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  1. Your GM passed up on Josh Gordon and put all his eggs into DJax. COME ON! As a Wentz owner I am furious at your franchise. WTF??? Moving forward, there are WRs on FA that can come in and be field stretchers or difference makers: Antonio Brown, age 31 Kevin White, age 27 Michael Crabtree, age 32 Dez Bryant, age 31 Eagles fans before you dismiss this list, any of these FAs are better than Nelson A.
  2. If it’s a knee sprain how long is he out?
  3. Haven’t heard this take yet. But Lockett and DK were not Wilson’s preferred redzone option. It was Dissly prior to his injury. Gordon should take targets from Brown, Moore and what Dissly left behind...including preferred redzone option as the best high ball player on the team. WR3 at least
  4. Here’s some context backing why I am less confident on NYJ. Again I know it’s vs Miami dumpster fire but not a slam dunk. The Jets are without their top 5 inside LBs: C.J. Mosley, Avery Williamson, Neville Hewitt, Blake Cashman, Albert McClellan. As Adam Gase put it, "It's not ideal." #nyj
  5. I faded NYJ and looking at Clev or Philly. Leaning Clev vs Brandon Allen. NYJ does have a nice matchup I just trust them less with injuries and the team implosion going on with Gase.
  6. Give Ertz to Denver for Chris Harris. Draft picks for Robby Anderson. Make it happen GO!
  7. True but they should not have been in the position to kick the winning FG in the first place. Two brutal turnovers by Trubisky when they had the game.
  8. Trubisky lost them the game. Hopefully they continue to run.
  9. Robby was part of my championship run end of last season. I watched him play. He can ball. Is there recency bias here? Remember he has a near 1000 yard season with 7 TDs under his resume in 2017. That was with Josh McCown at QB. This isn't a question of the Jets doubting his talent. He is on the last year of his contract. Still only 26 about to enter his prime. He will have multi year offers and the Jets can't afford him. He is the perfect trade chip knowing that he will walk. The Eagles offense is the slowest offense in the league. Front office has to acknowledge signing DJax was a bust. I even question why he wasn't put on IR because we're now in week 8 and he isn't even practicing. Wentz throwing to Robby stretching the field is a perfect match. Make it happen because the 2nd half schedule is a thing of beauty.
  10. As a Carson Wentz owner...GO FREAKING TRADE FOR ROBBY ANDERSON! "The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta reports the Jets have made Robby Anderson available ahead of next Tuesday's trade deadline. This isn't the first time New York has contemplated moving Anderson, as the deep threat drew interest from the Eagles, amongst other teams, at last year's deadline. The Eagles certainly make sense again. With Anderson on the cusp of free agency, the 1-5 Jets are hoping to flip him for a draft pick in 2020. Per Mehta, Gang Green is also shopping former first-round pick Leonard Williams. The trade deadline is set for Tuesday at 4 PM ET. SOURCE: New York Daily News Oct 24, 2019, 4:01 PM ET"
  11. I think they resign CJ Anderson. He's a veteran. Knows the playbook. Runs in between the tackles. Fresh legs. He did work out recently for the Cardinals. I wonder if the Lions reached out to him with the notion that he will get a shot as the lead dog. Because the Cardinals just signed Alfred Blue.
  12. Matt Nagy: I'm not an idiot, I know we have to run more — ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk)October 21, 2019
  13. Not an Eagles fan but a Wentz owner for the first time. This is an unpopular inquiry. But wouldn't it make sense for the team to trade Ertz for a starting caliber WR? I get the fan base and Ertz. You might be able to trade Goedert instead of Ertz but the return will be less due to name value. Your immediate first reaction might be no. And the team needs CBs right now. But to compete in the NFC you need more than Alshon.
  14. .5 PPR. I’m a touchdown favorite this week. Need a flex: MVS if active Duke Johnson @ Ind Beasley vs Mia Also do we queue the Chuck D and drop Malcom Brown? Not a Gurley owner. I need some WR depth. Which should I pickup and stash? Demaryius Thomas N. Harry Zay Jones Diontae Johnson Duke Williams
  15. Moore is not a year 2 QB like Mason Rudolph. Juju is a WR3. Hill stays at least WR2 low end WR1. The offense is entirely different from Pitt.
  16. Would like to see Chiefs score again. Moore needs more reps.
  17. Saw the play as it happened. If Moore and Hill have decent chemistry like the play showed then it’s not that dire. Obviously still a downgrade but not as bad as we thought.
  18. Was a great downfield lob by Moore. Hill broke the tackle and took it to the house.
  19. Some additional context. I watched the game and MVS did get open several plays. I read that he's in Rodgers' doghouse who wasn't even looking his way. If you'll recall this is very typical of Rodgers. He has a huge ego. If you are involved in a play that causes an interception you're in the doghouse because Rodgers does not like +int next to his stats. He expects "greatness" and you have to perform according to "his expectations". He did this with Devante Adams. However, a talented receiver like MVS won't stay there for long. Eventually MVS will get out of this doghouse and the numbers will come. Take this bit of info and do what you like. I'm holding.
  20. Lol Williams owners be like TD! Or not.
  21. Gotta admit I miss seeing those Rodgers bombs for TD.
  22. Other than that sweep there has been no passing TDs between Rodgers and Stafford. Times have changed.
  23. MVS just made a huge play. But let’s keep throwing it to the dumb nut who muffed a punt earlier.
  24. As if throwing it to stone hands Graham is any better. Way to develop the young players.