ahgolor Diontae Johnson Harry Lazard
  3. This situation isn't getting enough attention. "[Les Bowen] BTW, strong sense that Jordan Howard’s “stinger” is more complicated than that." Why things are lining up for Ajayi: Has a 1000 yard season plus three 200 rush yard games on resume Fresh legs Familiar with playbook Still only 26 The in between tackles and goal line role is vacant They view Sanders as change of pace/receiver One of the worst WR crew in the league and both starters are questionable. They want to power run using 12 man two TE sets. Ask yourselves if Ajayai has 13 rush 60 yard + 1TD vs Sea will he be one of the top waiver adds for week 13 @ Mia?
  4. Drop. Watson's tendency is to scramble to throw downfield or run it himself. He hardly checks down to Duke.
  5. Was dropped in my 12 team league. Worth a pickup?
  6. You know they will give Drew Lock a look this year. Is he enough to elevate these skill players?
  7. Appreciate the response. Think you forgot to pick a WR3 from this list 🙂. Renfrow vs Cin N. Agholor vs NE M. Hardman vs LAC
  8. I have Wentz and after this week vs NE the schedule gets soft. Is Stafford a hold for you who are playoff bound and have a capable alternative?
  9. No Alshon. No Howard. As a Wentz owner I might as well punt this week. Eff me!
  10. 12 team .5 PPR and the Conner fiasco did not help as I was already a massive underdog this week. Please rank these WR3s: Renfrow vs Cin N. Agholor vs NE M. Hardman vs LAC Stills @ Balt Cobb @ Det I have Wentz for the upcoming soft schedule + playoff. Do we que the Chuck D on Stafford? Didn't want another team using against me if I drop him and he is supposed to return in a couple weeks. But can use the roster spot for RB/WR depth.
  11. Just hold him out until week 14. That's a month to recover. I only held onto Samuels for the upcoming matchup vs Cinn.
  12. Mercole Hardman. Despite the low usage he continues to make plays. Ranked ahead of OBJ in my 12 team .5 PPR league. Amazing that he’s already scored 5 TDs. Puts it into perspective. A target of Mahomes. Typically rookie WRs usage spikes later in the year. If he starts taking more snaps from Robinson he’s going to have a shot at 8 or 9 TDs.
  13. "Quinn said the report that Hooper would miss a month was “not from our building.”#Falcons — William McFadden (@willmcfadden)November 13, 2019"
  14. I am forced to start Wentz this week with Stafford nursing a broken back. I just hope your Eagles come out fighting and plays a good game vs NE.
  15. Dede - Absolutely for PPR leagues. He was a flex with Minshew. Foles is now back and he was a primary target in preseason. Plus Foles history of making slot receivers relevant. Stills - Fuller is expected to practice sure but he has a history of hamstring issues. Stills was probably dropped in your league and any target for Watson is worth a stash. DT - He has a decent floor but no TD upside so a flex in PPR leagues plus good schedule. Gage - Atl will always be in catch up mode and game script always leads to shootouts Lazard - Has taken over as the WR2 in GB. Usage is not consistent but worth a stash as Rodgers does like him.
  16. Due to attrition Hill will have a 3 down role. Freeman always shared with Ito or Hill including redzone plays.
  17. I watched the replay. It was 3rd and goal on Oak 14. No time outs. 25 sec remain. Stafford passed to Logan Thomas 13 yards to the Oak 1. Now it's 4th and goal on Oak 1 but no time outs. Clock is running. So you have to run a play with the same setup. Can't call a timeout. Can't spike the ball since it's 4th down.
  18. They just signed Jordan Matthews. Still 27. Talk to me. WR3 ros? Is he replacing Nelson?
  19. Was really glad no one posted about him until after waivers. Got him for free this morning. Really flying under the radar. In week 1 had 7 grabs for 100+ yards then Brees got injured in week 2. Now they are back in the dome vs Atl this week. Agree he will be a WR3/flex ros with that schedule in PPR leagues.
  20. Jordan Mathews in for a physical. Does this help Wentz owners? WR3 ros if signed?